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***ATTENTION***I will NOT open the rps until ALL active members have made at least one charrie!!!
So wait till:
Have made one.

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ABCDE (BriarlightABCDE) | 2316 comments Name: Firestar
Gender: Male
Rank: warrior/ leader
Pelt: orange tabby


Eyes: blue
Personality: He is outgoing. couragish and ALWAYS depends on his deputy!
Kin: make?
Crush: Spottedshine
Mate: Spottedshine

OTHER!!! NEEDS DEP!!!! puh-lease!!! JAde maybe?? Roxy?? Silver??...Kate??

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Name: Spottedshine
Gender: F
Rank: Warrior
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Sweet,Cute,Quirky and Smart.Loyal and Friendly,Protective and Gracious.
Kin: Passionheart
Crush: Firestar
Mate: Firestar

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ABCDE (BriarlightABCDE) | 2316 comments Name: Passionheart
Gender: Female
Rank: warrior
Pelt: She has a black pelt that is fluffy and a white spot on her nose.


Eyes: Her eyes are a light blue, almost white color.
Personality: She is full of passion.
Kin: Spottedshine (sis??)
Crush: wants one
Mate: Needs one
Other: Her name was once Featherlight until she was maimed by a fox trap, she then became Passionheart

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Name: heartshine
gender: f
rank: med cat
pelt: http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:5u...
eyes: ^
crush: wants one!
Mate: wants one!

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Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Name: Pinethistle
Gender: male
Rank: deputy
Pelt: http://www.2funnycats.com/files/media...
Eyes: amber
Personality: loyal, friendly
Kin: none
Crush: Passionheart
Mate: open

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Graystripe16(Back...again) | 932 comments Mod



PA: He is a very loyal cat. His heart is in the right place and he is very brave and strong. He likes to be a hero.

History: He was born into a normal life with on brother. He was a great apprentice and was made a warrior earlier than most. Their mother was so proud but there father could have cared less. He died in a battle with Mistclan, killed by Deathbite.

Kin:Nightwatch(brother)Moonstalker (mother)



other:Ravenwhisper and NIghtwatch took no notice to their fathers death but they do not like Deathbite anymore than the rest of their clan.





PA: Nightwatch is a little more devious than his brother but he is still very loyal and kind at most times. He has sort of a short temper but he is brave, stong and can be considered very handsome.

He was born into a normal life with on brother. He was a great apprentice and was made a warrior laster than his brother but it didnt bother him. His mother was still very proud and he has never let the clan down so far. When his father was killed by Deathbite he has sought revenge.

Kin:Ravenwhisper(Brother) Moonstalker(Mother)



other: Most she-cat fall for him?



senior warrior(was once a queen)


PA: Moonstalker is a strong independent she-cat. She is loyal to her clan and has a sharp tounge. She will do anything for her clan but her two sons come first.

HIstory: Moonstalker got her name Moonkit because she was born on the night of the full moon. Moonstalker had a normal life up until she was almost a warrior. A with Ashclan killed her Mother, Father and sister. After that she was very antisocial. She earned her warrior name because she would always go out alone at night at the time when the moon was high in the sky. No one rele knew why though. She found a mate, had two wonderful kits, hates mistclan and Deathbite from Mistclan.

Kin: Nightwatch and Ravenwhisper(sons)



other: Dont touch her kits.

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