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Taking place in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts during the Salem Witch Trials. You can either have a witch or . . . normal person basically.

Name: First and Last

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Name: Evelyn White (goes by Eve)
Gender: F
Age: 16
Personality: fearless, optimistic, happy, not like the other reserved English children, not afraid of the woods or the animals there like some of the other girls, clever, likes to hang around the women who are supposedly fortune tellers or witches, has no problem with going barefoot
Appearance: (hair is slightly curlier but only loose curls) slightly taller than average height, slender but agile, beautiful in a wild sort of way
Witch/Normal: unknown (at the moment)
Crush: open
Other: She doesn't usually stay at home. She is usually at her grandmother's, who tells fortunes. She begs her grandmother to teach her how to tell fortunes and talk to animals, but she refuses. Because her grandmother tells good fortunes to many decently rich people of the town, no one has reported her as a witch yet.

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Name: Georgina VanHutton
Gender: F
Age: 17
Personality: Georgie's fearless, strong, and challenges everything and everyone. She's smart and she can't deny she loves showing off. She is very dramatic and partially bipolar with a hint of OCD, but she's still very happy and optomistic, and she can be frequently sarcastic. Definitely not the most likely to be a witch, but looks aren't everything. . . .
Appearance: Long, light brown hair and dark-almost black brown eyes. Leaning towards the tall side with a small figure, and she's always dressed formally because of her wealthy family.
Witch/Normal: Witch- but unknown by everyone else
Crush: open
Other: Her family is very wealthy, and known throughout the village, so if anyone found out she was preforming witch-craft, she'd be dead. Literally.

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((haha nikki reed! so shall we rp?))

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((Si :) I'll make a guy later when I find a good pic....))

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((haha ok. and remember, everyone can't be a witch lol))

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Name: Agatha Taylor (called Aggy by good friends)
Gender: F
Age: 58
Personality: wise, kind, understanding, occasionally stubborn, can get anything done if she wants to
Appearance: kind old woman, on the heavier side of average, long gray/white hair kept down around the house or in a bun around town, twinkling dark blue/gray eyes, shorter than average
Witch/Normal: tells fortunes, so some believe she is a witch and some do not
Crush: widowed
Other: Eve's grandmother

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music lover  (GGLover) | 1061 comments Name: Roxanne Carison
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: Roxanne is sarcastic, can be nice when she wants to be, brave, impatient, tough, can be a really mean if you get in her bad side, she's hard to read and figure out, even if you think you know who she is she can change, when she wants something she does what she can to get it, she hates when people get in her way, she's temperamental, athletic, very smart, and fearless.
Appearance: [image error]
Witch/Normal: Witch but no one knows....yet
Crush: Open

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ok theres nothing wrong with the characters we have now, but really, everyone can't be a witch :-)
but otherwise, cool character

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and you can jump into the rp with us

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