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message 1: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 40 comments Mod
I'm not using any book swapping sites at this time, but I know some of you are.

Which sites or services do you like best? Any tips on how to use any of them?

message 2: by Anne (new)

Anne (booklover6) I use, where I trade via games, and acquire via wish list. I also swap here at goodreads, and at I love the forums at paperbackswap. I don't get that involved in my groups here, but I love the status updates and reviews here SO much!

message 3: by Abby (new)

Abby Fick | 4 comments I only just started swapping when BFS was launched, and that's the only site I use. My TBR pile isn't large so I don't have that many titles to offer, and I'm worried that I'm not organized enough (yet) to stay on top of mulitple swap sites.

message 4: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 40 comments Mod
I don't swap, but Goodreads definitely helps with organizing books. You just need more shelves.

message 5: by Mary C (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) paperbackswap is my favorite. They have very active message boards and games. I use bookmooch for my slightly damaged or too heavily posted on PBS books. (PBS has condition guidelines whereas bookmooch doesn't). I also do booksfreeswap. I'll probably start using the booksfreeswap site more because my postage money is tight and I can't afford to have a ton of money tied up in credits on 2 trading sites. Then just post on the other 2 as a need credits.

message 6: by Brad (new)

Brad (tigtig) | 1 comments I just use paperbackswap. I have to get myself better organized, and while a few people have recommened goodreads organizing my books seems like so much work!

message 7: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 40 comments Mod
There is an import function, if you have a list from somewhere else, such as an Amazon wishlist. That might help.
I suggest making priorities, just work on one thing at a time so it doesn't look overwhelming. Figure out what would help you the most to have organized and start there.
First I worry about my to read list and create shelves to keep up with where each book is available. I don't want to get a book from Booksfree if it is in one of my local libraries and I don't want to buy a book I can get from Booksfree.

You can also create exclusive shelves for books that you don't want to shelve as read, currently reading or to read, such as reference or unfinished.

You might want to look at other people's shelves to get ideas. If you find another member with similar taste, you can add books to your shelves from there.

Does anyone else have any tips or tricks to add?

message 8: by Anne (new)

Anne (booklover6) Deborah, how can you create exclusive shelves such as you mentioned? I have some shelved 2011 and 2012, that don't need to be in my to-read area because I don't have them.


message 9: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 40 comments Mod
On the My Books page there is a link called edit beside the word bookshelves, clink that and you will see a page with all of your shelves. For each custom shelf you can enable sorting, make exclusive, rename, or remove. At the bottom is a place to add new shelves.

message 10: by Anne (last edited Sep 27, 2010 10:51AM) (new)

Anne (booklover6) Thanks, I'll try that out.

It worked great, thanks for explaining that feature!

Do you know how to get the negative out of the currently reading? For example I think I have 6 marked as currently reading, but it shows 2. If I had only 2, it would show 0.

message 11: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 40 comments Mod
You'll need to get a goodreads employee to reset your self, just email

message 12: by Anne (new)

Anne (booklover6) I set my Wishlist shelf and my booksfree queue shelf to exclusive. Its nice that way, doesn't add to my to-read number. I may put a lot more of my actual booksfree queue books into my list here on goodreads. Maybe it will help me not to order books I can get from booksfree? I can hope....

message 13: by Mary C (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) I used to have my Goodreads shelves sorted by genre/sub genre. But I found I rarely looked at them. So I deleted them all and created 1, 2nd, 3rd etcc. in a series shelves. Also a Next In a Series Shelf, Ebook,Stand Alone and Wish List. I find I'm not really using the # shelves other than 1st. So I might delete those. I tend to use the 1st and Next shelf the most. I don't have all my books organized yet. I do some here and there. And whenever I add a new book to my TBR here, I make sure to put it into the appropriate sub-shelf.

I was having a hard time keeping my physical books organized so that they all fit on my bookshelves. So I've stopped trying. I have a small shelf where I post my up for trade books. Then I have a shelf where I put all the 1st's, Next, Anthologies and Stand Alone books I have. This is my immediate TBR shelf. Every so often as I make room on that shelf, I update my goodreads lists and go on a book hunt on my other shelves and the ones stored under the bed.

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