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((have fun))

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Moon walked down a dirt path.

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Lambosi is leaning against the wall by a bar

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Moonlight walked into a town and looked around.

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He notices her but keeps his cool

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She looks at a dress shop and watches some girls giggle.She sighes.

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he walks over to her and asks "may i help you with something?"

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"Gah!Oh ah i-im fine.." Moonlight looks at him.

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"alright....but its dangerous for a woman to be out alone"
he says

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He says in german accent

" terribly rude of name is Lambosi"
he smiles and bows

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She looked at him." dont have to do that....i-im Moonlight.....or Moon i gess."

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he kisses her hand "you have a lovely name"
he says smmiling

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She blushed."U-um..A-ah...y-you too..." Oh crap, this can't happen...he's a human..."U-um I have to go home.." Oh please don't say 'can i take you home?' 'cause she doesn't have a home.

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"alright......Moonlight....i will walk you home...."
he says smiling

(g2g bb on tomorrow bye☺)

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(k! :) bye)

Oh...CRAP! Not good." I-I im fine.." She smiled. "Mabie next time..?" She said and ran off.

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Lambosi laughs to himself "hmmm.......what a beutiful young woman...."

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Moonlight hide behind a wall. OHHHH what was she going to do?! She needed to thing about finding a home, NOT a boy...who talked to her...and *blush* kissed her hand...

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Devon kicked the stone on the road while walking. he was bored, worse than any of the past hot summer nights. he stayed to himself, ignoring the curious humans' stares that followed him everywhere. to him, it wasn't fair that just because he looked different, didn't mean he was different from the rest of him...even though he was completely different.

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Moonlight sniffed."Oh in deep crap."

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he pulled his hood over his head more and kept walking, entering down an alley

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She pulled her legs to her chest and shivered.

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he looked up hearing something move almost silently. he pulled his hood down and looked down the alley. he saw someone, possible a girl by the figure, sitting there. "Are you ok?" he called out to her, keeping his distance so he wouldn't scare her off

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Moonlight looked up."O-oh y-ya..." She got up and triped.

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he rolled his eyes and went over to help her up. "Not a very convincing liar are you?" he chuckled.

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She looked up."U-ummm y-ya..." She sucked at everything. "Thankss" She said and wiped her eyes.

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"No problem. Are you hurt?"

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He looked at her unconvinced once again

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She looked down."I-I have to go home..." She said and started to walk randomly.

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"You sure you can walk without falling?"

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She looked back still walking. "Um y-ya ill be o-" She hit a wall.

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"Once again, bad liar." He chuckled. "Would you like me to make sure you get back to your home without any injuries

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Lambosi followed where the woman he just met dissapeared to and finds her along with someone else "well........preying on innocents....are we"
he says talking to the stranger

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"Excuse me?" He asked the kid, looking up

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he smiles "im joking"
he turns to Moon and says "you look"

he takes off his jacket and puts it around her "you both can sleep at my place....its not far from here"
Lambosi walks over and picks her up "you wont get far with those injuries....."

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Amber blushes. "Wh-what?..."

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he says smiling

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"u-um...." Well,he said I could stay at his home for a night..can't bet a free home.She looked down and blushed harder.

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He turns to Devon "come on...."
he says walking a little ways ahead

He looks back down at Moonlight and says "dont....worry your fine..."

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Amber clings to her shirt. "j-just do-don't you dare jrop m-me..."

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he laughs a little "dont worry i wont..."

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She looked away.How was she going to get away? She needed to shift.Soon to. " better not..."

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they all reach his house "i know its out in the forest and i know there are werewolves and everything but they usually dont bother me....i have taken an intrest in them...."
he says kicking open his door

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An intrest...ha once he sees a real one, he'll never wan't to see one again. " can put me down now.."

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he blushes a bit "ahhh.....i-im sorry"

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"I-its ok...." She looked out side. "Can I go out side for a sec?"

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"sure...go ahead...."
he says

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She went out side and sat down and whispered "What am I going to do?" She looked back and looked back into the forest.

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He walks back out and sees her "whats can tell me if you want...."

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She gets up and backs away. "I-im sorry....I can't..." tears fall." I-Im a monster.." She said and ran off into the woods.

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