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Immortal by Gene Doucette

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message 1: by Gene (new)

Gene Doucette (genedoucette) | 2 comments Hi all! Thanks for the invite. Not sure exactly if this sort of thing needs to be done in a separate message or attached to an existing one, but I would love it if folks took the time to check out IMMORTAL. Short version: a sci-fi/fantasy mash-up that's a little of both and a little of neither. An excellent introduction to it can be found at And it is set up on GoodReads. I would love it if you can help me come up with ways to promote it before the 10/1/10 release date...


message 2: by P.D. (new)

P.D. (allenadale) | 17 comments I'd be glad to promote your book on my site. But first someone needs to do a review.

message 3: by Gene (new)

Gene Doucette (genedoucette) | 2 comments Immortal's first formal review posted this evening, courtesy of The Next Best Book Blog. It's posted to Goodreads now!

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