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Rose(: | 361 comments Mod
make them here

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 100 comments Guess I'm the first to join... Yays!!!~

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 100 comments Darn it! oh well!!!

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 100 comments Name: Rosio
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Gender: F
Apperance: Long red hair and blue eyes
Personality: Pretty cheery and kind of an air head but still sometimes shy...
Family: none
Crush: None

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Serena  Greene (xxbreakxmexnotxx) | 100 comments Name: Blake
Age: 16
Gender: male
Appearence: Black hair and dark green eyes, tall
Personality: see in rp
Crush: Open
Family: Mom

☮WE R AWESOME☮ (BreeGoesRAWR) | 10 comments Name: Kianna
Age: 17
Gender: F
Grade: 11
Personality: Sweet and shy
Family: mom (devorced) and 6 year old brother
Crush: none
Other: Oldest brother died on plane crash.

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Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) Name-Kassie
Age- 17, almost 18
Looks- long, naturally wavy white blonde hair, shorter side bangs tapering out and ending by her cheekbone, pale blue eyes, perfect hourglass figure
Personality- can be a real b*tch, nice at times, flirty, extremely attractive,somewhat full of herself, ect
Fam-younger brother and dad
Other- head cheerleader (for football), plays varsity soccer, popular, rich

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