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Satyrs work their magic through reed flutes and the like. They enjoy plants and nature, and probably hang out with the Demeter campers most often.


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HOW CARES THAT IM RE-USING A CHARACTER? *clamps mouth* Oops. Did I say that out loud?

Name: Zepherin Devillion
Gender : Male
Age : 30 (in satyr years), but looks 16.
Appearance : Zepherin has short dark brown hair and bright, crystal-blue eyes. His skin is surprisingly tanned and sun-kissed. His features are very childlike and somewhat feminine: his blue eyes are large and he has dark red lips.


Personality : Being very humorous and constantly in high spirits, Nicolas is loved and adored by everyone... and I mean everyone! With his bubbly personality and his kind soul, he is very popular. He is usually asked for advice, because of his acute sense of right and wrong—but that doesn’t apply to his schoolwork. He is rather brave, I guess, and he will stand up for what is right.
Friends : Everyone! Yay! :D
Crush : TBD
Pets : TBD
Other: Zepherin is the satyr that found Myra, daughter of Hebe. They met in grade one, and Zepherin was with her the whole time, constantly at her side, confronting her when needed. Zepherin even helpped guide her to camp.
Being a satyr, Zepherin doesn't use weapons, unless absolutely necessary, so he practices with the bow and arrow every once in a while. Zepherin is very advanced in woodland music, plants simply adore him!

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