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Long Time No See (Judith Singer #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Mystery - missing woman with perfect life [s]

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Susan (susanconder) | 19 comments I'm trying to remember a murder mystery I read a few years ago. I thought it might have been by Mary Higgins Clark or by MHC and her daughter, but I didn't recognize any of their titles.

The amateur sleuth was an older divorced woman, and she may have had a cop or reporter boyfriend. The mystery involved the death of a perfect surburban mom, and I think it took place in the Northeast somewhere. It turns out the mom was the murderer and had killed a look-a-like after switching dental records and leaving the body to rot under the pool cover all winter.

One little detail I remember is a description of the little matching lampshades on the chandelier at the mom/murderer's house.

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Susan (susanconder) | 19 comments I found it on Google books using the search terms "pool cover chandelier". It's "Long Time No See" by Susan Isaacs.

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