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Arany prety near misses for alex in this book. love the effects, some were really deep and alarming, but as always, alex survives. not that i'm complaining... ;) i luv this series... wouldn't want it to end. what was your special thriller scene in this book? btw, what is the next book?

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The next book in the series is snakehead, then crocodile tears.

Redwallcrazy And then Scorpia Rising, lol.

Redwallcrazy I didn't like the way the last one ended.

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* aw. I haven't read the last one yet..

Redwallcrazy lol, I couldn't wait and just bought it. I think he could have ended it and the end of the series a lot better, I was not satisfied with the ending, lol.

Jordan Mclarin i have to admit crocodile tears is a bit boring

Redwallcrazy Eh, I didn't think Crocodile Tears was boring, actually, I really liked that one. I was talking about Scorpia Rising.

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* I like crocodile tears! I thought it was good. and I loved that joke Alex makes when talking to the bad guy (I don't remember names :) ) and he says something like "There's a name for people obsessed with the moon. They're called lunatics."
I loved that so much!

Redwallcrazy Lol, I love Alex's quick wit too!

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* haha yah totally! :)

Dakota what is crokidile tears?

Smhmk97 same..i love his cockiness!!!

Sara (♥ hearts Alec Lightwood♥) Smhmk97 wrote: "same..i love his cockiness!!!"

Same!! hes AWESOME! hes like my best friend ;)

Smhmk97 Sara...u talkin about Alex Rider or Alex Pettyfer??

Dakota i have not read crocidile tears yeat

Smhmk97 it is truly awesome!!!...I was glud to it the whole time (until i finished it that is)

Sara (♥ hearts Alec Lightwood♥) Smhmk97 wrote: "Sara...u talkin about Alex Rider or Alex Pettyfer??"


Smhmk97 rlly?? (skeptical)..lets just say both...but personally even, after i watched stormbreaker and i read alex rider books the picture that comes to mind IS of Alex Pettyfer from Stormbreaker

Sara (♥ hearts Alec Lightwood♥) yeah... lets not talk bout alex pettyfer...
soo who thinks alex rider is better than james bond ?????? i do

MizziQ Nope. Nope. Never. :)

Smhmk97 well.....i havent exactly gotten into james bond, so i cant say

MizziQ WHAT?! DID I HEAR YOU SAY NOT GOTTEN INTO IT?! Lol. :) You should. I really like the young james bond series. It's great to get you into the idea of James bond

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Chelsea_Book_Obsessed I love Alex Rider the books are amazing! I really want to read Scorpia Rising but I can't get it. Whats it 'bout?

MizziQ The summary on GR is fine to look at for the description. I liked it. :) Although I'm always going to like the 2nd one best.

Sara (♥ hearts Alec Lightwood♥) Chelsea wrote: "I love Alex Rider the books are amazing! I really want to read Scorpia Rising but I can't get it. Whats it 'bout?"

yeah i wanna read scorpia rising too!

Smhmk97 same..i found crocodile tears by luck....after like 6 im lookin for scorpia rising

Trent Sutton Scorpia Rising is the last book. I liked the ending, but I agree with Tiki Paws12. The second one is my favorite.

Dakota guys i found crokidile tears i will post when i start it

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Ariadna All the books are awesome!!!!!!
I finished the series like two or three months ago.
I'm really sad the series ended.:(

Dakota guys changed profile pick

Hobson King hey these are the best books

Dakota they are extramley well writen and the discription:]

Jared one of my favorite alex rider books :) :) :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the ending

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