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Place here:


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Young Adult (sorta)

Rank: Alpha?
PA: He is a kinda caring wolf. He is very strong and tough and will do anything for the pack. He is kinda scary cause he's big.

History; Born into the pack as a tiny runt. He was picked on by the other wolves. Oneday he grew angry and attacked them. He would have killed them if not stopped by an older wolf. He is pretty feared no and has never been messed with since.
other: He has a loud growl

Young Adult
Pack: Snow Pack

PA: She is a sweet wolf on the inside but she is tough and stubborn on the inside. She is a fighter and doesnt give up. She likes to argue sometimes.
History: Cloud was born into another pack but she wasnt very loved. Her mother didnt want her so she didnt feed or take care of her. Cloud ran off when she was young and found Snow pack. She has lived here ever since.
Mate: ...

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You should make a great dane as alpha! ^^

Name: Kimya
Gender: female
Age: 4 years
Rank: Hunter
Pack: Snow?
Personality: Beer- Kimya Dawson) She is not relaxed, EVER. HSe argues a lot because of her short temper. She would be a TOTAL bad boy if she was a dude! ^^
History: Her former mate tried to murder her, tba
Crush: none
Mate: none
Other: Wolf dog mutt
(Much like Bluestar after she went crazy)

Name: Opal
Gender: female
Age: 6 years
Rank: Story teller/pup sitter
Pack: Snow
Personality: tba
Appearence: [image error]
History: she was born in the pack to the FORMER alpha female
Crush: nope
Mate: none
Other: see is kinda wierd, she tells wierd tales and prophecies and talks about how the earth and sky are alive alond with everything on it. She will talk to plants and whisper about clouds and rocks.

Name: Bruce
Gender: male
Age: 5
Rank: Fighter
Pack: Snow
Personality: Arrogant, selfish, cold hearted, a fierce fighter, clever, ambitious, serious(he isn't a joker), his voice is very deep and growly
Appearence: [image error]
History: tba
Crush: none
Mate: none
Other: wants to be leader
(Like Tigerstar)

Name: Amber
Gender: male
Age: 1 year
Rank: pup
Pack: Snow
Personality: Playfull, childish, funloving, charming, sweet, loyal, eager
Appearence: [image error]
History: tba
Crush: tba
Mate: none
Other: his mother didn't want him and his father was an outsider(never met him)
(Like Cinderpaw ^^)

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Name: Ziva
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult (Sorta)
Rank: Warrior
Pack: Loner
Personality: Playful, Fighter, Hunter
Apperance: [image error]
History: Was a Member of a Pack in the Mountains But she got Kicked out by the Currant Alpha of that Pack, Now she's a Multipurpose Wolf for SnowPack, She's a Warrior, a Hunter and a Healer.
Crush: Buck
Mate: None Yet
Other: Blind, Pregnant

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Can Ziva be Buck's Mate?

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Kendra (KendraG) Name: Arya
Gender: Female
Age: 4 Years
Rank: Hunter
Pack: Snow
Personality: Tba
History: Tba
Crush: Open
Mate: Open
Other: Tba

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nice and Ziva:
Ziva can crush on buck but no mates yet

Savana My real name is Sydney | 264 comments Name: Pikachu!

Gender: Male

Age:4 years and a few months :)

Rank: Hunter

Pack: Snow

Personality: Can be VERY grumpy yet can be a great dad

Appearence: A light gingerish almost yellow with pale yellow eyes.

HIstory: People ask a lot but he never speaks of it.

Crush: Arya

Mate: None yet

Other: To be distrabuted in rp :)

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Rielle (Icefire) Name: Ember
Gender: female
Age: young
Rank: nurse (takes care of the pups while their mothers hunt)
Pack: Snow
Personality: Ember is very protective of the pups and would gladly sacrifice herself to keep them safe. She is sweet and gentle and would like to have pups of her own one day, but watch out; if you mess with her little charges you'll find yourself looking for your ears!
Appearance: A very pretty black wolf with an amber streak under each eye: [image error]
History: Nothing much- decided she didn't want to hunt or fight, and she loved the pups, so she came to be a nurse instead.
Crush: none yet
Mate: none yet
Other: She's good friends with Opal, who tells the pups stories.

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Rielle (Icefire) Name: Kaz
Gender: male
Age: pup (4 moons)
Rank: pup
Pack: Snowpack
Personality: Kaz is definitly the worst behaved of all the pups. He's the one that wanders off and gets lost, trips up the older wolves and convinces the others to go on "hunting trips". However he is a sweet pup and will one day grow into a fine pack member.
History: Nothing much, except for the time he fell in the stream and had to be rescued
Crush: none
Mate: too young

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sweet! =)

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