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message 1: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments I keep wanting to read/buy this book, but don't know much about it and would like to hear from others who have read it! it sounds intriguing!

message 2: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments I read it and enjoyed it. We read it as a group last year. You might want to scan this thread but be warned there are spoilers there. Or maybe you can post there once you've read it.


message 3: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments oh great! thanks a lot, yea i want to get involved in one of these group reads, definitely the next one after hell house, how are they tressa? and what book do you think you guys will be doing next?

message 4: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments Yeah, feel free to vote in the poll and join in the discussions. Not sure what books the next mod will choose for the poll. Sometimes it's a random sampling of people's choices; sometimes it's a theme; sometimes it's a group of Bram Stoker winners. So, who knows.

message 5: by Scott (new)

Scott Reads like something a high school student wrote during detention.

message 6: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments the good thing about you scott, is when you rave about a book, it has to be good, because your a hard ass, haha, but thanks, i might wait on it...

message 7: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments i just ordered 33ad and infected by scott sigler, these two look awesome

message 8: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments oh and the menstruating mall

message 9: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments and scott didnt you like 33ad a lot? you are the one who sent me a reco.

message 10: by Scott (new)

Scott No, I've never read it. Maybe it was the other Scott.

message 11: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments right on, AND IT WAS, sorry

message 12: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments I just finished 33 A.D. and gave it four stars.

message 13: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments i know it's vampiresque, but was there any different takes on the genre? it looked good enough for me to order, im just wondering if im going to really like it

message 14: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments The ancient group of vampires is small, tight-knit, and the Council of 13 are very selective about who can be turned into a vampire, or Bachiyr, as they call themselves. I loved the background of the Bachiyr, and how bad you have to screw up to become a Lost One, a vampire-turned-rotting servant whose flesh is eaten by maggots every day for hundreds and some times thousands of years as punishment.

There is vampire action in the book, but that's not the main story. The story is about Taras, a Roman centurian, and how he handles his orders to deal with a zealot called Jesus Christ on the days leading up to his crucifixion. A vampire, Theron, gets tangled up in Taras' plans when the Council sends Theron to execute Jesus. He uses Taras to assist in his plan, with major screw ups occurring.

I thought it had some new stuff to add to the genre, but I don't want to give any more away. If you dislike any story about Jesus or Christianity in general, you might not like this. I was afraid the book would turn into an anti-religious rant, but it never did. It was well done.

message 15: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments perfect explanation/synopsis thanks tressa, always valued, i will let you know when i finish it

message 16: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments You're welcome. Hope you enjoy it. I know you've got quite a few new books to finish.

message 17: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments i have a buying book addiction, its serious, like i saw this post about how much people spend on books in a month, and the highest i saw was 50 bucks! i spend AT LEAST 100 a week, just on books alone, thats bad, even if i dont need the book, i just want it, or if i see something cool, i have to have it, like when you recommended the pilo family circus, i had just started it and i knew i wouldnt be reading pfc for at least a month or two, but i went out the next day, hunted it down and bought it, haha, im bad

message 18: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments Well, there are worse vices one could have. :-)

message 19: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments I guess your right, that's what everyone tells me, but normal people can wait a week or two to get a book if they see something they really like, i can't, i have to track it down

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