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message 1: by Patrick (new)

Patrick (wingkon) | 46 comments I usually get them from the library, but I sometimes have to wait for it to ship.

When it comes to buying, I try to find it used. I hardly ever buy new. I plan on using bookswap or Amazon, but I haven't really gotten to it yet.

message 2: by Jayded (new)

Jayded I buy new

message 3: by Sandra J (new)

Sandra J Weaver (sandraweaver) | 145 comments I almost always buy new. Sometimes I'll try out an author with a book from the UBS or the library (PNR and UF are few and far between there) if I'm not sure I'll like his/her work. If I do like it, I'll buy all the other ones I want from that author new-and preferably in my local indie bookstore.

message 4: by Mary C (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 2423 comments I try to buy some new to support my favorite authors-otherwise they won't continued to get published. Otherwise I hit thrift stores,, bookmooch or

message 5: by Sandra, Kindle Operator Licence Required (new)

Sandra | 23494 comments I'd love to be borrowing from the library. However, there aren't many PNR/UF bks stocked by my library.

So I usually buy new from Book Depository as it is the same price to buy secondhand bks here in Aus. Plus its hard to find the bk you want at the 2ndhand shop.

message 6: by Patrick (new)

Patrick (wingkon) | 46 comments I'd love to support authors, but I've got money of my own to save. Plus, it's such a gratifying feeling when you find something good for very cheap!

message 7: by Sandra J (new)

Sandra J Weaver (sandraweaver) | 145 comments Thrift stores are the best for searching out books and/or authors you want to add to your TBR shelves. I enjoy the "treasure hunt" aspect and often look for OOP books. And you certainly can't beat the prices! I guess I just like cruising places that sell books and finding something "new" to read. I don't care if that's a book store or a library sale or a garage sale. It's all good.

message 8: by Literary Ames (new)

Literary Ames (amyorames) | 1854 comments I always buy new but will use the library when I don't want to spend or don't have the money to spend on books.

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