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Have we all followed the Joads? The Long Valley

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message 1: by James (new)

James | 10 comments Ahh, a formidable question. I would have to say as far as pure writing, Breakfast is really at the top for me. The fact that it is so short, and yet, so rich really is amazing. I read that story, and I am there.
The Harness and Flight have excellent writing as well (actually, they all do), and the stories are wonderful. The description of the water trough in The Murder is a piece of writing that sticks to me, and I return to again and again.
So hard to choose one...

It is interesting that 8 years into his marriage with Carol, and about 2 years before their divorce, there seem to be a common thread of the unreasonable spouse in The White Quail and The Harness. Similar themes of men having unpleasant experiences with their wives come up in The Murder and The Chrysanthemums".
I wonder if there is a connection there... Steinbeck had an arguably worse time with his next wife, Gwen, and the theme of 'bad women' comes up in other places in his later work as well.

message 2: by Marshall (new)

Marshall Comstock | 1 comments I have to throw in a vote for Breakfast as well. I think its pretty much perfect. Although, one of my favorites in the long valley is Saint Katy The Virgin. Its completely different from all the other stories but its hilarious. I love when Steinbeck shows off his great sense of humor.

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