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Get stuff from you lockers here!

Lion Queen Izabel (TeamReallyAwesome) Arabella smiled, carrying her books, useless paper, and just plain JUNK spilling out from everywhere and anywhere. She sighed, I probably should clean this up.. sometime She smiled, and shoved the rest of her books in the locker. "there!" She smiled.

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eric walked over to his locker and said hello to arabella

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Jake walked over to his locker,which happened to be right next to Arabella's.

Lion Queen Izabel (TeamReallyAwesome) "hey!" Arabella responded, leaning against her locker, her blonde and purple hair cascading down. "Im Arabella. And you are?"

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"eric. nice to meet you!"

Lion Queen Izabel (TeamReallyAwesome) "you too!" Arabella said happily, her blue eyes twinkling. She turned to Jake and smiled. "Hi! Im Arabella." She studied him with her piercing blue eyes.

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He smiled."Well hello.Im Jake."

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"so what is your next class?" eric said as he looked over at arabella

Lion Queen Izabel (TeamReallyAwesome) Arabella smiled, overwhelmed. "Wait, dont speak at the same time!" She giggled and smiled at Jake, "Im Arabella." She then turned to Eric, "I havent gotten my schedule yet.."

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"Lovely name."

Lion Queen Izabel (TeamReallyAwesome) "Awww thanks!" Arabella said giggling.

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He laughed a little."My pleasure."

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"oh ok" eric smiled

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Court:) H (justloveit---ch) Marina walked by, her light brown curls hanging a little more then halfway down her back. She smiled "Hello" she said on her way to her locker

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Rily walked to his locer, avoiding eye contact. Nobody ever liked him.

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Court:) H (justloveit---ch) ((sorry to change what u just said but ur charrie's picture is hot... me and my charrie love dark hair and light eyes :) ))

Marina noticed Rily and her heart thudded. She stared at him for a second before turning her lock and opening her locker

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((hes just not...ummm not really...He doesnt show anyone himslelf))

Rily saw her looking at him. Why is she looking at me?? Noticing me??

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Court:) H (justloveit---ch) ((I get it i have a friend just like that in real life))
Marina stowed away her pen and retrieved her battered old notebook and two new pencils. She shut her locker and walked rite past Rily giving him an almost undetectable smile... she looked back over her shoulder at him and got a drink from the water fountain

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He smiled back and then some boys came and pushed him in a large locker when he was smiling at her. They high-fived and left.

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Court:) H (justloveit---ch) ((like locked him in there?!))
Marina watches wide eyed as they do this and walks quickly back over to him

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(( ;( yesh))

rily sighed. This happened every day. He was too nice to fight back.

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Court:) H (justloveit---ch) Marina walked right up to the two jerks and said angrily "What do you gain by pushing people around? Um NOTHING! So why don't you two go and do something like, i don't know make some friends. Oh wait who would want to be friends with you?!" She walked back to the locker and ignored the others' stares. She loved attention anyway.

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Rily almost had a mental breakdown. He could see some boys closing in on her to hurt her. These boys were different. Rily punched the locker and it broke. He smashed out of it and was punched by one dude. He pretended to be hurt and fell down, sweeping his leg under all of their legs. They all thudded to the floor and started to cry. They got up and ran away. "Did they hurt you??"

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Court:) H (justloveit---ch) Marina just stared at the bashed locker, speechless

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Court:) H (justloveit---ch) No I'm not hurt. *grins* and thanks for coming to help me

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"No problem." He said shly and rolled his sleeves, almost forgetting to cover his muscles.

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Court:) H (justloveit---ch) *she tucked her hair behind her ear and noticed suddenly how strong he was* "You are really strong" she said honestly. She bent down to pick up a piece of metal from the ground that was from the locker

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He took the pieceit and ceumpled it into a ball, tossing it to the side. "Not really."

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Court:) H (justloveit---ch) Marina rolled her eyes. "You so are you little showoff!" She laughs

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"oh am i??" He laughed


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Court:) H (justloveit---ch) "that's rite, you are."
((k :( bye))

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Wren opened her locker to get her English book.

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) Mel went over to her locker to put her books. It was her first day there. The only documents she had were two maps, a student card and a schedule. She tried to look around her to see her classrooms, but the school was just too big.

"Crap, I'll get lost here in less than 10 minutes.." she muttered then turned to face the kids with the lockers beside her. "Hey all. Sorry, I'm Melissa, I'm new. I mutter to myself when I'm confused," she said quickly then looked down. She opened her locker, ordering the books in it and trying to put some of her photos and stuff so she could decorate it, like she'd done back in California. Then, she looked at her schedule. It was written:

1. Art
2. Spanish
3. History
4. Cooking
5. Lunch
6. Free Period
7. English
8. Science
9. Cheerleading
10. Sports
11. Band
12. Singing

I have no Spanish knowledge... I studied French in California.. she thought. And I guess I'll suck a bit at cheerleading...

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Wren raised an eyebrow at Mel, then went back to her locker.

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "How am I going to survive here..?" Mel asked herself, murmuring. She didn't want to move. She was staying there, by her locker, with her head down. I used to get friends with people every day back home. Here? Nothing... Oh, plus, I get looks too! she thought, noticing a girl looking at her with an eyebrow raised.

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"Hi! I'm Wren," she said brightly.

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Hey, I'm Melissa. But everyone calls me Mel," said Mel, still shy

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"Cool, I still am so lost. I don't even know what this school is, ahaha" Wren laughed.

((i actually do...haha, I was the first one to make these groups :)))

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) ((lol =))! ))

"Hah, it's my first day here. I won't even remember where the entrance door is," Mel said, smiling. "So what's your first class?" she continued

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Wren nodded, "I believe its everyones first day too! Uhm, Spanish." she smiled.

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Oh, I didn't know that," she giggled. "Well, I have Art.."

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Court:) wrote: ""that's rite, you are."
((k :( bye))"

He blushed.

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Kellie (KaisersApprentice) | 262 comments *absentmindedly walking around*
Ummmmm.....can anyone help me? I'm lost.

Lion Queen Izabel (TeamReallyAwesome) Trevor rootbeer and muffin lover wrote: "He laughed a little."My pleasure.""

"So, Whats up?" Arabella said to Jake, Not really noticing Wren, Mel, or Reily. She turned to her locker, forgetting about all the stuff, and opened it. Big mistake. Papers, notebooks, binders, everything spilled out of her locker and onto the floor. She cursed under her breath, and squated down to pick up the stuff.

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Kellie (KaisersApprentice) | 262 comments Mikoto came up to Arabella and helped her pick up her things. "Here let me help." she said, squatting down to pick up a book.

Lion Queen Izabel (TeamReallyAwesome) "Hey thanks!" Arabella said, looking up.

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Kellie (KaisersApprentice) | 262 comments Smiling, Mikoto nodded and got up. "No problem. I'm Mikoto Tsukiyomi."

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) Mel saw the accident and came over to help too. "Hey, I'm Melissa Brown. You can simply call me Mel. Do you want two more helping hands?" she said brightly

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Kellie (KaisersApprentice) | 262 comments "Nice to meet you Mel!" Mikoto exclaimed. "People here are much nicer than I imagined!"

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