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On my least favorites. He's a pain in neck.

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except if only he had killed Jayfeather...

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What? You don't like Jayfeather or something?

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no i don't

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message 7: by Cloudy Storms (new)

Cloudy Storms (cloudstrife) I HATE BREEZEPELT. I call him Sneezepelt.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Haha GOOD one..It really matches his personality:LOL:) I two hate him...Jayfeather should have kicked his little butooty but noooo Jay HAD to be blind. Ug...if only Lionblaze was with him, he wound have sent Breezse running for MOMMY:)

message 9: by Cloudy Storms (new)

Cloudy Storms (cloudstrife) Er... which mommy? LOLXD Remembah! Leafpool=Crowfeather=Crowfeather=Night...whatever... she's a *** too...So, you know, which one?

message 10: by Flora (last edited Apr 13, 2018 04:43AM) (new)

Flora Daisyfox | 33 comments BOO TO BREEZEPELT

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Icefang | 46 comments boooo hoooooo to breezepelt

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