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Dapplenose | 454 comments Mod
This should tie-in with the anouncements, but this might give a give a petter perception of what's happening to brand-new members. Each Clan will have a post introducing you to what's going on in it.

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When Petalstar was still a deputy, she had two kits with Pinesplash, a WindClan warrior. Her plan was to give both of the kits to Pinesplash. She had a mental breakdown when she was giving him the kits. She handed Moonkit over, but Dapplekit started crying. Petalstar decided to keep one of the kits, Dapplekit. Petalstar gave Dapplekit to another queen and claimed that a loner who was unable to take care of her kit gave Dapplekit to Petalstar.

Both of the kits have grown up and become medicine cats in each of their clans. Dapplekit is now Dapplenose and Moonkit is now Moonfall.

Mistcloud, Petalstar's sister, is now pregnant with Ashstorm's kits. Petalstar will get really close to Mistcloud's kits, who will be Dewkit, Rainkit, and Mistkit.

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Right before Greypaw's apprentice ceremony, there was a dog attack. After everyone was treated, they continued on with the ceremony and Greypaw became Dawnstar's apprentice.

Pinesplash, the secret father of Dapplenose (the RiverClan medicine cat) and Moonfall (the WindClan medicine cat) is in WindClan. His ex-mate, Petalstar (of RiverClan) is the mother of those kits.

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Moonpaw became a warrior, Moonshadow.

The most impostant thing going on is the romance between Brackenflower and Hawkfeather. They were haveing a conversation and Hawkeather accidentally admitted that he likes Brackenflower. They're a very cute couple :) When they eventually have kits, they will be Hawkflower and Brackenfeather and will look like this:

Hawkflower: http://www.flickr.com/photos/delina/2...
Brackenfeather: http://www.nfcc.co.uk/breederspage.jpg

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Firestep gave birth to her deceased mate's kits: Runningkit, Redkit, Strongkit, and Deadkit. Honeysun and Blackshadow became the parents or Blackkit and Shadowkit at about the same time.

Amberhawk and Oakflower went on a patrol to the carrion place and discovered that the rats were mission due to being poisioned. Dawnstar is announcing this right now.

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Feather is expecting her deceased mate, Falcon's, kits. Meanwhile, Falcon's brother Storm has liked Feather for a wile. Meadow, Storm and Falcon's sister is acutely trying to help Strom win Feather over :P

(kits are up for grabs)

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Regan  Carson | 91 comments Mod
I'll take a kit Dapple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dapplenose | 454 comments Mod
You already have two in the tribe, are you sure?

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Regan  Carson | 91 comments Mod
Yeah! I'm postive

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Dapplenose | 454 comments Mod
Or, do you want to move Seal and the other one into FEather's litter?

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Regan  Carson | 91 comments Mod
Nah. I want a new character ^_^ I can keep them straight.

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