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message 1: by valee (new)

valee What do you think of them?

message 2: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Fanny drove me crazy. I just couldn't warm to her.

message 3: by valee (new)

valee Oh men, I'm reading it right now, don't say that! LOL

message 4: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Sorry, my mouth is shut. LOL

message 5: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (baroness7) | 6 comments Fanny annoys me as well. Why is she so weak? I mean, she can't even walk without getting tired? Neither Fanny or Edmund spark my interest yet- hopefully that will change.

message 6: by Heather (new)

Heather Book Savvy Babe (booksavvybabe) I'm about half-way through the book, I just keep hoping that Fanny grows up a bit and gets a bit stronger and gains some self-esteem. we'll see…Edmund just drives me nuts, he is so clueless how he acts around Miss Crawford

message 7: by valee (new)

valee I think the main characters are a bit weak in this story. I mean, I liked them but didn't loved them. Still the book as a whole was amazing.

message 8: by Katherine (new)

Katherine I saw there is a book out called Murder at Mansfield Park by Lynn Shepherd . It sounds like it might be fun to read. :)

message 9: by Marren (new)

Marren | 764 comments It is different. It centres more on family relationship and the issues resulting from these relationship. I suspect it is lest favoured by many because of the lack of direct lovey dovey between the hero and the heroine (well my opinion). I liked it although at times, I wondered why Austen allowed Fanny to suffer so. Alas, she had to write from that perspective to create a different heroine. Fanny reminded me of Catherine Morland in some ways. Both were not confident in their opinions, however Catherine matured quicker than Fanny. Fanny labelled as sickly and fragile. Edmund reminded me of Mr. Knightley to a certain extent but I felt warmer towards Mr. Knightley.

message 10: by Sophie, Your Lovely Moderator (new)

Sophie | 2624 comments Mod
Nice points. I agree with them as well. Fanny was a very different heroine and that was why she was made to suffer more i would think. The whole morals and themes of the story are very different I think to her others so I think that is partly why it is all quite different. Edmund is a little like Mr Knightley in some sense, but I like Knightley more as well!!

message 11: by Marren (new)

Marren | 764 comments We can talk about some of the morals and themes

1. Lust achieves little except to satisy the urge at the moment: Henry and Maria, they had they affair but it did not last.

message 12: by Sophie, Your Lovely Moderator (new)

Sophie | 2624 comments Mod
That's really true.

Another is to do with family. I love how that comes across in the book. There are so many different health and not so health relationships.

message 13: by Marren (new)

Marren | 764 comments Indeed, that is the main theme of Mansfield Park: Family Relationship. Inspite of the family having the their rift, I really like when Tom felt sick, Edmund immediately went to care for him.

message 14: by Sophie, Your Lovely Moderator (new)

Sophie | 2624 comments Mod
Yes! The family comes together at that time! :)

message 15: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Louise Smith (sarahlouisesmith) The family theme is very strong through-out. Fanny's love for her brother and her relationship with her Uncle are other examples...

message 16: by Sophie, Your Lovely Moderator (new)

Sophie | 2624 comments Mod
Very good examples at that.

message 17: by Marren (new)

Marren | 764 comments I really like and admire the relationship between Fanny and her brother. They had each other's back, that why Henry used his strings to get William promoted, he thought he could use it as a way to get to her.

message 18: by Sophie, Your Lovely Moderator (new)

Sophie | 2624 comments Mod
Yes the relationship between them was really close and special. I am so glad they met a few times in the novel after all those years!

message 19: by Marren (new)

Marren | 764 comments That was a special moment.

message 20: by Anna (new)

Anna (SylviaGrant) | 139 comments I really love Frances O'Connor as Fanny Price!!!!!! :D

message 21: by Sophie, Your Lovely Moderator (new)

Sophie | 2624 comments Mod

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