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Jeeves! (Spoilers surely lie ahead)

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Nicola Hi all,

So I recently read and enjoyed this book, and was just reading this review on popmatters which postulates that Jeeves is imaginary.

In some ways this would make sense, considering nobody else ever sees him (I don't remember him ever driving, it's mentioned that he's good at hiding/staying out of the way, nobody at the retreat meets him). However, would the climax of the novel be possible without Jeeves?

Let me know what you guys think - this is the only review I've found that describes Jeeves as imaginary so I'm not sure who's right!

Mike Algrenfan I thought Jeeves was imaginary about 20 pages in. Why is Jeeves needed at the end? Because he reports that Tinkle is the ghost/bat? Could be explained in other delusional ways. I don't think it really matters if he is real or not... the book makes me slow down and imagine how I see others and myself.

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