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Rayne Description:
Bliss Tyler had a perfect life; rich, popular, adored by boys and envied by girls.

After living the hard life, first in England and living the good life in New York City’s upper East side with her influentially powerful parents, she is shocked to discover a terrible secret about her ancestry which has now been handed down to her.

Part human, her kind has been hunted for centuries and now Bliss finds out too late that she, along with her parents, have been targeted for extermination. Soon her parents are gone and with them, her perfect life, but there is no time to mourn as she barely escapes with the help of a two strange boys who inform her that they are the last of their kind.

While on the run, Bliss uncovers many secrets about where she came from. She also discovers that she is developing feelings for both her saviors and each of them have made it perfectly clear whom she should choose. By choosing one, she could lose the other, but if she doesn’t make a decision soon, she may end up losing them both as the hunters close in.

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