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message 1: by Tanzanite (new)

Tanzanite | 76 comments I have three books released this week that I am giving away on my blog:

His Last Letter by Jeane Westin (US only)

The Jewel of St. Petersburg by Kate Furnivall (US and Canada)

The Secret Eleanor by Cecelia Holland (US only)

message 2: by annie (new)

annie (tellsnoemotion) | 24 comments Tanzanite, I am a Canadian citizen, but I live 10 minutes from the US border and actually even have a mailbox down there since I get a lot of things shipped there. Does that make me eligble?

message 3: by Tanzanite (new)

Tanzanite | 76 comments As long as it's a US address I think it should be ok

message 4: by annie (new)

annie (tellsnoemotion) | 24 comments Yes! That is awesome, I was hoping the address was the cause of the rule. I will go enter and hopefully win His Last Letter!

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