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Fangirl Musings (fangirlmusings) Am an obsessed SK fan to the extreme - every book she's written, I've loved to the nth degree! As such, I've been spattering along posting quotes from all of Sherri's series. Having finally finished with her contemporaries, I'm now moving on to her historicals since I'm a completest to the fullest measure.

While Sherri also writes under her own name, her historical genre is penned, instead, under a pseudonym, Kinley Macgregor. It is under that name the two-book series the Sea Wolves was written. The first book in the lineup?...

Master of Seduction

(Jack ignored his greeting and slammed his fist straight into the jaw of the spy.)
“What did he do? Wear the wrong color coat? Or is it his stock you find offensive this time?” – Morgan

“Well, they certainly didn’t teach you any manners.” – Lorelei
“I’m a pirate. What, would you have me spout poetry?” – Jack

“Then why this elaborate abduction?” – Lorelei
“Why not? I was there, you were there, Lord Pasty Face was there. It seemed like a perfect opportunity.” – Jack

‘Just don’t let yourself get killed before you make your peace, boy. Many’s the soul who consigned themselves to hell without the devil having to lift a finger.’ – Thadeus

“They’re true, aren’t they?” – Lorelei
“I guess it depends on whom you ask. What I’ve learned over the years is that truth is never so easy. And every person sees a different reality.” – Jack

(Mavis led Lorelei over to a shaded spot on the deck where a large pile of shirts, pants, and socks waited. From where she stood, it was a daunting task.)
“How long have you been working on that? Just since the dawn of time, or eternally?” – Lorelei

“But tell me truly, milovidnost, had I asked you to elope with me that night, would you not have followed me to the ends of the earth?” – Jack
“I wouldn’t have followed you to the end of the corridor.” – Lorelei

‘Beware the man who beguiles you, Lori-Angel. Those are the ones who won’t commit to you. Oh, they’ll show you wonders, to be sure, and they’ll spin your head with their pleasurable ways. But in the end, they always leave you and your broken heart far behind. Believe me, ‘tis better to have the simple hound than to follow the fox. Though the fox is fairer to behold, the hound knows where his home is and dutifully he stays, while the handsome fox is ever off to find new game.’ – Anne Bonny

“Well, I don’t know no woman of breeding.” – Bart
“And I am sure the ladies of the world over are now breathing a collective sigh of relief.” – Henri

“You’re not like other people and it pains me to see you do something so common when I know there’s much more to you than that.” – Jack
“How do you know?” – Lorelei
“I see it every time I look at you. You have a passion for life that burns so bright it almost singes me to be near it. Every time I see you suppress that fire it pains me. I don’t want anything to extinguish that fire.” – Jack
“I’ll go get you something for the pain.” – Alice
“An executioner and his ax would help.” – Jack

“All right, Kit. But you have to be careful.” – Billy
“I’ll be careful. Just you watch. I’ll be as careful as…as…as something that’s really careful, that’s what.” – Kit

“If you must know, I don’t talk about myself because no one ever cared enough to listen.” – Jack
“What do you mean?” – Lorelei
“Think about it, Lorelei. How many times a day do you ask someone how they’re doing? Their world may have just shattered and yet they look up and say, ‘Fine, thank you, and you?’ No one cares to hear other people’s problems. ’Twas a lesson I learned early in life.” – Jack

“If you never reach out, no one will ever take your hand.” – Lorelei
“If I never reach out, then no one can ever bite my hand.” – Jack

“I love when you stand close to me. I can feel your breath fall against my neck and it sends chills and fire all over my body.” – Jack

“There are times when I swear that boy is as mature as an old man, and other times when he hasn’t got the sense of a three-year-old babe.” – Mavis
“Good Lord, Mavis. He is a grown man after all!” – Alice

“Insect, pup, or rat. It certainly seems to me that you don’t know what he is, so maybe you should leave him alone.” – Lorelei
‘Gracious, Lorelei, you should have kept your mouth shut! Why not just call him a smelly rhinoceros wart while you’re at it?’ – Lorelei

(Lorelei is accosted by Galbraith.)
“If you ever lay hands on what’s mine again, as God is my witness, I’ll lay you down dead.” – Jack

“Would you have really killed him?” – Lorelei
“For touching you, absolutely.” – Jack

“Why?” – Lorelei
“Because I…” – Jack
“You?” – Lorelei
“I…” – Jack
“For an eloquent man, Captain Rhys, you seem to be stymied for an answer.” – Lorelei
“Lorelei, I don’t want any other man to ever touch you.” – Jack

“Down in the valley, leaves fall from trees, the branches are bare. All the flowers have faded, their blossoms once so beautiful. The frost attacks many herbs and kills them. I grieve. But if the winter is so cold, there must be new joys. Help me sing a joy of a hundred thousand times greater than the buds of May. I will sing of roses on the red cheeks of my lady. Could I win her favor, this lovely lady would give me such joy I would need no other.” – Jack
“What are you saying?” – Lorelei
“Noble lady, I ask nothing of you save that you should accept me as your servant. I will serve you as a good lord should serve, whatever the reward may be. Here I am, then, at your orders, sincere and humble, gay and courteous. You are not, after all, a bear or lion, and would not kill me, surely, if I put myself between your hands. I love you, my lady, Lorelei. Marry me and I swear I shall never again do or say anything to harm you and I will slay anyone who does.” – Jack

“And what would you have me say?” – Lorelei
“That you love me, too, would be nice. Especially given the fact that I look like a complete ass kneeling here in front of you while two hundred men watch.” – Jack

“I guess it doesn’t make sense to hate you anymore. As Lorelei is so quick to say, the past is the past and it can do us no harm unless we let it.” – Jack

Fangirl Musings (fangirlmusings) A Pirate of Her Own

“Well, if ifs and nuts were candy and nuts, then we’d all have a Merry Christmas.” – Serenity

“Bah. What’s a little water to a pirate?”- Barney
“A bout of pneumonia if he’s not careful.” – Morgan

‘Now, why did he have a hard time believing that? Because it would be the first time in your life that you ever won an argument with Lord Thick and Knotty Pate.’ – Morgan

“But I tell you this, that man is certainly a devil out to ruin some poor woman this night.” – Felicity
“Well, if he be the devil, you can chain me to his throne anytime.” – Heather

“Hold me tight, sweet courage.” – Serenity

“What the devil are you doing here?” – Morgan
“I am sitting in a most uncomfortable chair.” – Serenity

“I think the girl’s ruined and you and I are going to hell for it.” – Morgan
“Given our past sins, I doubt if she’ll be the stone that tips the scales of our damnation.” – Jake

“To adventure the likes of which I think neither of us have ever seen.” – Morgan
“And to fate. To the very fate that has abandoned us to turmoil.” – Serenity

“You are a very dangerous woman, Serenity.” – Morgan
“Me?” – Serenity
“Aye. And the worst part is, you don’t even know why.” – Morgan

“Who says I’m drinking?” – Morgan
“I guess the bottle drank itself.” – Jake

“You know, Drake, I seem to recall this impertinent young pup who once told me that problems shared are problems solved.” – Jake
“And I seem to recall a surly pirate telling me to mind my own business or I’d find myself gutted.” – Morgan

“Kill him?” – Jake
“Confront him.” – Morgan
“Since when do you take the sissy way out?” – Jake
“Excuse me?” – Morgan
“Face it, Drake, that good English breeding of yours is showing itself. Talking ain’t a man’s way of doing things. You know that. You got a problem, you cut its heart out and then it’s not a problem anymore.” – Jake

“Life at sea is hard. And often deadly.” – Morgan
“Then why do you do it?” – Serenity
“Because we love it.” – Morgan
“A glutton for punishment, aren’t you?” – Serenity

“I’m not allowed to walk topside, nor can I walk below deck. What could possibly be left for me to do? Oh, I know. Die from boredom!” – Serenity

“I believe you said earlier, Miss James, that an ounce of prevention–” – Morgan
“Is worth an army of pistols.” – Serenity

“Hello.” – Serenity
“I’ve killed over a hundred men. Half of them I kill for simply saying hello.” – Ushakii

“Cookie didn’t dare light a fire, so we have cold food this evening.” – Morgan
“Yum. Hard-boiled wood, my favorite.” – Serenity

“Then why are women by nature, by God’s own design, the gentler sex? Women faint at the slightest scare.” – Morgan
“Slight scare, Captain? I assure you, sir, that I have seen women suffer for days to bring a child into this world. And I have yet to see a woman faint during the labor of it. I beg you, show me a man who would willingly bear that much pain for that many hours, and not cry out for his mommy! In fact, you want to know why women have a higher tolerance for pain, Captain Drake? I’ll tell you why, it’s so that we women can put up with you men!” – Serenity

“But I–” – Jake
“But nothing, Captain. Heaven forbid you leave the helm for more than a minute. Anything could happen. God could toss down a lightning bolt and set fire to the ship. A sea monster could rise up from the depth of the ocean and swallow us whole. Or, dare I say it? The weight of male egos may be so great that it plops a hole right in the center of deck and we sink from it!” – Serenity

“Go to the devil, Captain Drake.” – Serenity
“That’s not very ladylike!” – Morgan
“Then try this one. Go to hell, and…and rot!” – Serenity

“Don’t worry.” – Morgan
“‘Don’t worry,’ he says. We’ve only got a madman trying to blow us out of the water, and the Marauder tells me not to worry. Tell me, Captain Pirate, at what point should I start to worry? When I see the whites of their eyes? Or when the sharks begin to circle me?” – Serenity

‘She would follow him, and if he made a move to hurt her, she promised herself he would long regret it. At least she would try to make him long regret it. Of course, the worst thing she could probably manage would be to bleed on him. Fine revenge, that.’ – Serenity

“You have no idea of the things I’ve seen. I was a pirate–once. I’m not denying that, nor do I make excuses for it. I was young, angry, and desperate. Three things that make a most lethal combination. I wanted blood from the Brits and I wanted blood from my enemy.” – Morgan

“You’ve no idea what it’s like, Captain Drake, to be a woman. To be told all your life that everything you want is foolish and that you’re useless except as a broodmare. First it was simple. ‘Don’t climb that tree, Serenity. Ladies never do such.’ Then it was, ‘Don’t run, it’s not ladylike. Don’t raise your voice. Don’t speak your thoughts. Don’t laugh too loudly, don’t eat too much, don’t cut your hair, don’t wear those colors.’ My whole life is don’t. Now I’m too old to even be a broodmare.” – Serenity

“Could you really catch me?” – Serenity
“Absolutely. Besides, Barney would have my head if I let you make a mess on the deck.” – Morgan
“Oh, thanks. I’m glad chivalry is alive and well on the high seas.” – Serenity

‘I feel like a weed in the midst of Winter. ‘Tis the sunshine of your smile that will bring back the Spring of my days. We arrive in four days. I hope you will grace me again with your presence. Yours, Morgan’ – Morgan

“What’s in a man’s past doesn’t matter nearly as much as what’s in his present, and most importantly, what’s in his heart.” – Kristen

“The fatal stoop. It’s guaranteed to bring a man to his knees.” – Kristen
“It sounds dangerous. What am I supposed to do, knock him over the head with something?” – Serenity

“Besides, he would know that I did it on purpose.” – Serenity
“Honey, I assure you, that man won’t think a thing. His mind will be on other matters. You could chop off his head and he wouldn’t notice.” – Kristen

(Serenity couldn’t speak. His smile grew wider.)
“Take your time. Women do that a lot around me.” – Stanley

“Why are you so angry? I’ve come back for you and this is how you greet me?” – Morgan
“You’ve come back for me? Oh, how delightful. Shall I put on my best gown or should I just fall down on my knees in gratitude that you finally remembered I exist?” – Serenity

“Please don’t send me away, Serenity. I came back because I need you. I want us…you, me, and Nicholas…to have a life together. To build a house…and…and farm like Jake, or maybe buy a business. I no longer care where I live. I just want to be with you, Serenity. With you and with Nicholas forever. Please say yes.” – Morgan

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Shiran | 28 comments Master of Desire

Best opening sentence for a character ever!

“All a woman ever needs know about men is that they are creatures of their codpieces. Appeal to their chausses and you will have complete control of them, for when their male piece is in control, their brain is
not.” (Alys)

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Steph (lovessf) Is that the third book Shiran?

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