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Selena Kitt (selenakitt) | 31 comments Mod
Got a question about publishing? Ask it here!

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Selena Kitt (selenakitt) | 31 comments Mod
Started a new blog:

The Self Publishing Revolution


Some great contributors! Check us out!

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Will Versuch (WillVersuch) | 2 comments Great blog post! I feel like I got into writing for the same reasons that you did. My original writing just started out as something that I loved doing. I wrote on utopiastories and deviantart for years without ever thinking of getting published and making money from the efforts.

It's very interesting to think of where the future will take us all. I feel very blessed to have an editor who does a great job of helping me stay in line when it comes to the quality of writing, because I am also one of those people who gets utterly annoyed when I pay for a piece of work and discover that it is full of typos and grammatical errors.

I do have another book that I haven't published yet, though. It's erotica, but the track of the storyline doesn't match up with what my current publisher (Pink Flamingo) is interested in. I'd love to learn more about the "hybrid-self-publishing" that you referenced. Anywhere you could point me for that?

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Selena Kitt (selenakitt) | 31 comments Mod
Try JA Konraths blog - The Newbie's Guide to Publishing!

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Selena Kitt (selenakitt) | 31 comments Mod
Ahh, unfortunately, you can't get the pre-revised versions in print, unless you can find them used on Amazon. The revised versions have no actual incest. So in Naughty Bits, they're stepbrother and stepsister. In UMNB, there's no threesome with Leah, Erika and Mr Nolan, and Leah isn't biologically related to the Nolan's.

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