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Brenda was wearing a hood as she shopped at AE. If anyone discovered her, she wouldn't have a chance to buy those adorable skinny jeans! She quickly bought what she needed then left the store.

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Alaya waked around the mall a hood pulled over her face. *Ahhh!* the thought *what i have to do to go out in publuc*

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Kat (sugaraddict) Mike followed her. "Meet you by the fountain in a half a hour." He whispered with his baseball cap and hood up.

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Alaya nodded

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Kat (sugaraddict) Mike went off to American Eagle.

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Brenda walked out of the mall with her new clothes. She started walking to her red sports car. She got have her license early!

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((oh my gosh, Aza i got a really nice arapostle sweat shirt yesterday!!! so awesome!!!))

Alaya walked throught the stores she found Aracrobie((sp)) and Fitch and walked in.

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((Cool! Can I have it? Oh its from aero?))

Right as Brenda took off her hood. People started looking. A teenage girl yelled. "Oh my gosh! It's Brenda Smith! *screams*."

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((Sybra! Are you at Linderman?))

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((no y))

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((Aww! G2G swimming!))

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((well you should have told me yesterday, and no you cant have my sweatshirt!!!))

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Alaya heard the screams and thought someone had reconized her so she took her hood off and hurried to the water fountian.

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Brenda quickly started her car and drove away, but a bunch of people gathered around her car. "Ugh!"

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Alaya waited by the water fountian pulling her hood up over her face again.

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"Hey look! It's Taylor Lautner!" she yelled. Everyody looked away for a second. Brnda quickly got out of her car and ran as fast as she could.

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((nice, Aza my face still hurts alot.))

Alaya decided not to wait for Mike, and went to her car, he had his with him anyhow.

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Brenda ran into the mall into the bathroom.

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Alaya had to go to the bathroom really bad she found one and went in.

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Brenda half screamed when she came in. "Oh good! I thought you were a fan!"

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Alaya smiled, "Its good to see you too Brenda," she said pulling down her hood.

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"Why do they chase famous people? If they realy wanted to meet us, they should just come up and say hi!"

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Alaya shook her head and shruged

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Brenda heard some about to open the door. "eep!" she jumped int a stall and shut the door.

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Alay did likewise.

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It was just the janitor. Brenda walked out and gave the Lady a sighed piece of paper. "WE were never here!"

The Lady nodded. "Can I have here autograph too?" she pointed at Alay.

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Alaya pulled a photo out of her bag signed it and gave it to the lady with a smiled, she pulled her hood back over her head then thought again, "switch me" she said looking at Brenda.

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"Switch what?"

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"Switch me Jackets."

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Brenda took of her jacket and handed it to her. "Why?"

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"So we don't get reconized." she said taking off her jacket and handing it to her.

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Brenda put on her jacket. "Ugh! I hope everyone is gone rom my car!" she walked over to the door and peeked out to see if anyone was there. "Want a ride?"

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"no sorry, i can't leave my car here, see ya." she put the jacket on and pulled up the hood walking out of the bathroom.

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"See ya!" she ran over to her car and drove of.

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Alaya got in her car and drove away.

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As Brenda was driving, her agent called. She put on her blue tooth. "Hello?"

"Hello Brenda! Guess what? I just got you on a talk show!"

"realy? Which one?"

"Um... You'll see! Well have a great day!" he hung up.

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Alaya also got a call from her agent she answered "Hello?"

"Hey Alaya! I've got this new movie deal i want you to take a look at tomorrow feel free to drop by anytime."

"Okay Mick. Tell your wife and kids i said hi."

"Will do. Will do." he hung up.

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Brenda drove to her movie set. "I'm here! Sorry I'm late!" she took off Alaya's coat and set it on a chair. She grabbed her script read through it then walk over to the scene.

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A popaotci in a bush took a dozen pictures of Brenda Smith as she got out of her car wearing a coat that wasn't her's

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Brenda finished her job for the day so she drove to her house. It was rather big but small for other stars. She walked inside and made a smoothie.

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Alaya went home and chilled the rest of the day.

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Brenda turned on her tv and watched spongebob. She was still into cartoons!

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Kat (sugaraddict) Mike rolled his eyes as he heard screaming. He was in the sneaker shop. He picked out some vans and went to the fountain. He took off his hood and smiled.

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Kat (sugaraddict) He signed a few autographs and posed for the papparazzis then jumped in his car and drove back to the mansion.

Haley got back from a concert.

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"Hey, Mike. Sorry i left you there." Alaya said when her twin walked in the door

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Kat (sugaraddict) "Whatevs." He said, shrugging it off.

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Alaya smiled and went to ge dinner.

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Kat (sugaraddict) Mike followed her.

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alking into the kitchen Alaya started to get dinner ready.

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