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message 1: by *♥*Athena Leilani*♥* (last edited Aug 15, 2010 02:33PM) (new)

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 144 comments Mod
BAsed of the books!!!!! They're AMAZING!!! Though this will rpolly not make sense if you haven't read the books just to let you know!

Guardian/Novices/mentor(For dhampirs):

message 2: by Bri is StraightEdge and luvs Anime and Wolves (last edited Aug 21, 2010 02:34AM) (new)

Bri is StraightEdge and luvs Anime and Wolves (wolfgirl23) | 71 comments Name: Andrea (nickname: Andy, Ria)
Age: 18
Gender: F
Looks: http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_ima...
Personality: tough, stubborn, can be caring
Dhampir/moroi/strigoi: Dhampir
Guardian/Novices/mentor(For dhampirs): Novice
Crush: Open
Other: mom was moroi and dad was dhampir, her mom and dad stayed together after she was born. He mom wanted her to stay at home and not become a guardian, but Andy wanted to be like her dad.

Name: Alexander (nickname: Alex, Xander)
Age: 18
GEnder: M
Looks: *getting pic*
Personality: flirts, cares for his friends
Dhampir/moroi/strigoi: Moroi
Guardian/Novices/mentor(For dhampirs): nope
Crush: has crush on Andy, but she doesn't like him...so he's OPEN
OTher: knows Andy cause her dad is his's dad's guardian.

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 144 comments Mod
Name: Valerie
Age: 17
Looks: looking
Personality: smart, strong, flirty, lyal, stubborn, caring, protective
Dhampir/moroi/strigoi: dhampir
Guardian/Novices/mentor(For dhampirs): novice
Crush: open
OTher: He father is moroi who doesn't want anything to do with her and her mother died. She has no siblings. She is going to become a guardian

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