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Anna checked the mailbox and smiled sadly. “At least somebody remembered,” she muttered, pulling out a small package. She stared at the sender as she walked into the empty house. It was from her Aunt Jenna, which was weird. She normally didn't talk to them unless she had to. She set the package down and read the note from her mother taped to the fridge:

Working late tonight, sweetie. There’s meatloaf and carrots in the fridge and some ice cream in the freezer. See you in the morning. Love you, Mom

She sighed. She hated meatloaf. She grabbed a bottle of water and headed up to her room. She tossed her bag into a corner and slumped on her bed cross-legged. She held the small package, wondering what it was. She ripped off the packaging to reveal a small old-looking leather book. Tucked into the cover was a note:

Happy sweet 16, Anna! I wish I could be with you on this special day, but something came up. This book is a very special book that has led me on many adventures! I think you need more than I do now. Love you hon, Aunt Jenna

Anna shrugged and looked at the book. It looked well worn but was holding together very well. It was non-descript and plain, but kind of cute at the same time. She frowned as she flipped through the pages. They were all blank. Except for one...she stopped in the middle of the book and gasped. There was a very intricate picture of what looked like a small village with a castle looming in the background. There were so many details of people walking down streets and poking their heads out of windows and talking and laughing. All of the sudden there was a roaring sound in her ears and she felt like she was being propelled though space. She blinked and looked around. She was no longer on her bed, but in the middle of a busy street. She gasped--she was in the picture!

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Anna looked around, confused. She walked down the street, observing much of the scenery. Across the street was a man in a worn out robe. He looked at Anna intently. He walked toward her, a smile on his old face. "Aye, young lady. Welcome to Wrenland. I'm Wilber." He held out his hand. She observed it, getting slightly grossed out. His hand was caked in dirt. Wilber spoke in a British accent. Anna ingored his hand and was slightly annoyed. "How'd I get here?" She gulped. "Where am I?" Wilber rolled his eyes. "I already told ya, laddy. You're in Wrenland. Land of faries, lions, and beasts."

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 688 comments Anna made a face. "No such thing, smart one." She said. She noticed she was still holding the notebook, on the page where the picture of the town was it was now her bedroom. She gasped. Wilber peered at the book. "Eh, I see you are the next traveler. Well good luck." He said, and walked to another person exchanging greetings.

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"Next traveler?" Anna's voice traveled off. "Excuse me sir." Anna ran to catch up with him as he was passing on to the next person to greet. "What do you mean by traveler? I noticed you said that right after you saw the page in my hands. Has there been more people that just come here magically?" Anna thought this was a dream. She must have fainted or been knocked out or something, but this was not like a dream. She felt the breeze blow through her hair.

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 688 comments Wilber raised an eyebrow. "We can't tell you. You have to go on your quest on your own." He said.

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Anna stood there, dumb faced. "Quest?" Anna looked around, looking directly at Wrenland. Home of faries, lions, and beats. Faries? Across the street stood a pink orb talking to Wilber. He laughed heavily. A fairy!

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Anna shook her head and looked back down at the page. Somehow, it didn't look that spectacular anymore. The details weren't just as interesting anymore. She looked at the casltle closer, and noticed that it looked a little different from the one she could see above the buildings. She held up the book to compare them, but still couldn't figure it out. She shrugged and walked towards the castle.

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As the walk seemed closer, the castle seemed to get farther. "No use, laddy. You only get invited if the Queen of Imagantion wants ya. You can walk all ya want, but you ain't getting there." Wilber said, walking in front of Anna. " I silghtly getting creeped out. You always seem to pop out when I need you, Wilber." Wilber only smiled, showing his stained teeth. "About those other any chance was one named Jenna?" Wilber looked at the floor and laughed. "Jenna? Do you mean Queen Jenna?" Anna became wide-eyed. "Queen Jenna has been missing for years. That's when a new queen took over." Wilber motioned his hand toward an area full of nothing but burned landscapes. "The new queen has done this to Wrenland. We...need for you to help rebuild our town. For the sake of all of us!" Suddenly, a couple of lions and a dozen of faires leaped out next to Wilber. "Be a hero, Anna." They said at the same time.

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She stared wide-eyed at the creatures. "How can I be a hero? I'm only 16!"

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 688 comments The mythical creatures raised their eyebrows. "Jenna was only ten." The said and persistenly murmered.

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Anna stared at what was before here. She gripped her head, shaking it from all this confusion. "But Jenna Had no use from her legs. How could she be queen...?" I'm talking to animals and things that don't even exist! Wilber laughed, grabbing his stomach. "You have no clue, eh?" Wilber whispered to the others around him and nodded. "In this world, Anna, you have the power to be anything you want. You opened the book. You're the key, laddy." Wilber winked.

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"Do you know where Jenna has gone?" Anna asked.
"The forest to the west side." Wilder said and saw a look in Anna's eyes. "But you don't want to be going there miss. The trees have been cursed ever since Jenna left. They will grab you make you part of the trees!"
Anna grew afraid and didn't want to go. "Bit you said i can be anything i want!" Anna started. "And if I want to be the most stealthy ninja. I could probably our run the trees." Anna said feeling proud of herself.

"Yes miss. But just because you can control what you do. Can't control what the other travels will do to you."

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Anna looked at the trees warily. They reminded her of the trees in The Wizard of Oz. "Is there a way to go around them?" she asked Wilber

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Wilber shook his head. No. "If you want to get to where Jenna was last seen, you have to go through there." Wilber said sounding shaken.

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 688 comments Anna's face turned stubborn. "Can't I just make myself into one of the trees, that can walk and go thorugh? Then they wouldn't attack me." She said.

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"You can think of yourself however you want and we will believe as if you really are what you think. But this land doesn't let you shape shift. It will only let you imagine skills and talents. Not being able to turn yourself into anything else." Wilber said. She looked into the forest.

"I believe i have the skills of the greatest spy in the world." Anna said emotionless.

"So it shall be."

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Anna looked down at herself. She didn't feel any different. She shrugged and focused. I am the greatest spy in the world she reminded herself over and over as she approached the trees. She took a deep breath, then lunged.

She slid past a tree--which snapped a branch towards her! Cool as a cucumber, she slid under the branch and flipped away from it. She dodged a few more trees that reached for her before she headed back to Wilber. She smiled, feeling triumphant

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Wilber let out what sounded like a laugh. "D@mn, laddy. Almost as good as your aunt. You're really good" He gulped. "But she was better." He narrowed his eyes. "The only way to restore our land is your imagation." Anna sighed. "I hate how you keep saying that. I'm only 16, Wilber. My family isn't made with magic!" Wilber stared at Anna with owl eyes. "They never told you?" He looked around, making sure no one was watching. "I'm surprised. I thought for sure Jenna told you." Anna shook her head, confused. "Magic runs through you vines, Anna. That's how you entered this world. The book."

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Anna leafed through the pages of the book. "You mean...I can travel through this book because of my heritage?"

Wilber nodded and winked. "It's your destiny to be a Traveler, laddy."

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((Ugh. i didn't want to bring magic into this story as well, but, whatevs.))

"You aren't the greatest spy in the world." A mighty voice called. "You aren't the greatest anything!"

A shadow cast down on Anna and Wilber. They both looked up and saw a boy that looked about 16, 17, or 18.
"Who's that?" Anna asked.
Wilber looked up in disgust. "He's the other countries king." Wilber snarled.

"And don't you forget it." The boy said and say down on the ledge of the side of the cliff. "Jenna could have been my wife here, but instead went into the forest to get rid of me. It really is a shame i had to dismantle her thoughts and make her helpless." He said with no empathy at all.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER!?" Anna screamed.

"Jenna is perfectly fine. In the real world. But here. She is lost and trapped forever. I can make her do whatever, with a snap of the finger." The boy said with the most evil glare.

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Anna glared at the boy. He was now chewing on a toothpick. Wilber sighed. "Jack, will you be ever so kind to go to your side of the land? You aren't suppose to be in this here part." Wilber didn't blink. "Be quiet old man. I am king and i shall be here if wanted!" Jack cracked a smile. "You don't look anything like your aunt at all. You have her green eyes, though." Anna touched her eyes. "Wilber...he's a king too?" Anna whispered as Jack laughed to himself. "Only on his part of land." He whispered back. Jack examined Anna from head to toe. "You sure are a beauty."

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She glared at him. "You leave Aunt Jenna alone!" she yelled, ignoring his last comment.

Jack only chuckled. "Only if you can find her..." he called as he disapeared.

Anna was shaking with anger. "I have to go save her" she said to Wilber.

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Wilber nodded. "thats what i've been trying to tell you, lady." he said. Anna looked ahead of her. "A map would help." she thought outloud.

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Wilber chuckled. "What did you think that there book was for, eh?"

Anna scrunched her nose at him, and flipped through the pages again. "But it's bla--" she looked down surprised at a page that had a map. "How did it do that? it wasn't there before!"

Amused, Wilber slapped her shoulder. "It will guide you through your journey. It's limited, but it's just about all the help you'll get around here"

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Anna cracked a smile. "Im starting to like this world." Wilber shook his head. "Ah ah ah." He wagged his finger. "Anna, use the Book wisely. It has feelings too." Anna raised an eyebrow and laughed. "You can't be serious!" she stared a Wilber. No surprise there. He was. "If you mistreat the Book, it will release a curse." Anna grasped the book, examining it. "A...curse?" She felt a sudden uneasy feeling around it. Wilber nodded. "You'll grow fangs, claws, and howl like a beast. Mean anything, laddy?" Anna stared at Wilber wideeyed. "Is that why this part of land is corrupted with beasts?" Wilber smiled. "They've got to get here one way or another."

((Please excuse this crappy piece of writing...I just had to put that in...))

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Anna raised an eyebrow, looking at the book with reverent respect. She'd just be careful to not mistreat it. She looked at the trees, the urge to save her aunt nagging at her. "Can you come with me?" she asked Wilber hesitantly. She didn't want to do this on her own.

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Wilber cracked a smile. "Whereever the Book goes, I go."

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"Then why didn't you go with Jenna into the forest, and safe her?" Anna asked.

Wilber looked down at the ground. "She lost faith in herself and she didn't bring the book in. She lost hope. That's when i sent it to you. I addressed it from her, but Anna, we need you." Wilber said not looking up.

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Anna grinned. "What are we waiting for then? Let's go!."

Wilber did a little jig and whooped.

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Anna looked at the book, "Where is the map, Wilber?" she asked. Wilber shrugged, "Your the owner." he said.

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"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked, flipping through the pages. Suddenly, she flipped to a map. "How did that happen?!" she wondered outloud, staring at the map. First the picture of this place, and now a map. Weird.

Wilbur smiled and tapped his nose. "You'll figure it all out soon enough, laddy"

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Anna sighed and sat on the floor, gripping her head. "Wilber, I am so confused. What does this book have to do with anything?" She asked. Wilber looked at the clouds, smiling. "Dont look at me for guidence. The book is your soultion." Anna glanced at the book. "Not all the answers are found in it." Wilber added on. Anna sighed, and craddled the Book in her arms.

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She looked into the woods. The trees moved. "I'm not ready." Anna said.
Wilber looked at her. "Then let's go back to the castle and train."

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Her eyes widened. "What kind of training?"

Wilber grinned. "You'll find out soon enough. Come on!" He started heading towards the castle

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Wilber unlocked the gate to the castle and they were greeted by two friendly lions. Wibler and Anna petted them and they opened the door to the castle.

Anna gasped at how beautiful it was. It looked just like Jenna's house did, when Anna went there as a little girl.

((You describe it, i don't want to ruin your vision.))

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 688 comments ((DA?))

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((oops. um, anybody can do it))

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 688 comments ((Heheh...))

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Everything was just as Anna remembered from her childhood at Jenna's house. The wide front drive swept into a half moon in front of the large stone steps that lead to the door. The front seemed to be cut from large stones, slate grey with a slight sheen to them, glinting in the sunlight. High narrow windows lined the many floors revealing mysterious shapes behind them. Anna turned her attention to the lawn, green grass swaying in the slight breeze, the blooms on the flowers giving off a perfumy smell. As Anna continued to look, she did notice one thing that was different--how tall the house was. Where Jenna's was only a few floors, this house was a castle, towers looming up behind it. She smiled softly, unable to take it all it.

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"Your aunt was a bag full of fun, that one." Prince Jack said, almost making Anna's heart jerk from her chest. "Where did you come from?!" She yelled, grasping her chest. "You gave me such a fright." Prince Jack smirked, looking up at the clouds. "Your name sways with the wind, the trees don't keep secrets." Wilber chuckled, hiding his smile. "Aye, Anna! Did I tell ye that trees see all?"

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