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RP here as soon as you've made your charrie.

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Eve wandered through the town, barefoot with her dress sleeves rolled up and her skirt wrinkled and dirty. She walked to her grandmother's house and kelt down to work on the garden in the front. Eve knew her grandmother was with someone because the curtains were shut and the door was closed tightly.

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Georgina was walking through her garder, looking out past the iron gates of her mansion as she trailed her fingers across the roses, listening to the birds chirp. She made sure her dress was out of the way of the dirt as she walked slowly, admiring the beautiful day outside.

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((haha they are almost like opposites. yet so much alike...))

Eve started planting the herbs her grandmother wanted planted. She seemed busy, but she often looked up from her work to gaze towards the forest and at the people walking through town.

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((I know! Lol))

"Georgie, darling, would you like to take a walk into town with me?" her mother called from the front steps of their house, and smiled at her as she turned around.
Georgina sighed, putting a fingerless gloved hand to her head. "Of course, Mother," she said in her best fake-polite voice and went inside; she knew she had to change into one of her 'town outing' gowns.

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Eve stood up and brushed off her skirt. She went around the back of her grandmother's house and got in through the back door mostly concealed by plants. She took a comb to her hair and water to her face. She rolled down her sleeves and put simple shoes on. As she walked back out the back door, she straightened her skirt so it wasn't quite so wrinkled. With that, Eve picked up a basket and headed to town.

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Georgina dressed in one of her favorite gowns; white with black lace and put her curly hair into a bun behind her head before she headed outside with her mother, holding a small, matching umbrella above her head to shade her from the hot sun. She walked down the coblestone streets, head high and back straight, into the small town.

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Eve walked to town, looking for the butcher. She walked towards it but stopped outside to turn around and watch all the people for a moment. Then she turned back around and walked into the butcher's. "I'm here to pick up the order for Agatha."
The butcher smiled and picked up a small wrapped package. "Tell Agatha I said hi."
Eve nodded and put the package into her basket. Then she walked outside and looked at all the people again.

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Georgina picked up a paper from the drug store her mother stopped at, and she read aloud the headline as she walked outside with her. "Mother, did you hear Mrs. Dawson is being accused of witchcraft."
"Oh, that's such a shame," her mom muttered and sighed, reading over her shoulder.
"Her hanging is tomorrow at noon in townsquare," she informed her.

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Eve walked towards the drug store and recognized a wealthy girl and her mother. She had seen them before, but she didn't know them. She walked over to them. "Have you ever had the chance to use Agatha's services? She's my grandmother and she's looking for business."

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"Oh, I don't believe in that kind of witchcraft or wizadry, dear," Celest said to the young red-head girl who approached them, but she smiled kindly at her.
"Oh, Mother, it isn't witchcraft. It's a gift," Georgina said sweetly, smiling at the girl too.
"A gift from the devil," she muttered, but smiled again at the girl. "Excuse me," she said and walked off.
Georgie rolled her eyes. "Pardon my mother; she doesn't know anything. But I have actually seen Agatha before."

((Weren't the red-heads in this time believed to be soul-less, and children of the devil?))

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Eve shrugged. "She doesn't practice witchcraft. She sells herbs and offers other service to anyone who wants them. Her herbs are very well kept and they work just as well as anything you would find at the pharmacy."

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((they were believed to be associated with the devil))

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((That's what I thought.))

"Oh, I know that. It's Mother who doesn't," Georgie said, waving her hand off to Celest's retreating figure.

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Eve nodded. "Well, are you interested in anything? I could take you there and see if she's available." She looked around and down at her basket. "I have to take this to her anyways."

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"I would love to, but my mother would kill me. Besides, I have some things to pick up. Maybe another time." Georgie smiled at her and started to walk off.

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Eve nodded and walked the girl carefully. She called after her. "Wait." She walked over to her. "What's your name?"

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"Georgina," she called back over her shoulder quickly as she walked into an herb and spice shop.

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Eve nodded and turned around to return back to her grandmother's. She noticed that the curtains were open so she walked in the front door and set the basket on the table. "I picked up your package from the butcher. He says hi." She smiled and walked to the corner to kick her shoes off. she walked back over and smiled at her grandmother. "You're lucky the butcher knows you. Or else he might be a little suspicious about what you ordered."

Agatha waved at her granddaughter. "Oh hush hush. We don't want anyone listening in and jumping to the wrong conclusions."

Eve smiled and twirled around. "Og grandmother, no one's going to convict you of witchcraft. You're just an old woman who grows and sells herbs." There was a twinkle in her eye. "Speaking of herbs, I'm going to finish planting those." She walked outside and knelt down by the garden and rolled her sleeves up.

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Georgina looked around casually, picking up the few ingrediants that were on her mental check list and bought them quickly and caught up with her mother at the fabric store, chatting with other women.

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Eve planted the last few herbs and finished patting down the wet soil. She stood up and used some of the water in the watering can to rinse off her hands. She looked around. "It probably wouldn't hurt to go back to town and look around." She said to herself.

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Two of her friends, Elizabeth and Rebecca walked over, fans in their hands and heads high. "You'll never guess who we saw has been convicted," Rebecca said in horror.
Georgina was being incredibly dramatic when she said sadly, "I know! Mrs. Old Lady Dawson! I can't believe it," she said, putting the back of her hand to her head.

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Eve shrugged off her thought and walked into her grandmother's house. "Did you hear that Mrs. Dawson got convicted of witchcraft?" She asked, seriously.
Agatha nodded. "Yes I heard. It's really too bad. She just wasn't careful enough with who she sold her services to. Someone must have told."
Eve nodded. "Yes, she was very good at her craft. Oh how I wanted to learn from her." She looked off into the distance almost dreamily.
Agatha put her hand down on the table and it made a noise. "No! You will not learn from me, or Mrs. Dawson, or anyone else. You will be like your mother. Refined and not over-curious." She said sternly to her granddaughter.
Eve sighed and spoke, with a hint of whining in her voice. "But I want to learn. I'm nothing like my mother. She chose not to take advantage of her gift. Our family gift. But I want to learn."

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"It's really too bad," Georgina said with a quiet sigh.
"Someone must have told," Rebecca said, and Elizabeth nodded in agreement. "Oh, Georgie, you left this at my house the other day," she said, handing her her fan, but she knew what Rebecca had put in the folds of it.
But she merely smiled, putting her hand to her chest as she took it. "Oh, thank you, darling," she said sweetly.
"Come, Georgina, we have to get ready for supper," Celest called to her. She said goodbye to everyone and walked back home with her mother.

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Agatha shook her head. "I want you safe. I don't want anyone to find out." She stopped and looked down into a bowl of water on the table. Her eyes went wide and she nodded. She came out of her trance-like state and looked up at Eve, who was watching intently. "You will not learn this craft. No more questions." She said firmly before walking into the tiny bedroom to change clothes.
Eve sighed and looked down into the water. She couldn't see anything, but she could feel that there was something to see. She got frusterated and shoved the bowl away from her, sloshing the water but not spilling any. She glared around the small house and walked outside. "I will learn." She muttered to herself.

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Georgina walked down the road to her house, trailing along behind her mother.

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Eve walked to Mrs. Dawson's house and knocked on the door. The old woman answered the door and invited Eve in when she saw who it was. Eve smiled politely to the woman. "I'm so sorry about your conviction."
The old woman smiled sadly. "It's ok. It's punishment for not being careful." She walked to her bedroom, where her few belongings were packed up. "They will go to friends." She explained. Then the pulled back a piece of wood from the wall and pulled out a silver charm on a chain. "Here deary. You may have it. Do only good with it." She put it into Eve's hand.
Eve nodded. "Thank you so very much Mrs. Dawson." She took the long necklace and studied it. She saw that the charm was a beautiful blue gem in a silver backing with a silver horse jumping at the top and a silver snake twisted around the bottom of the gem and on the backing. On the back, there was a wolf's face carved in the silver. "Thank you so much." She said, partially in awe.
Mrs. Dawson smiled but then looked concerned. "Quick. You must go. Someoen's coming." She waved Eve to leave out the back.
Eve nodded silently and left through the back, sneaking behind a few houses bfroe coming back out onto the street. She put the necklace around her neck and let the charm drop down the neckline in her dress so it wasn't noticeable. She hurried back to Agatha's.

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Georgina quickly split away from her mother, telling her something about stopping at Sylvia's house, and walked over to Mrs. Dawson's house. She walked up the steps, glancing around nervously as she knocked on the door; she couldn't be caught.

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((do you want me to play Mrs. Dawson?))

Mrs. Dawson answered the door and when she saw who it was, she looked around and then let the girl in the house. "Is there a reason you've come?"

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"Yes," Georgina said slowly, fidgeting with her hands even when she was inside. "Mrs. Dawson, there's something you should know." She took a deep breath before saying, "I do witchcraft too."

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Mrs. Dawson nodded. "Oh honey I know. But don't call it that. Call it a gift. Or a talent. But not that." She walked to her tiny bedroom and picked up a small rectangular object covered with cloth. "This is for you. It might help." She took off the cloth and revealed a black looking glass. "It can help you with visions. Stare into it and you can see events. Now what you see, it is up to you to decipher it." She covered the scrying mirror with the cloth again and handed it to the girl. "Take care of it."

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"Wait, you knew?" Georgina asked the only question that was pounding through her head when Mrs. Dawson had said casually, 'Oh, I know.' "How long have you known?" She gasped dramtically. "What if the whole town finds out?"

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Mrs. Dawson shook her head. "No one else will find out except those of us who have the gift. I saw it in a vision, in that very mirror, in fact." She looked at the young girl. "Be very careful. Take many precautions." She looked around her home. "You might want to leave soon so no one sees you here."

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She nodded in agreement, and couldn't help but hug the elderly lady. "I'm so sorry they caught you. And thanks so much for the present." She pulled back and smiled sweetly at her before she put the looking glass in the basket in her arms and walked swiftly out of the house, making sure no one was around.

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Mrs. Dawson smiled sweetly as the girl left then turned to remove her belongings from the house and give them to friends.

Eve walked into her grandmother's house and noticed she was not there. Her basket and bonnett were gone, so Eve figured her grandmother had gone to town. he took the opportunity to sit down cross-legged on the floor and study the ncklace Mrs. Dawson had given her. She stroked the wolf on the back, and for a moment, it seemed soft like a real wild wolf would be. It surprised her but then she remembered her yearning to learn. So she stroked the wolf face once more, to try and get it to grow fur again, but this time, the wolf stayed cold and metallic. She sighed.

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((You said horse last time.))

Georgina walked out of the house and down the road to her own house. "Sorry, I'm late, Mother. I had to help Sylvia with something," she called into the huge house, and she heard a faint, "It's okay, Darling," from somewhere in the house call back. She smiled as she ran up two flights of stairs, to her room, and opened the attic door that no one knew she had in her closet. She climbed up the stairs, and walked across the wood floor quietly so no one could hear her.

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((yeah theres a horse and snake on the front and a wolf on the back))

Eve stood and put her necklace back in her dress. She walked out to the woods, careful to make sure that no one had seen her. She walked far enough into the woods and sat down again. She looked at the wolf and it arroused something inside her. She felt suddenly strong and agile, and she could feel the far off thirst for blood deep down in her stomach, beyond where a human feels hunger. She turned the medallion over and stroked the horse. She could feel herself become more alert even though she hadn't moved. She felt the need to run, far down beyond where her feet and legs could reach. She stood and put her necklace back in its place. She walked home, the thirst for blood and the need to run fading away.

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Georgina took the looking glass out of it's cloth as she sat down in one of the many chairs that was surrounded by bottles of colorful liquids, all circling a small pot where her expiriments were. She grazed her fingers of the the black object in her hands, hesitant to look in it.

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Eve walkedto the edge of the forest and stopped. She felt an urge to look back at her ncklace. She stepped back into the cover of the forest and gazed down at it. She looked at the snake and ran her fingers over it. She swore she heard it hiss and felt it slither, but when she looked down at it, the snake was just silver as it had been. She felt a strong urge to get to the ground and smell the dirt and feel the dirt to find anything that wasn't dirt. She took a breath and put her necklace back into its place. She walked out of the forest and left the urge behind. She walked into her grandmother's house and saw her sitting at the table.

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Eve sat down and looked at her grandmother, who was staring into her bowl of water again. She knew not to disturb her when this happened, so she sat in a chair and stared at the bowl too. The dark waters offered no images but she could tell they hid many secrets.

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I don't even have a gift for seeing the future, she thought as she stroked it again. But georgina sighed and finally picked up the glass, looking through it slowly and hesitantly. What she saw made her bite back a squeel and drop the glass to the floor with a thump.

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Mrs. Dawson put her belongings out in front of her house and walked back in. She walked into the bedroom and sighed. She knelt down in a corner and started a small flame. She stood, brushed off her skirt, and hurried out of the house. She picked up her bags and walked down the road to give away her belongings.

Eve watched her grandmother who finally came out of her trance. "What did you see?" She asked eagerly.
Agatha looked at Eve. "You don't need to know." She said simply but firmly.
Eve looked at her gradmother pleadingly. "Please teach me. I have the gift, so I should use it. It shouldn't go to waste."
Agatha shook her head. "If you just take the path your mother took..."
Eve cut her off. "I'm nothing like my mother!" She yelled and stood up. She looked at her grandmother, with hints of both sadness and anger in her eyes. She turned around and left the house. The fresh air calmed her and she sat down next to the garden.

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"Georgina? Is everything okay?" she heard her mother call from the floor below her. She walked silently over to the hatch and stuck her head down so it sounded like she was in her room.
"Yes, I just tripped," she said simply.
"Oh, alright," Celest said and walked away. Georgina waited until she couldn't hear her mother's footsteps or voice to got back to the glass.

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Eve sighed and walked to the forest. She sat down and looked at her necklace once again. She stroked the gem and stared at it for a while. She stared deeper at it when she saw flickers of light in it. She tried to figure out what it was, when a burning house came into view. Eve's eyes widened. That's Mrs. Dawson's house! She continued watching and she saw Mrs. Dawson had started the fire and then left. The burning house called out to her, so she stood up and started walking there. She placed her necklace back where it belonged and walked quickly. She arrived there when it was mostly ashes and a few flames left. She looked over where the tiny bedroom had stood and walked over to it. Remembering the wooden panel in the wall that had held her necklace, she walked over and started sifting through the burnt wood. Her eyes landed on a piece of burnt cloth. She picked it up and looked inside. It held a small black mirror. She gasped when she realzed what it was and quickly covered it up again with the cloth. She hurried home, careful not to let anyone know she had it.

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All Georgie has seen was a strange scene, just flashes of it. A burnt house. . . a girl picking something up. . . a black mirror. . . and then black. She pulled it away, trying to figure out what happened, but she sat down and thought about what she had seen, what it might mean.

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Eve walked casually but quickly. She walked in her grandmother's house through the back and set the scrying mirror on the table and went to the garden. "Grandmother, I picked something up at Mrs. Dawson's and I think she wanted you to have it. To replace your current one."
Agatha stood up and walked inside. She removed the burnt cloth and saw the black mirror. She hid her surprise well and turned to Eve. "Where did you get this?"
Eve answered simply. "Mrs. Dawson left it for me, but I'm sure she meant for me to give it to you."
Agatha was suspicious but nodded. "Okay." She watched Eve carefully but finally decided to believe her. "Now go out to town and pick up some bread."
Eve nodded and cleane up to go to town. She walked slowly, getting there and taking her sweet time to get the bread.

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Georgie pondered about what the vision meant. She had seen a curly red haired girl, and something familiar about that curly hair in fact. But she had no more time to ponder it as she was called down for supper.

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Eve walked into the bakery and bought two loaves of bread. Another woman in the shop gasped and hurried out quickly. Eve turned around quickly to see the woman scurry outside across the square. She walked outside, curios, and walked across the square too, pretending to be gazing in the window of the pastry shop. She overheard parts of the woman's conversation with the other women nearby. "Red hair...sign of the devil... witch..." The last word shocked Eve and she nearly gasped and revealed her eavesdropping. She hurried home and it started raining. She got the bread inside and brought a small wooden bowl out to the garden. She scooped up some of the mud and picked a few certain plants. She combined them and created dye that could darken her hair. Right away, she applied it and twisted her hair into a bun. She put on a sort of headscarf and made sure her grandmother couldn't see the changes to her hair. She sat on the floor ofthe house and slowed her breathing. Red hair means witchcraft. I could be convicted! She pushed away that thought and tried to get her heartreat back to normal.

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"I really didn't like that red haired girl you were talking to today, Georgina," Celest scolded as they sat in the huge dinning room, a fire blazing behind her father's head-table chair.
"I'm sorry, Mother," Georgina apologized under her breath as she sat with her back straight, elbows off the table and ate small, delicte bites of the food that sat infront of her. She really didn't want to be lectured about this; she knew better that hair color didn't mean anything, yet she would never dare disagree with her mother.
"You know what red hair means, right?" Celest persisted, making sure her point got across to her absent-minded daughter. But Georgie didn't have time to answer, for her mother said, "Witch. And I know what her grandmother does; I've seen it with my own eyes." Georgina knew that was a lie; Eve's grandmother didn't let anyone she trust with her fortunes, but of course she didn't speak up. "Witchcraft runs in the blood, you know. So of course Eve has it. Her mother was convicted of it."

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Eve looked out the window. She sighed and then thought of something. She took an old wooden bowl outside and saet it down next to the garden, where she knelt down and started picking certain herbs. She sprinkled some dirt in the bowl along with the herbs. Eve brought them inside and stared crushing the dry leaves and adding small amounts of water. Eventually, she ended up with a watery dye that she poured directly onto her head, running her fingers through her hair. She let the dye sit and combed her hair before puting it into a bun on the back of her head. Then she took a simple white scarf from a trunk in the bedroom. She washe her hands carefully and sighed. When she looked in the plain glass mirror on the wall, she almos gasped at her new hair color. It was a reddish brown, but it couldn't pass as red hair if it had to. She sighedof relief and sat on the floor.

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