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Briaq  (briaq) I found this on the Official Warriors Forums. Read it. It is SO FUNNY!!!

The Gender Blender strikes again...who will be its next victim?? (No spoilers here)
By: StarClanWalker
There is not a cat who does not know of the fateful day when the Gender Blender first struck. Rowanclaw, an innocent, seemingly normal ShadowClan she-cat, was taken prisoner by the Gender Blender in a gap between two books. When she returned, Rowanclaw was a tom. Not only that, but he had mated with a ShadowClan she-cat, Tawnypelt, and had three kits with her! Later, Rowanclaw, the cat once so unimportant that the Gender Blender thought it could get away with switching her/his gender, became deputy of ShadowClan. For a while, we didn't see the Gender Blender again.

But recent studies by a Gender Blender researcher (a.k.a reading SkyClan's Destiny) have shown that there has been another attack. In the six months between Firestar's Quest and SkyClan's Destiny, two apprentices, a brother and sister, have actually switched genders with each other. In Firestar's Quest, Sagepaw was a she-cat, and Mintpaw was a tom. If you look at SkyClan's Destiny, you will see that now, Sagepaw is the tom, and Mintpaw is the she-cat.

Who will be the Gender Blender's next victim? Someone in WindClan? Someone in RiverClan? Someone in ThunderClan? Maybe a rouge or a loner. But what this message is telling you is this: Watch out for yourself and your friends. You may be taken prisoner by the Gender Blender...and when you return, you will be a different cat.

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Briaq  (briaq) Oh, mods, I didn't know where I should post this, so feel free to move it or delete it.

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This is weird....was that in the real book or something?

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Briaq  (briaq) I found the article on a forum. If you got look at the Alleigances, then you'll see that tthey switch genders.

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