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Farewell to a kindred spirit

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message 1: by JazzyJake (new)

JazzyJake | 7 comments Arthur C. Clarke departed with as much integrity as he lived: reiterating before dying that he wanted no superstitious rites at his funeral. So much for the myth that atheists have deathbed conversions. I've always admired him, as much now as ever. We'll miss this voice for reason. Bye Arthur and I raise a glass to a life well lived.

message 2: by Oliver (new)

Oliver I'd like to say the exact same thing... about George Carlin.

message 3: by JazzyJake (new)

JazzyJake | 7 comments Indeed!

message 4: by Kilt (new)

Kilt | 2 comments You said it - on both counts! here's to the two of them.

message 5: by Jake (new)

Jake Barlow (seejake) | 1 comments Both are in my list of heroes.

And for the record, there actually are atheists in foxholes.

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