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message 1: by ℰmma☽ (new)

ℰmma☽ (justsomeradgal) | 101 comments Mod
Here is where you tell us who you are! fill this out. (give or take on some of the info. just share what your confortable with sharing.)

Name: (name that you go by. not nessicarily your real name.)
Age: (okay, here's what i have to ask of everyone. you don't have to share this, but please if you're an adult, don't join this group. I'm sorry, but this group is for kids and teenagers. I want to have an age group so that it's even more safe for everyone, thanks.)
Other: (share whatever you want, just not personal info such as phone number, adress or anything else too personal. use common sense!)

message 2: by ℰmma☽ (new)

ℰmma☽ (justsomeradgal) | 101 comments Mod
Name: Rayne
Gender: Female
Other: I created this group, and I'm a moderator.... Um idk what else to say about myself.

message 3: by Evie (new)

Evie Holmes | 28 comments Mod

message 4: by ℰmma☽ (new)

ℰmma☽ (justsomeradgal) | 101 comments Mod
name isn't available? Lol... ok... it doesn't have to be your real name. just what you want people to call you...

message 5: by ℰmma☽ (new)

ℰmma☽ (justsomeradgal) | 101 comments Mod
Lol. okay

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