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Amanda | 18 comments Just want to know what people think of this one. I know a lot of people don't like them being seperate and all. I just finished Cold Fire and thought I needed to put the thread up for this series because that one was just crazy. The best way to sum it up is 'creep-tastic'. The first time Ben was the speaker I was in total awe at the idea. It was like, creepy but cool. Then more fires started and all and it you that sick feeling you know? So I didn't think it was so cool getting to that. And she never knew what he thought of her! I wasn't sure myself which way he took exactly, anyway. It would have been nice to hear some more thoughts of her in his parts. I can't wait to get through Shatterglass though. Just from the blurb on the back I'm glad she doesn't just happen to find a new student but work with one with different magic, so she doesn't have to deal with so much of the basics because I don't think she has the patience. But so far my favorite was Magic Steps. I didn't like Street Magic very much. It was good, but, I don't think as good as it could have been. Anyway, Frostpine was funny. 'I didn't think it could get THAT cold' lmao

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Amelia (ameliarobinson) | 49 comments Mod
I remember thinking, "Oh god, they're separating and they're never going to be friends again." But I liked seeing how they each worked through their own situations.

You are so right. Cold Fire was So freaking creepy. I still remember the ending (which I won't divulge just in case anyone hasn't read it yet). And I was just...god, I had the chills.

I loved her work on the fire suit. How ingenious of Tamora Pierce! I love it when authors work with modern ideas and have them fit perfectly in medieval times. (A perfect example of that is the Study series by Maria V. Snyder, if anyone's read her books. She has the lift and the ceiling fan invented. Really cool.)

Shatterglass was awesome. I love the name, for one. And I love Tris's character. I need to buy the Circle books! I only have her Tortall novels--most of them, anyway. They take up a huge part of my shelf so I either have to double stack them (they're mass market paperback, so I can do that) or stack them vertically. XD Once I get the first three books to the Protector of the Small quartet, I'm starting on the Circle books.

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Cold Fire is fantastic but also VERY creepy i mean the bone hand wearing the wedding ring!?

I agree Shatterglass was my favorite! :) The only thing i didnt like about splitting them up was in The Will of the Empress the begining was awkward for them

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