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Name: Rily
Age: 17
Personality: cunning, mischievious, fun, friendly
Other: tbA

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((oh okay))

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Rainstar Name: Rain Star
Age: 16
Personality: kind,distant,moody,observant
Other: loner type. reads alot.

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) Name:Allie
Personality:kind, smart.
Description:Brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin.
Other:loves reading, friends, and the color purple.

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Name: Wren
Age: 16
Personality: Nice, sweet, quiet, keeps to herself.

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) Name: Melissa "Mel" Brown
Age: 15
Personality: smart, observant, talented, kind, know-it-all, friendly
Other: loves reading, acting, singing, dancing. only A marks at school. she's from California. at her former school, lots of boys liked her but she was just friends with them. She only had (and has) a boyfriend
Friends: Everyone she knows at the school
Enemies: None
Relationship: She has a boyfriend, Anthony. She met him back in California. She's been his girlfriend since they started the middle school. They keep their relationship by talking at the phone, chatting and spending the holidays together.
Pet: Fluffy, Long Haired Silver Tabby

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Great, Great, Great. Your shedules will be posted.

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Leonard Santos | 53 comments Name: Jared Tylecani
Age: 15
Personality: Fun, adventurous, crazy, friendly, follows intuition rather than logic
Description: Hazel eyes, brown hair, slightly-tanned skin
Hobbies: Writing, exploring
Schedule: Art, History, Cooking, Free Period, Lunch, Science, Spanish, English
Friends: ???
Enemies: ???
Relationship: ???
Pet: Bird, Sparky

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Age: 17
Personality: Outgoing and adventurous
Description: Blonde, tall, muscular, but not buffed and had a medium tan
Hobbies: Writing
Pet: Ocean

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Name: Eric
Age: 15
Personality: TBD
Description: blonde 5'9
Other: Loves reading and music
Pet: Hero

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) cool, lots of characters already!

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Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) Name: Marisol
Age: 16
Personality: Breaks the rules, loves to read and plays tennis and is in a band which is what her life usually revolves around
Description: Tall, strawberry blonde, green eyes, and in the summer gets freckles

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Thats nice!

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Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) Thanks

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Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) I changed her age because she was the only 18 yr old

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Lion Queen Izabel (TeamReallyAwesome) ((Im gonna do myself with a different age and name. Is that okay?))
Name: Arabella
Age: 17
Personality: Shes super sweet, nice and funny. Shes veryyy social, and is out there. She can be mean, if you get on her nerves. She loves talking, and is very random at times. She gets straight As, but is in NO WAY a teachers pet. Most teachers dont like her, but all the students love her. Shes very flirty, and plays ALOT of sports. She seems to be a girly girl, or the mean popular based on her looks, but dont be fooled. She can be a girly girl, but shes mostly a tom boy. She plays baseball, football, hockey, and lacrosse, all on guys teams. She plays guitar, bass, and drums, and loves to sing. Shes acted in many plays, and has gotten the lead in almost all of them. She loves her friends, and is very loyal and truthful. She loves to dance, act, sing, pretty much everything. Shes VERY headstrong and confident, and gets her way. Shes an independant film maker, and she was always the tech girl, everywhere she went. She understands computers, light, cameras, everything.
Other: She has alot of boy cousins, that are very over protective of her. Shes a dreamer, and a hopeless romatic.

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Kellie (KaisersApprentice) | 262 comments Name: Mikoto Tsukiyomi
Age: 15
Personality: Kind of shy, friendly, random and innocent. (sometimes oblivious)
Other: acts really childish, gets straight A's, scared of dogs, has a twin brother.

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Personality:Funny and weird,sweet,nice,cool.
Description:Pro pic
Other:Gets straight A's,is in baseball,and the school basketball team.Plays violin,and viola.

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Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) Arabella sounds a lot like me so I'm a lot like you haha

Lion Queen Izabel (TeamReallyAwesome) XD

Love it!

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Claere (omenonwings) | 101 comments Name: Quaint
Age: 14
Personality: Calm. Graceful. Quiet. Focused. On guard.
Other: Likes jewelry and fans. (The kind you cool yourself off with). Likes the colors silver and deep red.
Pet: Ariadne. A white pomerainian puppy.

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Court:) H (justloveit---ch) Name: Marina
Age: 15
Personality: dreamy, flirty, loves attention, likes being mysterious, loves nature
Other: Favorite color is gold!
Pet: cute little tuxedo kitten that she carries around everywhere (

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Name: Brownie
Age: 18
Personality: TBA
Crush: none but wants a bf
Other: history freak

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Elysse wrote: "Name: Brownie
Age: 18
Personality: TBA
Other: history freak"


Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten Name: Aileen
Age: 16
Personality: in rp
Description: She has long curly blonde hair. Her eyes are a stunning green, and she has a light dusting of freckles across her face. She is short, but thin and curvy.
Other: She loves animals, and has five horses, seven dogs, and three rabbits back at her house. She is a great horse rider, and goes to many competitions. She is also a good artist, and an amazing singer, but only an OK actor. She only gets leads in musicals.

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Name:...I'll go with Jenny Jones
Age: 15
Personality: Her personality is dark.She had mood swings...very protective...not afraid to send her fists flying. She sometimes seems innocent and lovely. She only uses this charm to flirt...and she does that a lot. She loves the way people work and she tends to study them...
Other: Scary Competetive...back down well you have a chance. She has a pet snake named's posinous. :)

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Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) Lupin love that

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Of course! I name all scary things Lupin. ;) GO HP

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lol HP!!!

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Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) HP is the best!

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Claere (omenonwings) | 101 comments ........

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What do you mean Clare?

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) Name: Scarlet Whitelyre
Age: 17
Personality: Sweet and funny
Description: Photobucket
Other: She loves to dance and sing and is the Alpha of her clique, The Storm Breakers

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Claere (omenonwings) | 101 comments Leesie wrote: "What do you mean Clare?"

Nothing. I just didn't have anything to say.

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Aoibheann | 4 comments Name: Ianthe
Age: 16
Personality: Serious and clever.
Other: A pretty Arabic and Spanish girl with technical talents.

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Cool, Nice, Awesome

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Yes, yes it is. Where should I start RPing?

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Livi | 2 comments You guys, I have a problem. I really want to wirte a story about a women giving birth. Is something wrong with me?

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Livi | 2 comments Please reply!

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Livi wrote: "You guys, I have a problem. I really want to wirte a story about a women giving birth. Is something wrong with me?"

No. Wait, what is the story all about?

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Name: Evan
Age: about 16
Personality: TBA
Other: TBA

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Hannah (normalgirl) Name: Alison
Age: 18
Personality: very rude, NOT! flirtatious, mocking, cruel but is cool and down to earth when you get to know her.
Description: Has sun-kissed skin, a lean and defined (ah-em) body, silver blue eyes, pouty berry-red lips, blonde hair that just barely passes her shoulders that are always striked with some kind of color.
Other: She's super athletic, because she grew up with brothers. Has a tough exterior, because she grew up in a rough neighborhood and abused by men. She is top of her class with a perfect 5.0. Her life may seem perfect on the outside, but wild angry is bubbling just below the surface. She's ready to lash out at anybody. Goes to therapy.

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Leonard Santos | 53 comments Very cool character. Tomboy, or just athletic?

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