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This group is pretty dead!

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message 1: by H (new)

H (halm) Let's read something for the month of September, or mid-August/mid-September kinda thing

All groups are like, having these monthly reads

And the books don't really have to be based on Arabic books and the sort

message 2: by dummydums (new)

dummydums | 4 comments Or we could try and get all members into introducing themselves first and then starting discussions ^^

message 3: by Moßtafa (new)

Moßtafa (kikoz1) | 1 comments I think that this idea will force some of us to read books that he doesn't want to read it ,I think there is another way to this subject that every person in the group provides the summary of the most important thing was mentioned in any book that he just finished and that idea make rest of us can decide to read this book or not.

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