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Leader Wildstar-Black tom?

Deputy Open

Medicine Cat Open

Warriors Open

Apprentices Heatherpaw-light brown tabby she-cat

Queens Open

Elders Open

message 2: by Willow (new)

Willow Heart | 7 comments Im a warrior ( Willow Heart) i would like to join :)

message 3: by Willow (new)

Willow Heart | 7 comments Long blue pelt with emerald eyes :D

♡ calliope ♡ (candlesandcrystals) Can I be the deputy? Lightning Wing. Tortoiseshell she cat

message 5: by Lio (new)

Lio | 4 comments i would like to be an apprentice, Applepaw

message 6: by Lio (new)

Lio | 4 comments i'm a cream/ginger tabby with brown ear/tail tips, and white chest & muzzle, also dark green eyes (age: 6 moons)

Sage'Paw (Feather) | 1 comments I am Sage Paw (Feather) can I be an apprentice? I have a greenish off white pelt with black spots (ears, tail tip some patches of fur) and black soles

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