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John Cicero | 71 comments Mod
Let's start categorizing our authors here...

All of the Religion & Spirituality authors post here.

Tells us what you've written and what's coming out.

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My YA fantasy series ALLON is in the allegorical vein of Tolkien and Lewis. A coming of age quest filled with challenges and discovery.

Book 1 & 2 (Insurrection) are already out with Insurrection listed here for a Giveaway. Two more are scheduled for release next year.

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Christopher Dunbar | 66 comments Greetings!

While spirituality is not the impetus of the Morrigan's Brood Series, it is none the less woven throughout. In this dark fantasy / historical fiction / adventure series, we explore the mythologies and beliefs of ancient cultures around the world within the context of our story.

For instance, many ancient cultures have common myths concerning beings that consumed the life essences of mortals - many of these beings were created by gods and goddesses, either as a curse, a blessing, or by accident. One such legend we incorporated into our series involves the Deargh Du, a race of blood drinkers created by Morrigan (hence the name "Morrigan's Brood"), the Irish goddess of war, death, and rebirth, among other things. They are the instruments she uses to maintain the Balance among all things on earth.

Another example of spirituality we incorporate into the series is the survival of one's beliefs, even under the onslaught of a diametrically opposite belief system. By 564 CE in Eire (Ireland), Roman Catholicism had taken hold, but many still held to the old Celtic beliefs. One woman, Maél Muire Ní Conghal Uí Máine, was raised by her father to be a warrior and by her aunt and uncle to be a druid. She defied the notion that women should be demure and subservient to men in all things, and through this defiance and by proving herself a capable leader, she earned the respect of her people and became Chieftain of her clan. She also continued her druidic practices, but she had to put on her public face and go to church, from time to time, even though she did not believe in the Roman Catholic dogma; of course the priest would come to her for healing balms and concoctions, since as a druid she knew the secrets of the herbs.

If you wish to read more, please click on my name or on the books I have listed below.


Christopher Dunbar
Morrigan's Brood by Heather Poinsett Dunbar Morrigan's Brood Crone of War (Book #2) by Heather Poinsett Dunbar Morrigan's Brood Dark Alliance (Book #3) by Christopher Dunbar Morrigan's Brood Curse of Venus (Book #4) by Christopher Dunbar Morrigan's Brood Shards of Light (Book #5) by Christopher Dunbar

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Paula  Phillips (thephantomparagrapher) | 10 comments Hi all , My name is Paula Phillips and I work by day as a Librarian and by night and in the weekends in between study , I run a book review website called The Phantom Paragrapher. I review all genres and read all books from children’s to adults. My site is what some would call an Eclectic mix and I do like variety. If you have a book that you would like reviewed – I accept both Print and EBooks, or want a bit of promotion for a new release or event, how about an author interview or guest post? If this interests you, send me an email to and check out my site

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Tracey Alley (traceya) At the moment I'm doing a blog which will form the basis for the non-fiction book on the history of religion and Christianity - hopefully due to be published about mid-next year. Here's the link if anyone is interested:

The book itself will, of course, be more in depth and referenced but the blog is the bare bones of what I'm writing about

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Christopher Dunbar | 66 comments Tracey wrote: "At the moment I'm doing a blog which will form the basis for the non-fiction book on the history of religion and Christianity - hopefully due to be published about mid-next year. Here's the link i..."

Wow... history of religion; that is a very big subject. For as long as human beings have been on this earth, they have held various beliefs. I know of civilizations going back 20,000 years or more. How far back are you going with your book? Is your focus going to be Western European religions, modern religions in the USA, or are you going global?

You mentioned Christianity... are you planning to focus your book on the evolution of the Church of Rome, the Councils of Nicaea, the spread of Catholicism, the Reformation, and other events? Are you going to espouse Christianity and pay lip service to other religions, or are you going to provide an equal balance of Buddhist, Native American, Shinto, Tao, Oceanic, Babylonian, Zoroastrian, Nordic, Egyptian, African, Hindu, Muslim, Inca, Jewish, Irish, Christian, and other beliefs?

What is your target audience? Are you writing for people of a particular religion or perhaps for an academic audience? Citing historical and archeological sources is vital to any books targeting an academic audience. Also, what credentials do you have? Depending on your audience, someone with a PhD in History, Archeology, or Theology may be taken more seriously than someone with a BA degree in an unrelated field; I'm not saying that this is your situation - I am just providing an example.

It sounds to me that your subject is so vast that you might need to focus it on specific religions and a specific period in history. Still, it sounds like a fascinating topic.


Christopher Dunbar

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Tracey Alley (traceya) Christopher wrote: "Tracey wrote: "At the moment I'm doing a blog which will form the basis for the non-fiction book on the history of religion and Christianity - hopefully due to be published about mid-next year. He..."

I actually go quite far back in terms of religious history, neolithic times etc and do a comparative look at all the major current religions but the primary focus of the book is the evolution of what we today term 'Christianity' and how far it has actually strayed from its roots. I presume my target audience to be primarily Christian although I make some fairly controversial claims [which I can back up with research] that will probably gain a wider audience. I currently have two degrees, one in Ancient History where I specialised in Egyptology and the other in Comparative Religion where I specialised in paganism. By the time the book is actually published I will have finished my Masters in Theology.

I'm approaching this book in a very different way to most books on Christianity and am appealing more to people who believe in a Divine Being, however that is expressed, and focusing on the difference between religion - which is a man-made thing, and faith which comes from a relationship to the Divine.

I've been working on this now for almost eight years and while I do classify myself as 'Christian' I am a very esoteric Christian and not at all mainstream, nor do I promote any type of faith over another, not in the book nor on my blog even though it's aimed primarily at those who come from a Judeo-Christian background.

Hope that answered some of your questions :)
Or you could wait for the book to be released LOL


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Marja Verschoor-Meijers (marja_meijers) Religion and spirituality is a HUGE field... As for my writing, I am working on a series of books on the Ten Commandments in the 21st century, hope to share some fresh insights on ancient truths. The 4th book in the series will be released January 25th, 2011.

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Christopher Dunbar | 66 comments Marja wrote: "Religion and spirituality is a HUGE field... As for my writing, I am working on a series of books on the Ten Commandments in the 21st century, hope to share some fresh insights on ancient truths. T..."

Wow, it is January 25, 2011... congratulations on the release of your fourth book!

So your book is about fresh insights into ancient truths, but you are only citing the Jewish beliefs (Ten Commandments). Do you address any other ancient belief systems? (Christianity and Islam are hardly ancient). Is your book non-fiction or fiction? If fiction, within which genre(s)?

Again, congratulations on your release. Cheers!


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Nike Chillemi My historical romantic suspense BURNING HEARTS has only gotten five star reviews thus far. I'm so pleased.


Barnes & Noble.

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Luvvenia Hawkins (AlmHlgh) | 17 comments I've actually written 2 sci-fi religion novels based on Mary and Joseph story from the Bible. Although they're not doing well; I think my fan base have a hard time with me switching genres. FULL BLOOM Ante Faith by Alm Hlgh and SAVING FAITH The Beginning of The Acquisition by Alm Hlgh

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Historical fiction The Huguenot Sword

The Huguenot Sword by Shawn Lamb

For faith, for friendship, for freedom they will defy the most powerful man in France - Cardinal Richelieu.

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Feather Stone (feather_stone) | 1 comments My first book, The Guardian's Wildchild, was considered a paranormal romance by the publisher. However, I wrote into the story a philosophy embraced by the heroine (Sidney Davenport) - the higher good. Her people, the Guardians, are devoted to their sacred truths and live more in a spiritual plane than the physical.
I'm currently working on a second fiction novel. This takes place in the Middle East and Islamic Law. As a result I'm doing a lot of research into that culture, including reading the Quran. If anyone has had experience living in the Middle East, I would love to chat with him/her. Thanks

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Christopher Dunbar | 66 comments Feather wrote: "My first book, The Guardian's Wildchild, was considered a paranormal romance by the publisher. However, I wrote into the story a philosophy embraced by the heroine (Sidney Davenport) - the higher g..."


So, are you going back before Islam, such as the Zoroastrian beliefs and the ancient cultures and beliefs of the Babylonians, Hittites, Sumerians, the Persians, and whatnot? Or is your story considerably more modern?

@Shawn - Brilliant, original story line.

@Alm - Sci-Fi and Religion sometimes do not mix. As I do not wish to be drawn into a religious debate, it seems those who consider themselves Christians but are weak in their beliefs tend to ignore or challenge anything they perceive threatens them, so perhaps a science fiction story involving bible personae may not be their cup of tea. You might want to follow this Goodreads discussion. Also, if you write in multiple genres, you might consider the use of pseudonyms. Let's say you write a popular fiction series, a children's series, a gay BDSM series, and a Christian romance series, you might want to write each series under a separate pen name. Lots of authors have been doing that for ages.

@Nike - Congratulations! 5 star, well-written reviews are a rare thing these days, with the star system being so subjective. Of course I am happy to get 3 star reviews if they are well-written and explain why they felt the book did not receive 4 or 5 stars. Still, getting 5 star reviews is great, and I am happy that is what you are receiving. Cheers!

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Carla Nobrega | 1 comments Cass | 2 comments Hello!

Irresisitible Reads Book Tours is looking for bloggers to host a review, interview, guest post or book excerpt during the Letting Go and Moving On by James Oh blog tour.

Join the fun!



“Letting Go and Moving On” offers effective and excellent tips, steps and approaches to help readers to forgive anything which has no value to them especially to set aside hurts and pains. Though it is very difficult, painful and hurtful to let go especially for those involved with a loss of the life of an innocent child, whom the author had been promised

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Casey Bond (goodreadscomcaseylbond) | 3 comments Winter Shadows, releases Oct. 29, 2013! I hope you all will check out my author site on Goodreads and put this in your "to read" file. Random facts about me: I am a native West Virginian. Don't be afraid!
I love the fall. I read. A lot. After my kids go to bed! I love to write. Winter Shadows is my first novel and I have another one in the publishing works! It is a YA Fantasy/Paranormal read! I'll update my goodreads blog with more info soon. I am completely new to blogging and probably sound like an idiot. Just wait until I enter the tweeting world! :)

Here is my website:

Back of the Book:
A coming of age story following Claire, a young lady struggling to find her place in the world after losing her mother to cancer. After a corrupt American government declares a pandemic and forces residents into quarantine encampments, Claire and her father, along with other members of their Church and community, go into hiding in a cave system in rural West Virginia. While coping with the losses of her mother, home, friends, sense of safety and normalcy, Claire begins to pick up the pieces of her past, finding a new normal despite the darkness surrounding her.

While adjusting to a new environment, and the group of people she finds herself surrounded by, Claire is faced with several important decisions that will influence the path her life will take. Who can she trust? Who should she love? How can she survive? Forced to choose between Ethan's steadfast, mature love and the love of mysterious and dangerous Colin who appears. Claire learns the difference between infatuation and love. She becomes self-reliant and strong. Despite her newfound confidence, and the isolation in which she resides, evil is able to find her. While fighting against it, she reestablishes her faith in God and opens her heart to the possibility of love.

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