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M. Kei (kujakupoet) | 10 comments I just started a list for Gay Fiction by Goodreads Authors. Let's support our Goodreads authors who contribute to the community by listing them. Although I named it 'Gay Fiction by Goodreads Authors', I can see a number of other good lists waiting to happen, like 'LGBT Fiction by Goodreads Authors' and 'Lesbian Fiction by Goodreads Authors' and Nonfiction and all kinds of stuff.

message 2: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Ashling (andrewashling) | 4 comments I feel a bit uneasy to add my own books to this list, although I think they certainly belong there. However I'm so new at this site, I don't really know what the etiquette involved is.

message 3: by Red (new)

Red Haircrow (redhaircrow) | 12 comments I think if you write gay fiction and you're listed as an author on goodreads, I don't see why you shouldn't add books here even if they are you own.

I do not know of any etiquette regarding, personally, but there are always some who will think this or that shouldn't be done and say so. Do what you feel is best. Why not?

message 4: by Tom (new)

Tom (beachcombert) | 27 comments Thanks for creating this thread. As a reader, I'm very interested to know what our list members are writing and publishing.

message 5: by Dale (new)

Dale Lazarov (dale_lazarov) | 13 comments Hi -- I'm Dale Lazarov, a GoodReads author, and here are my gay erotic graphic novels :)

NIGHTLIFE Nightlife by Dale Lazarov -

MANLY Manly by Amy Colburn -

STICKY Sticky by Dale Lazarov -

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Justin South (justinsouth) M. wrote: "I just started a list for Gay Fiction by Goodreads Authors. Let's support our Goodreads authors who contribute to the community by listing them. Although I named it 'Gay Fiction by Goodreads Author..."

Hi M
Add me to your list please as J. J South (not Justin South)
Gay ebook '33 a gay love story'

message 7: by Jadette (new)

Jadette Paige (jadettepaige) | 4 comments M. wrote: "I just started a list for Gay Fiction by Goodreads Authors. Let's support our Goodreads authors who contribute to the community by listing them. Although I named it 'Gay Fiction by Goodreads Author..."

Could you add me too? Jadette Paige author of Blue Heaven from Siren Publishing.
Thanks so much!!
Jadette Paige

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Loren Olson (lorenaolsonmd) | 7 comments I would like to join this list. I am particularly interested in gay fiction written by men with gay characters who are mature men.

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Bill (kernos) | 26 comments Would you post a link to the list?

message 10: by Collin (last edited Dec 22, 2010 11:06AM) (new)

Collin Kelley | 17 comments You can add me, too. Collin Kelley. My novel is "Conquering Venus," which is out now. I'm working on the sequel, too. :)

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M. Kei (kujakupoet) | 10 comments Anyone can add books to the list.

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M. Kei (kujakupoet) | 10 comments Loren wrote: "I would like to join this list. I am particularly interested in gay fiction written by men with gay characters who are mature men."

There is a list for Gay and Sexy at 40+ already. Enjoy.

message 13: by M. (new)

M. Kei (kujakupoet) | 10 comments Gay and Sexy at 40+

Gay Fiction by Goodreads Authors

message 14: by Marie (new)

Marie | 3 comments M. wrote: "I just started a list for Gay Fiction by Goodreads Authors. Let's support our Goodreads authors who contribute to the community by listing them. Although I named it 'Gay Fiction by Goodreads Author..."
I would recommendStilettos and Steel

message 15: by Red (new)

Red Haircrow (redhaircrow) | 12 comments My list of books thus far, all are gay fiction.

"A Lieutenant's Love", historical fantasy fiction.
"Night Shift", a contemporary romantic drama.
"The House of Doom, Dreams and Desire", a gay erotic allegorical tale.
"Katrdeshtr's Redemption", a vampire novella, Book 1 in The Night Cat series.

I was a contributer in the "Boys Getting Ahead" anthology, my short story "Convenience Store Romance".

A Lieutenant's Love by Red Haircrow Night Shift by Red Haircrow Katrdeshtr's Redemption (The Night Cat, Book 1) by Red Haircrow The House of Doom, Dreams and Desire by Red Haircrow Boys Getting Ahead by Mickey Erlach

I did the cover art for Night Shift, Kat's Redemption and The House.

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Nathan Morissey (nathanjmorissey) Hi there, I write gay erotica and mm romances.

message 17: by Konrad (new)

Konrad Deire | 1 comments Hi there, hello nathan, nice to meet you here, just got wind about this group by a good friend ...

let me add to the list my books :-) (sorry it is just a bit of self promotion ...

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Rob Rosen (robrosen) | 10 comments Howdy ya'll. Just wanted to let you all know that my third novel, Hot Lava, is now available on Amazon.

Here's all the info:

And the trailer:


Rob Rosen
Hot Lava

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Avril Osborne (AvrilO) | 2 comments Hello everyone. I would like to add my books to your lists. You will find my work at uk and through Amazon Kindle books, I write about the social and interpersonal issues, through fiction, for lesbian couples, their friends and families. Have been writing for about ten years. Hope something there to interst you

All best wishes

message 20: by Red (new)

Red Haircrow (redhaircrow) | 12 comments Avril, you can add your books to this group's list in the bookshelf area. Also, I don't know if you are a part of it, but the Goodreads group, Queereaders, would also be a good place to add and discussion your work as well as interact with readers and others.

message 21: by Steven (new)

Steven (goodreadscomstevenkerry) Jadette wrote: "M. wrote: "I just started a list for Gay Fiction by Goodreads Authors. Let's support our Goodreads authors who contribute to the community by listing them. Although I named it 'Gay Fiction by Goodr..."

I would like my book added to the list. It's called My Strange Little Oasis, and Part One (of a trilogy) is out now. Part Two will be out June 5. The story is set in Los Angeles in 2000, and is about a very good looking gay man who works in public relations, has been HIV positive for over a decade, and becomes facially disfigured due to lipodystrophy. Thus begins both the greatest crisis and greatest adventure of Ren Gallagher's life. If you are expecting "dark and depressing" you will be pleasantly surprised!

message 22: by JSidelinger (new)

JSidelinger | 4 comments Hi everyone,

Josh Lanyon's new book was released today and if you like m/m mystery/romance, I highly recommend checking it out and perhaps adding to your list...he is already receiving great reviews.

Come Unto These Yellow Sands by Josh Lanyon

I read it and loved it.

message 23: by T.R. (new)

T.R. Verten | 1 comments Hi, I just published a memoir-style story about a London rentboy named Andy. Check it out!

Confessions of a Rentboy by T.R. Verten

message 24: by Kergan (new)

Kergan Edwards-Stout (kerganedwards-stout) | 9 comments Hi everyone,

My debut novel, a work of literary fiction entitled "Songs for the New Depression", will be published in October, but I'd love any feedback on the first book trailer for it!

Author Website:


message 25: by Steven (new)

Steven (goodreadscomstevenkerry) and now the whole trilogy is out.There is something to be said for reading a serial book in order without delay. Sorry, all: I wrote it all at once but the publisher wanted to make it a trilogy. I honestly had no idea it was a big book when I wrote it; it was like " that's the story." I'm not into how many pages it is,. I'm into does it tell the story or not. This story is set in 2000. you may find out what a "long term survivor" was actually going through in that era

message 26: by Collin (new)

Collin Kelley | 17 comments Hello, all. My new novel, Remain in Light, is a mystery/suspense novel about a young American expat writer, Martin Paige, living in Paris. When his former lover goes missing in the city, the search leads Martin into an underworld of drugs, police corruption and stolen identities in the City of Light. You can click the the book cover to find out more and read reviews.

Remain in Light by Collin Kelley

message 27: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Witt (goodreadscombrandonwitt) | 1 comments Hi, everyone! I am also a GoodReads Author. Please check out the urban fantasy Submerging Inferno and the Contemporary Gay Fiction, The Shattered Door! Thanks so much!!!Submerging Inferno: Men of MythThe Shattered Door

message 28: by Kergan (new)

Kergan Edwards-Stout (kerganedwards-stout) | 9 comments Hey everyone,
My debut novel, Songs for the New Depression, is out in paperback, with hardcover and e-Books coming later this week. I'd love to hear your feedback. It will also be a Goodreads Giveaway, Nov 1-7, as soon as Goodreads approves it.

Happily, it is getting great reviews:

“Kergan Edwards-Stout infuses reality and hopefulness into a bittersweet story about compassion and personal growth. A distinctively entertaining gay novel written with moxie and bolstered by pitch-perfect perspectives.” Kirkus Discoveries

Gabriel Travers knows he’s dying; he just can’t prove it. Despite his doctor’s proclamations to the contrary and rumors of a promising new HIV drug cocktail, all it takes is one glance into the mirror to tell Gabe everything he needs to know. His ass, once the talk of West Hollywood, now looks suspiciously like a Shar-Pei, prompting even more talk around town.

Back in his 20’s, life had been so easy. Caught up in the 1980’s world of LOVE! MONEY! SEX!, Gabe thought he’d have it all. But every effort to better himself ended in self-sabotage, and every attempt at love left him with only a fake number, scrawled on a realtor’s notepad.

The only happiness he could remember was in high school, where he’d met Keith, his first love. Only Keith had recognized the goodness within, and knew of the brutal attack Gabe had faced, the effects of which still rule his life today.

Now almost 40, and with the clock ticking, Gabe begins to finally peel back the layers and tackle his demons — with a little help from the music of the Divine Miss M and his mom’s new wife, a country music-loving priest.

“Kergan Edwards-Stout has crafted a work of fiction reminiscent of some classic tales in Songs for the New Depression. Even better, Edwards-Stout’s debut boasts the kind of dark humor that made Augusten Burroughs a household name.”

“Kergan Edwards-Stout’s Songs for the New Depression is a bold reminder that life, especially in its most difficult moments, is worth living. His characters are real and poignant, his writing is magical, and his message is timeless. Life is at its most precious when we are faced with our own mortality. It is an important book.” Charles Perez, author of Confessions of a Gay Anchorman and founder of the No Shame Project

“Songs for the New Depression carries you away on waves of humor and sadness as we follow the protagonist as he deals with his search for love, acceptance and his battle with AIDS. Far from being maudlin, it is extremely sensitive and ennobling. A fine work that will leave you wanting more.” Robert Michael Morris, star of TV’s The Comeback and author of An American Scrapbook

message 29: by Untreed (new)

Untreed Reads (untreedreads) Just in time for Christmas comes the latest short by Giselle Renarde. Traditional holiday family drama blends with a modernist clash of generations for an insightful and sympathetic tale of love and understanding.

Nobody Gets Lucky by Giselle Renarde Nobody Gets Lucky

When Justine brings Lucky home for Christmas, the family isn’t shy in expressing their dislike of the quirky, single mother. Even Grandma’s taking pot shots at Lucky all through dinner! Sure, Lucky’s tattoos and tight clothes make her an easy target in Mother’s prim and proper dining room, but there’s so much the family doesn’t understand about the woman Justine loves. When they do find out more about Lucky’s past, will they be willing to accept her at all, or will they be able to embrace Justine’s new love?

A short story from our Nibs literary line.

Giselle Renarde Giselle Renarde is an acclaimed author of both romance and erotica titles. In 2010, Giselle joined Untreed Reads with the literary short story Ugly Naked People, which has received much praise for its deft handling of the topic of eating disorders and relationships. In 2011, Untreed Reads published her straight romance short Love Again.

message 30: by Untreed (new)

Untreed Reads (untreedreads) Tis the season for family secrets. Untreed Reads is pleased to announce the latest short story by Johnny Miles!

Christmas Baby by Johnny Miles Christmas Baby by Johnny Miles

It’s Christmas Eve morning, 1957, and John wakes up to find his parents are missing. When he realizes they never came home from a holiday party they attended the night before, John calls his estranged uncle, a man he barely remembers and hasn’t seen in nearly 14 years. Together, they face a life-changing tragedy and John discovers a family secret that’s been tucked away like the Christmas presents hidden in his parent’s coat closet.

A short work of fiction from our Nibs literary line.

Johnny Miles Johnny Miles began writing an early age. In 1985 his first erotic story was published in Numbers magazine. Since then, his other stories have appeared in various gay magazines. Over the past three years, Johnny’s been published by Loose Id Publications and is the author of m/m romance e-books, Learning to Samba, Lauderdale Hearts, and Casa Rodrigo. He’s also self-published gay erotic titles, including Carlo and My Uncle Piri: A Coney Island Adventure.

Christmas Baby is his first foray outside of the m/m erotic romance genre into mainstream fiction, and has already reached #3 on the bestseller list.

Johnny currently lives in Fort Lauderdale with his partner of 15 years, 3 lunatic Pugs and a prissy, prima donna cat. His website is:

message 31: by Untreed (new)

Untreed Reads (untreedreads) A powerful meditation on family, identity and finding your place in the world. Untreed Reads is pleased to present the new short from celebrated author Jenifer Levin.

Night of a Thousand Jeters by Jenifer Levin Night of a Thousand Jeters by Jenifer Levin

Will immersion in sports help two adopted Cambodian boys with special needs navigate their way towards a beautiful American manhood?

Will the author―queer, white, far from rich―survive the difficulties, mistakes, stupidities, flaws, longings and pitfalls of parenthood?

Will their beloved Manhattan, in the aftermath of 9/11, survive invasion by the nation’s wealthy elite?

Will their beloved Cambodia take history’s brutal lessons to heart, or will these be overshadowed by newly built towers of conspicuous consumption that encourage everyone to shop ‘til they drop?

Will a pickup baseball game near the George Washington Bridge reignite their dreams, bestowing them all with wit, hope and grace?

Reader: read on.

Jenifer Levin Jenifer Levin is an American fiction writer, noted for her contributions to lesbian fiction. As well as writing fiction, she has contributed to the New York Times and Washington Post. The Washington Post called her a member of the “lesbian literati”.

Levin, herself a former competitive swimmer, has set many of her novels in the world of competitive sport, receiving attention for her coverage of gender, power, and sexuality in that context. Her first novel was Water Dancer, the tale of a long-distance swimmer recovering from a nervous breakdown, whose trainer and his wife both fall in love with her. Her third novel, Shimoni’s Lover, was set in Israel. In 1993 she produced The Sea of Light, which the Dallas Morning News called “beautiful and probing.” The Sea of Light was voted 8th in a Bywater Books (a lesbian publisher) poll of the ten most important lesbian novels of the 20th century. Her fifth published book, Love and Death and Other Disasters, collected stories written over a period between 1977 and 1995. Untreed Reads will be publishing these titles in ebook format in 2012.

Levin has two sons, adopted from Cambodia. She has spoken several times of her experiences adopting as a single gay woman, from a country that does not formally allow foreign adoptions, including in a 1995 volume Wanting a Child edited by Jill Bialosky and Helen Shulman.

How to Purchase Night of a Thousand Jeters:

Night of a Thousand Jeters is $0.99 from The Untreed Reads Store in a variety of formats, including EPUB and Kindle formats. You’ll also find the title at virtually every ebook retailer around the world including Amazon, B&N, Apple, WHSmith and Waterstone’s.

Book bloggers and reviewers can request a copy by sending their site links and ebook format to

message 32: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Gielen (thelovebomb) | 2 comments Hi all! I'm a GoodReads author and the author of Love Bomb and the Pink Platoon, a dark satire about a military experiment that goes horribly wrong and turns an entire platoon gay. Check it out, it's funny, biting, smart...

Love Bomb and the Pink Platoon
Love Bomb and the Pink Platoon by Ryan Gielen

I was scolded for not including a sample before (different forum!), so here is a sample:

“Thank you for volunteering,” offered the sturdy redhead. The voice seemed a little cooler now, but Newman was grateful for the courtesy, however rote.

Over the next six hours he stood in line after line, queuing up to run on a treadmill, to be poked and prodded, weighed and measured, and finally to sign a stack of documents relieving the military of any duty to return him to society at any point, ever. As he scanned the documents for signature lines he couldn’t help but notice words like “in perpetuity,” and “waives all rights,” and “not responsible.”

It was the “not responsible” that stuck, playing over and over again in his mind, the record skipping on a crook in the groove. Here he was, signing over his right to make any assertive decision about his immediate future- his meals, his transportation, his lodging, even his minute-to-minute activities would be strictly controlled by the military- yet they were not responsible for him? They would direct and control his every move and monitor his every reaction, he was certainly no longer responsible for himself, but somehow neither were they. He could not be responsible for himself, and the military refused to be, and with each signature he felt one step closer to purgatory, suspended between this world and the next, floating between his past life and… something.

For the first time since he walked out of the jungle thirty years ago General Newman Ginger felt frightened. His mind raced with the possibilities. Torture. Maiming. Chemical poisoning. Legally, with this final signature, the United States military could do anything, he thought. They could fill him with stuffing and bake him like a turkey, he thought. They could force him to eat purple mushrooms and wrestle a bear, he thought. They could get bored and just shoot him, he thought, what if they just shoot me? What if that’s the entire experiment, they just shoot me and watch me die and then write a report about it, he thought?

He signed. And with this final signature he relieved the Defense Department of the United States of any responsibility for the consequences of their experiment. How can you sign a paper that grants someone the right to shoot you at will, with no consequences, he asked himself? It was insane. He felt insane. He saw himself scrawling the words General… Newman… Ginger… and he wanted to rip the pen from his own hand but he signed, controlled by some force beyond the hand, beyond the brain, beyond the panic.

Somewhere in the deepest, atrophied, dying core of Newman Ginger there was a man who craved the freedom and the terror of a complete loss of control...

message 33: by Lichen (last edited Jun 06, 2012 12:45PM) (new)

Lichen Craig (lichen_craig) | 13 comments Thank you for starting this thread, and for starting the list. Please consider adding my novel Gentlemen's Game to your list. It is a literary novel with gay themes and contains a romance, but is not a typical M/M romance. Thank you!

When young playwright Greyson Foster agrees to attend a party at the penthouse of a millionaire, he has no idea how profoundly it will change his life. His journey will take him into spaces in his mind he never knew existed, bring him face-to-face with needs he never knew he had, and challenge him to travel to the precipice of lust, revenge, and love. From their first meeting, the powerful and charismatic Jack Miles weaves an enticing web around Greyson, drawing him into the dangerous game three millionaires play in secret. But Jack's personal life is complicated and his demons are many, and as they strengthen they threaten to destroy all that Jack holds dear - including Greyson.
Gentlemen's Game by Lichen Craig

message 34: by Jon (last edited May 18, 2012 02:37PM) (new)

Jon (jon_michaelsen) | 37 comments Hey, everyone...wanted to mention I have a new release today False Evidence, what Amos Lassen says is an "...interesting in that it is both a romance and a mystery..."

Obsession and lust can lead to murder.


What begins as a cursory glance at the high-rise apartment opposite soon becomes something much darker and far more dangerous.

For bored accountant, Kevin Mitchell, lusting after gorgeous, muscular, Tony, in the adjacent building, builds into a life changing obsession.

When Tony shows up at Kevin’s apartment, bloody and bruised, Kevin offers him instant refuge…and a place in his bed. However, all is not what it seems and the police draw a different conclusion in their hunt for a violent killer.

Will Kevin’s plea of false evidence save him from the horror of a life behind bars?

False Evidence: Excerpt

Kevin’s fantasy drew him in more and more. His days at the office began to drag along and often left him exhausted and miserable by the end of the workday. He stopped going out to lunch with Alice, choosing instead to pack a bite to eat in order to end his day at work earlier. His evenings alone and awake ran on to well after midnight. Sleep, when it came, became fits of restlessness until it was time to get up and head to the office. He spent any spare time he had peering out the windows hoping to catch a glimpse of the stranger across the way, always craving just one more look to satisfy his unquenchable thirst before calling it a night.

Within the week, Kevin had purchased a camera and tripod. Five days later, he added a telephoto lens and other items. Before long, he’d amassed a stellar collection of photographs capturing the imagines of an abstracted, young man in his prime and oblivious to the attention he’d reaped from a neighboring high-rise.
The quest for satisfaction consumed Kevin, he all but ignored his responsibilities at work and at home. His actions became irresponsible, even voyeuristic, and ignited desires that he didn’t know he possessed. His boss expressed dissatisfaction with his tardiness and increasing mistakes, but he made excuses for his lack of focus. Friends calling his home found nothing but an answer machine and returned calls never happened. He even gave Alice the cold shoulder when she voiced concern, but Kevin didn’t care. He slipped deeper and deeper into a compulsion he didn’t see, convinced all the while he could stop the spying on his neighbor at any time.

* * * *

By early May, Kevin had settled into a routine of spying on the man of his dreams, laying out a daily ritual of surveillance that played against a backdrop of reality. He knew when to catch the guy working out with free-weights in his bedroom, sunbathing on the terrace, or even when the dude might pass before the windows after taking a shower.

So it came as somewhat of a shock when the blinds across the street began opening and closing at irregular intervals and the lights in the apartment burned well into the evening hours two nights in a row. Mr. Adonis roamed freely throughout the penthouse, more frequently without a stitch of clothing on his body. Kevin surmised the man’s companion had gone away for a while on a business trip, or perhaps to visit relatives.

Whatever the case, the idea and new-found impudence to introduce himself to the young man prevailed and Kevin took time off work. He cleaned his home from top to bottom and stowed the camera equipment away. He spent the next few days sunning on the terrace, hoping to catch the guy’s attention, moving the floral canopy out of the way to create a clear view. Kevin’s body was lean and tight, but not as muscular as he was tall. More endowed than most, he filled the tiny swimsuit he sported in hopes of catching the stranger’s attention.

On the third day, Kevin finally received the acknowledgement from the man he’d hoped for. A subtle nod, soon led to a flirtatious smile and movement of the man’s mouth, unable to hear his words Kevin smiled and raised his hands palms skyward. The guy pointed down toward the street, an invitation that Kevin accepted with an upright thumb...

False Evidence

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Dale Lazarov (dale_lazarov) | 13 comments Hi, I am a GoodReads gay author :) Dale Lazarov

Here’s a PDF of “Comics Made Me Gay”, the NSFW comics essay form of a talk/presentation that I did at the 2012 Toronto Comics Art Festival.

“Comics Made Me Gay” illustrates and explains how and why the comics/sequential art form is uniquely suited for representing both the objective and subjective experience of homoeroticism. It features both panel excerpts and full comics page samples from classic superhero comics, from Tom of Finland gay erotic comics and from contemporary gay and gay erotic illustrators and cartoonists.

“CMMG” uses multiple safe and not safe for work images and language so use your best judgment about when and where to read it. It’s formatted in tablet-friendly 2048h x 1536w portrait dimensions.

message 36: by Erin (new)

Erin van Moer (erinvanmoer) | 1 comments I am also a gay writer and also a gay painter. i do a lot of gay poetry and also short fiction together with my two lovers who are also writers too. We give all our books for free to anyone who wants them =P

Our artworks:

message 37: by Jon (new)

Jon (jon_michaelsen) | 37 comments Erin wrote: "I am also a gay writer and also a gay painter. i do a lot of gay poetry and also short fiction together with my two lovers who are also writers too. We give all our books for free to anyone who wan..."

I often find that "artists" are talented in many creative areas...nice to meet you, Erin.

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Kergan Edwards-Stout (kerganedwards-stout) | 9 comments Hi there,
While my book is mentioned above, Songs for the New Depression, thought I'd let everyone know that it just won the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award in the LGBTQ category, and was also shortlisted for the Independent Literary Award in the same category. I appreciate everyone's support!


message 39: by Jon (new)

Jon (jon_michaelsen) | 37 comments Kergan wrote: "Hi there,
While my book is mentioned above, Songs for the New Depression, thought I'd let everyone know that it just won the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award in the LGBTQ category, and was als..."

Wow - congratulations, Kergan. What an accomplishment!

message 40: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey Luscombe (jeffreyluscombe) | 1 comments Hi! My name is Jeffrey Luscombe and I just released my new novel, Shirts and Skins from Chelsea Station Editions.

message 41: by Jon (last edited Jun 17, 2012 04:06PM) (new)

Jon (jon_michaelsen) | 37 comments False Evidence (Murder Most Deadly, #1)

I'm a Goodreads author, too, and have posted a never-before-released, sexy excerpt from my latest novella, False Evidence via my blog - come see what author, Ryan Field calls "...a m/m romance novella, with a mystery/suspense theme that revolves around the main character's infatuation with an extremely attractive young man who lives in an adjacent building."

For the excerpt, go to:

message 42: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Ashling (andrewashling) | 4 comments Hi,
I just revamped my website. Check it out at Ximerion.

Maybe now is a good time to remind you that the first twelve chapters of Bonds of Hate, the first book in my Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse series are back online as a free read.

message 43: by Marlene (new)

Marlene Slade (marlenekslade) | 5 comments Double Book Set of Pleasure & Pain
In Legend of the Mediterranean and The Illusive Lord of the Sea - one man's fog sweeping mind & body journey of extreme pleasure & pain is hauntingly explored in this dark & sexually intense double book set.
This double book set is not for readers under 18 years of age.
Legend of the Mediterranean and The Illusive Lord of the Sea

message 44: by Chris (new)

Chris Delyani | 3 comments Three years ago I published my first novel, The Love Thing by Chris Delyani The Love Thing, sort of a gay romantic comedy loosely based on Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice." And I'm very excited about my second novel, "You Are Here," which I'm looking forward to adding to this thread soon. Cheers, all!

message 45: by Kergan (new)

Kergan Edwards-Stout (kerganedwards-stout) | 9 comments Hi everyone! With my debut novel Songs for the New Depression winning the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award/LGBTQ (and being shortlisted in the same category for the Independent Literary Awards), it seemed the right time to launch my group,

I'd love for you to join in on discussions around my books, activism, writing, and life, and welcome any and all comments you have. Please consider joining us!

message 46: by DeeJay (new)

DeeJay Arens (deejayarens) | 2 comments Hi everyone! My debut novel was released last week! I am excited to share it with you.

message 47: by Jeffrey (last edited Sep 09, 2012 07:38PM) (new)

Jeffrey Jude (jeffreyjude) | 7 comments Hello:

I, of course, am a GR author. I have 3 full length books (The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy) as well as 2 novellas (The Chronicles of Abigoth series).

I believe they are all in the bookshelf here.

If anyone would like a free copy of Gay Gene Rising, Book I of the Goedric Trilogy it is available at the following link in PDF, ePub and Kindle/mobi formats.

A blurb of the trilogy follows...

Gay Gene Rising (The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy, #1) by Jeffrey Jude

What Would You Do!

Weeks after the discovery of the gay gene is announced by researchers at the IHI Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, IFC Pharmaceuticals announces "AEG/IS"--the gay cure. While the world is busy debating the drug's merits, a suspicious fever kills hundreds of thousands of gay men in less than twenty-four hours, presenting millions upon millions of people with an impossible choice--take the gay cure or die.

And so begins a epic tale of unspeakable conspiracy as Etan Reyes AKA "Patient G" flees for his life. His only hope lies with a rag-tag group of friends led by the redoubtable Sues, two tough old-guard lesbians who never thought they'd live long enough to witness the horrors of a second Gay Plague. Sue DeGault and Sue Keller pray for strength as they prepare to do battle with fate, and the IFC, a corporate Goliath controlled by a power family with roots dating back to the days of King Yoshiyahu of Judah--an ancient family that has been raging a clandestine, religious war against homosexuals for 2,700 years.

message 48: by Rob (new)

Rob Kaufman | 4 comments Hi All,
Check out the reviews for my novel "One Last Lie" - I think it's the best way for you to know if it's the right book for you. Of course, I KNOW you'll love it, but that's just me. :) See what everyone else has to say!
One Last Lie

message 49: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Shire (brandon_shire) | 8 comments On my TBR Rob wrote: "Hi All,
Check out the reviews for my novel "One Last Lie" - I think it's the best way for you to know if it's the right book for you. Of course, I KNOW you'll love it, but that's just me. :) See wh..."

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Kevin Klehr (goodreadscomkevink) | 7 comments Sorry to be just as self indulgent, but my novel will be out on 21 December 2012 -

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