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Zana was in her lab making a potion. "Ugh! This will never work!" she threw it against the wall. The bottle broke and it blew up the wall.

Maple heard the noise and ran down stairs. "What are you doing?"

Zana pushed the table over with all her potions, so Maple couldn't see. "Nothing! Go away!"

Maple rolled her eyes and ran back upstairs.

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Keny heard a noise when he was on a walk he looked at a huge puff of smoke and knoked on the door.

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Maple opened the door. "Hi! Can I help you?"

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"Uh I heard a loud sound and a cloud of smoke come out of your house!" he bit his lip tacken aback by her beauty.

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She rolled her eyes. "Ya! Thats just my "Evil" sister making something."

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"Wow well that must be fun!" he laughed

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"Well it's hard to sleep at night with all the explosions!" she smiled.

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He smiled "Wanna go for a walk?" he asked

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"Sure! I'm Maple!"

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"Cool im Keny!" he smiled

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She smiled. "Where did you want to go?"

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"uh..I dont know? Where do you wanna go?" he asked

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"I think their doing tours of the castle today! Want to go?"

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"Sure!" He said cheerfully

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"Great! I'll be right back!" she ran inside and down stairs to the basement. "Zana! When mom gets home, tell her that I went somewhere with a friend!" she ran back to the front door. "Lets go!"

Zana looked out the window. *I shoulld follow them to see what their doing!*

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Keny smiled "Okay!"

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Maple started walking towards the direction of the castle. Zana followed far behind.

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Keny smiled and fallowed "Whats your favorite color?" he laughed

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"Blue!" she showed him the blue streaks in her hair. "Whats yours?"

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"Grey" he said looking in her eyes showing her his grey eyes.

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Maple stared at his eyes. "Wow! Your eyes look cool!"

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He bluched a little "Thanks!Nice streak of blue!" ((In real lif i love BLUE!))

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((Me too!))

"thanks!" she blushed.

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((Lol)) "So what do you like to do?" he asked

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She thought for a moment. "I like to run! I also like to explore places! How bout you?"

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Warren | 90 comments ((hi))

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"I like to swim and explore also!' he said

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Warren | 90 comments ((random))

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"then I guess you'll have fun at the castle!"

Zana rolled her eyes at their conversation.

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"yeah!" he smiled

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Maple walked through the castle gates and smiled at the gaurds.

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Keny did the same.

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Zana followed behind. *The castle? Perfect! This is my chance to take over the kingdom!*

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Keny felt like some one was watching he turned around and raised a brow.

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Zana jumped onto her stomach.

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Keny kept walking.

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Aria wlked silently through the forest bow draw back.

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Maple walked into the castle. Her mouth dropped. The windows were stained glass, the floors were made of marble, and above the room was a diamond shandelier.

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Keny laughed in awe.

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"This is so cool!"

Zana searched the castle but couldn't find the room with the king or queen.

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Keny nodded.

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Aria shooke her head and strung her bow across her back and put the arrow back in the quiver. she walked to the castle and went in, where she found someone she had never met, "Hello?? what are you doing here??" she asked the girl.

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Finaly Zana found a giant door covered in gems. *This is it!*

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Aria grabbed the girl, (Zana) "what are you doing?" (she was part of the queen's gaurd.

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Zana looked at her in the eyes. "I want to know where the bathroom is!"

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"You aren't part of the staff, why are you in the castle?" Aria knew she was lying.

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Zana rolled her eyes. "Dont be stupid! Everyone gets to tour the castle today!"

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"Well then let me show you the bathroom." Aria grabbed her shoulder and escorted her, her hand firm.

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