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message 1: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
I've been hearing about this new place on the West Side called Skep n Skein- I know Zach loves it, has anyone else been there yet? Does it seem like it would be a good book group spot? Also, what dates work for people in September? For me, 10th-12th are all good, as are 17th-19th. The 24th would be okay too. First weekend in October's pretty booked up.

message 2: by Ruby (new)

Ruby Re-Usable | 15 comments I hope I can make a September book group, not sure what my schedule is yet (EXCEPT September 3, my art work will make its debut at Tether Design Gallery in Pioneer Square in Seattle for First Thursday!)

Skep n Skein, do we have to knit, too? sounds like fun!

message 3: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
Knitting is not required, but from the sounds of the place it wouldn't be discouraged either.

Jackie "the Librarian" | 259 comments Mod
What is a Skep? And is crocheting allowed instead of knitting?

message 5: by Meghan (new)

Meghan Saturday the 18th would be the best day for me - I'm curious about the Skep & Skein too. Jackie, I'm pretty sure crocheting is not allowed. :)

message 6: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
I think a skep is a type of beehive- they sell several types of mead at this joint, so I'm sure that's the connection. I'll bet anything to do with yarn or drinking or reading books would probably be aaight. The 18th is fine for me- I'd be working until 5ish, but I could head over after that. Anyone else have conflicts on the 18th?

Jackie "the Librarian" | 259 comments Mod
They can just try and stop me, Meghan!

I work at OL on the 18th, Agathafrye, so I'll be super hungry and tired. I should be okay after some caffeine, though.

message 8: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
Jackie, would you prefer another day? If not, we can go together and stop for coffee on the way...

Jackie "the Librarian" | 259 comments Mod
No, actually, I think bookgroup will be exactly what I need, Agathafrye. And a drink. :)

message 10: by Kate (new)

Kate Sounds good. The 25th is maybe a no for me. I'm going to try to go to Portland Sunday Parkways that day. Otherwise, this new place sounds very interested.

message 11: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
Sounds like the 18th is a go. I'm going to check in with Zach to make sure that place would be a good book group meeting spot, and I'll post the details as soon as I hear back.

message 12: by Ahniwa (new)

Ahniwa Ferrari | 5 comments September 18th might be a good day for us. Having missed the previous meet-ups (lame, I know), is this more a round-the-circle book sharing sort of deal, or a focused book discussion, or something in between?

message 13: by Kate (new)

Kate Ahniwa, it's a round-the-circle but we do interact and we're not too focused. Those public library folks are great book-talkers. The non-librarians are great book-talkers, too.

message 14: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
Yeah, definitely not focused. We basically just go around in a circle and talk about the books we've been reading- we've been timing lately as our group grows larger (2 minutes max per book, 6 minutes max per person), but we only do that when a big crowd shows up. It hasn't been an issue over the summer meetings, to say the least. :) I also write the books down and post them on the Oly Reads bookshelf.

By the way, Zach said he thought Skep n Skein would be a good place for us to meet. They don't have food, but you can order from Vic's or Apollo's and have it delivered. I called and left a message telling them we were thinking of coming, but haven't heard back. I'll try again tomorrow just so we don't take them by surprise.

message 15: by Raina (new)

Raina | 106 comments Mod
According to one of the reviews online (a random local reviewer): "The name originates from the owner's love of mead, a skep is barrel used to brew mead. The skein portion from his wife's love of yarn and knitting."

All sounds good to me. Sept. 18 at Skep 'n Skein. Looking forward to Vic's or Apollo's food. What time? I'll be working at LA until 5, so anytime after 6 works for me.

message 16: by Ruby (new)

Ruby Re-Usable | 15 comments I am so bummed! Saturday, September 18 is Yom Kippor, so that evening I will be attending the celebratory break fast at our cousins' house in Lacey (my bad for not mentioning this fact when we were discussing possible dates)

I still have to return Patty May's Lynda Barry book <3

HOPE to see you all in October!!

message 17: by Kate (new)

Kate I have another of Patty's books. I will bring it.

message 18: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
There's always another time! Think of all the books you'll have read by October.

PS- Is Apollo's still in business? I just noticed that their old "pizza and pasta" sign has mysteriously appeared on the side of Trinacria...

Jackie "the Librarian" | 259 comments Mod
I thought Apollo's just moved to the next shopping center over. Next to the furniture place.

message 20: by Brian (new)

Brian (nerdbrarian) Oldschool tavern or pub names don't necessarily have any obvious connection to the establishment. In the days of yore before widespread literacy, they usually referred to whatever image appeared on the sign outside, so illiterate folk could still find the appropriate place to get their drink on. They often had some sort of local relevance or inside joke, but didn't generally denote what the place served or the activities that took place therein.

For example, one of the thirteenth-century pubs in Nottingham was originally called The Archangel Gabriel Salutes the Virgin Mary, which obviously works better as a familiar visual image (familiar, at least, to illiterate medieval folk) than a printed sign.

And according to the OED, the earliest meaning of skep is a basket or a measure of the quantity contained therein (i.e. "a basketful") often grain or malt. So there is a brewing connection. But yeah, it also later came to refer to a beehive.

(I'm procrastinating if you can't tell. Let me get a beer or two down Saturday and I'll tell you the not-really-that-fascinating explanation of why old-timey tavern names often start with "Ye" and why that practice makes me a little twitchy...)

message 21: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
I can't wait, Brian. (nerd)

message 22: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
September group reportback- there were fourteen of us this time, and once again we had a slightly strange table configuration at the Skep and Skein. We did some freestyle chair shuffling and worked it out. There was pizza and salad and a special roll. There was an amazing waiter/barkeep who remembered everybody's names and was super responsive (ironically, I've forgotten his name). I drank two glasses of DELICIOUS blackberry or maybe raspberry mead. We were joined by two newbies- David and Kim, who held their own in our cacophonous crowd. Zach skillfully timed people again using unfamiliar technology (Judy's iphone), and most everybody talked for less than their allotted time (except for possibly me and Zach). Kate even talked about 3 books in a record 3.5 minutes, and Raina talked about SIX books in under 4 minutes! Go Kate & Raina! A record 40 books were discussed, all of which you will find on the Oly Reads bookshelf.

Also mentioned: drunk history
& 3 minute philosophy
& Being Human
& Rubicon
& Mad Men
& various classic literature books that I haven't read.

That is all.

Jackie "the Librarian" | 259 comments Mod
The waiter's name was Johnny, and the mead was black raspberry. It was so good, I cried. :)

message 24: by Agathafrye (new)

Agathafrye | 751 comments Mod
I personally was honored that you felt comfortable enough with book group to cry in front of us. :)

Johnny! Lovely Johnny.

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