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Lizzy Please, don't copy any characters from the series. use different people.Also, try to do 'bad guy' characters too, like Spike, Dru, etc.


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Anastacia (ana3) | 41 comments Mod
Name: Lilian Maya Hunt
Age: 13
Gender: female
Personality: shy,calm,protetive,quiet,friendly,sweet,nice,kind
Speices: slayer
Hobbies: reading,writing,drawing,singing,taking care of her sister
Other: never takes of her heart necklace

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Miriam (athynadaughterofposiedon2) | 57 comments Name: Zoe Athena Pond
Age: 15
Gender: female
Personality: fun loving, light, happy being with friends, but perfectly fine being alone, fairly kiddish
Species: Witch (level eleven)
Hobbies: Manipulating her aura for entertainment, drawing, painting, running around, hanging out with friends
Other: speaks Greek, German, and Latin, aura is purple and silver, can see other's auras.

Eternal Werecat Name: Alasia "Lacey" Teal
Age: 22
Personality: Highly curious and eager to learn everything. Very secretive and a jokester. Protective of her family which includes her adoptive sister Maia. Likes people but is a loner as well.
Appearance: Sandy blond hair with highlights that's about mid-back in length. Brilliant green eyes and tanned skin, about 5'7". Human.
Hobbies: Playing the violin, helping others, learning about all sorts of demons etc, practicing martial arts.
Other: Can speak mind to mind with people, can read thoughts through touch. Loves cats.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 41 comments Mod
Name: Abby
Age: 24
Gender: female
Personality: Up beat,happy,outgoing,welcoming
Speices: Human
Hobbies: Taking care of students,reading about supernatural things.
Other: She is Lilys new watcher

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Miriam (athynadaughterofposiedon2) | 57 comments Name: Ellie
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Happy, but much more calm than Zoe. She acts as a balance for her.
Species: Witch (Level ten)
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, watching TV/Movies
Other: Has known Zoe since preschool, when the girl smacked into her, knocked her over, jumped back up, pulled Ellie to a standing position, and dragged her over to the swing set. Also knows German and Greek, as well as a little hebrew.

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Name: Hestya
Age: 15
Gender: female
Personality: Sometimes seems really dark and depressed, other times upbeat and positive. Very hard to scare, but not impossible (this will come up in rp). Stubborn.
Appearance: Straight dark hair, blue eyes.
Species: witch (level 8)
Hobbies: Enjoyes learning fighting skills in addition to magic. Likes reading and cooking.
Others: Twin sister to Crystel (see next post). Parents were demon hunters, so she's known about vampires since she was little. Father was murdered five years ago by vampires. Mother became distant and depressed.

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Name: Crystel
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Dark and evil. Uses dark magic. An enemy that plots against everyone else. Stubborn, like Hestya.
Appearance: curly balck hair, blue eyes
Species: Vampire and witch (was a witch first and then was turned)
Hobbies: the dark arts, mass murder, knitting
Others: Twin sister of Hestya. Was a witch who worked with Hestya fighting evil until she was turned into a vampire six months ago. Family history the same as Hestya's (see above).

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Eve (emusings) ((there's not a single male character...))

Name• Lilith Vivine Moore (lily/lil)

Age• Let's just say she looks good for her age

Gender• Female

Personality• Ah yes, the quintessential revenge demon. A troubled past and a conflicted personality. To be quite frank, Lilith is slightly naive. That's not to say she isn't cunning and malevolent in her demon days, but she is in no way wise. Ever eager to prove demons superior to mortals, lilith can be slightly haughty, and an incredibly sore loser.


Species• Vengeance Demon

History• Needless to say, Lilith's days go way back. Like, celtic way back. Her's is the same old story. She was wronged, and sought to take revenge on her wrong doer. In this case, said miscreant just happened to be a knight, and the murderer of her brother. She worked Gaelic magic and Sir Brendan knifed his own family and watched as they fell. As is ritual, D'Hofren granted her the chance to become a revenge demon, and she jumped at the chance. From that day forward, Lilith became the feared demon of victim's revenge.

Hobbies• Demon's hobbies are generally in the fairly narrow category of "kill hard with pointy stick", though post-villan (I figure she'll be a good one eventually) she can be found doing anything but what a human would...

Other• Absolutely fascinated by strawberries and rubber ducks.


Name• Clarissa Renee Miller (Clary/ris/rissa)

Age• 16

Gender• Female

Personality• I'll say this now. Clarissa shouldn't be on your top ten most trusted allies list. As far as Clarissa's concerned, everyone's screwed up, at least a bit. There are, of course, relative degrees of this, depending on the factors in a person's life. On your average bell curve, -5 would be your unfathomably un-screwed up person, 0 would be an average joe, with the general amount of the screwed up factor, and 5, of course would be Clarissa. In the average person's life, there are multiple instances where a person could be in a position to mess their lives up in a human existence. In Sunnydale of course, existences aren't entirely human, their for, there are quite a few more times to spoil. As it where, Clarissa was hand fed a steady stream of them. She has ulterior motives, that much is for sure, she can put up a false facade of a helpful or defenseless civilian, but there's no telling what lies under her skin.

Appearance• [image error]

Species• Unknown, possibly of magic decent

History• She's had it tough. Dead mom: Drug Over dose. Drunk dad: bad news. And then she turned 7, and her dad turned 32 and her dad's lover turned 20. And the world did a summersault and Clarissa's life turned upside down. Mr. Toby Miller left with Mis. Natalie Cox and Clarissa was turned over to child services. Frankly the best three years of her life before Toby came back, and stole her away again. Natalie was gone and Clarissa's dad was more drunk then ever. That lasted a while, too long, before he was taken away to the federal jail and Clarissa was alone again. Well, not alone, per say. Alone would have been better then the constant scrutiny of her legal guardian, Aunt Pamela, who's house smelled like prunes, and who's white lace doilies drove Clarissa up the wall.

Hobbies• She doesn't like to sit still. Active things are the best, sports, and the like.

Other• Meet villain 2.0

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Be Happy | 1 comments Name: Jamie Lavender
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: clever, helpfull, sarcastic
Appearance: /
Speices: witch
Hobbies: Reading, going out with friends

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Eternal Werecat Name: Wayne Lawson
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Rough and hick, fairly arrogant he thinks he's a ladies man.
Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, about 6'1" he is extremely muscular.
Species: Human...
Hobbies: Working on cars and flirting.
Other: To be determined...

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Eternal Werecat Name: Maia Cillegna
Age: 648
Gender: Female
Personality: Very confident in herself and her sexuality almost to the point of arrogance.
Species: Daywalker
Hobbies: dancing, flirting, shopping.
Other: Kin to Alasia somehow

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Name: Faith Elizabeth Lehane (Likes to go by Faith like her Mother)
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Personality: Headstrong and very strong willed
Appearance: (view spoiler)
Species: Slayer
Hobbies: Training, running,
Other: She won't turn evil like her mother did.

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Jordan (jordyleigh) | 2 comments Name: Alannah Hansen
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: She is very aggressive at some times, only when she is fighting someone. She is very nice at the rest of the times, and she looks very harmless, until you get on her bad side. She will stick up for everyone, including the people she doesn't know anything about.
Speices: Vampire
Hobbies: Alot of things.
Other: Her biggest weakness is metal. She can't touch it, or her whole body will be hurting badly. She could touch something in her arm with metal, and she can't move her leg on that side or arm.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Nice Approved

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Jordan (jordyleigh) | 2 comments Do you want to do a rp? I'm bored.

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