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September read?

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message 1: by Sabine (new)

Sabine (SabineF) | 3 comments Hello everyone,

I am sorry I did not manage to join you already.

I think the september read has not been selected yet, that's why I wanted to suggest an easy read, not that I am lazy, but I find "high profile literature" harder and harder to relate to (I guess working does not help in that regard).

I would love to re-read some Paul Auster for instance, or discover a new fiction meastro such as John Irving or Douglas Kennedy. Would some of you be interested?!

Let me know!


message 2: by Anne (new)

Anne (myunng) | 65 comments Mod
Hey Sabine,

The way we do it is everyone puts books they'd like the book club to read on the bookshelf (To-read bookshelf), and then we vote on the books we'd like to read for the month. The book that gets the most votes is the one we read.

Do not hesitate to put as many books as you like on the bookshelf :)


message 3: by Alan (new)

Alan | 172 comments Mod
On this very point, we'll need to get busy selecting a date/book for the next meeting so feel free to pop your books on the to-read lists. If anyone has a burning prefrence to read something in particular, let us know as I know that often I'm just happy to go with the flow.

I'll pop some voting links out on Friday then.


message 4: by Alan (new)

Alan | 172 comments Mod
But late I know but here are the links for chooisng the next book and meeting time.

I've restricted the choice to 6, tell me if you feel we need more choice? Thanks!




message 5: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (lindsv) | 96 comments Mod
just wondering if the book has been chosen yet and where to buy it in paris. thanks!

message 6: by Anne (new)

Anne (myunng) | 65 comments Mod
Hi all,

So the book is woman at point zero and we'll meet on Sept. 28th.

Good read to all !

message 7: by Sabine (new)

Sabine (SabineF) | 3 comments You can go to WHS rue Rivoli, I love the place.

message 8: by Grace (new)

Grace | 1 comments hi all, i'm new to the group (and to paris for that matter), and i'd love to get in on woman at point zero. has anyone had luck finding it in paris? They don't have it at shakespeare and co.

Any help appreciated!

message 9: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (lindsv) | 96 comments Mod
i had called a bunch of the english speaking bookstores. i finally found a copy at WHSmith. I just started and its really good so far :)
good luck!

message 10: by Anne (new)

Anne (myunng) | 65 comments Mod
I ordered my copy from Amazon. And there's still the Fnac.

message 11: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (lindsv) | 96 comments Mod
hey, i was wondering where we were meeting on the 28th. it will be my first meeting so i don't know if there is a place that you all normally meet. Thanks and see you all on Tuesday.

message 12: by Anne (new)

Anne (myunng) | 65 comments Mod

I suggest at the same place as last time, unless anyone knows a cool place they want the rest of us to discover :)

Café de l'Industrie
17, Rue Saint-Sabin, 75011 Paris
Métro Bastille

There are two of them, they're accross from each other. We'll meet at the one that is at 17 rue Saint Sabin (the bigger one).

message 13: by Sanjeev (new)

Sanjeev | 116 comments Mod

I've created an "event" for people to respond to - starting at 20h15, tomorrow.

message 14: by Maria (new)

Maria Rihte (mariarihte) | 1 comments This is not an advertisement, so don’t worry.
This is just an idea…
I am an artist and a writer, living at a moment in Paris with family. Earlier this year I published my first novel – Village of Sycamore, which gives an authentic insight into the fascinating world of artisans and artists, revealing that somewhat strange world with its ups and downs.
The novel is based, very loosely, on my life as a glassblower and a gallery owner in Canada.

I would be more than happy to attend to a question and answer session at your book club gathering in Paris, if you would like to choose my novel as your book of the month.
I believe there would be many interesting questions about art and artisans, and also questions about writing and editing, that I would be more than happy to shed some light on.

I have an author page on Goodreads with a biography and a synopsis of my novel for those interested.

All the best and happy reading,

Maria Rihte

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