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Name:Michael and Aquea. Jewl ((AJ))
Age:15 (twins)
Looks: http://m214.photobucket.com/image/pic...
Personality:Michael Hot head)AJ shy.
Background:Prince and princess of the sea.
Other:AJ hates being a princess. MIchael has a crush on pearl.
Pets: http://www.moviecritic.com.au/images/... Michaels shark! http://m87.photobucket.com/image/pict... aJ's dophin.

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((WOW! I could never see you as a merman!))

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((I know right so weird!))

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Name: Pearl
age: 14
looks: long brown hair, green eyes, red finn
personality: nice, trouble maker, adventurous
backround: banished from the kingdom because she pranked everyone to much.
other: has a dolphin as a pet

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Megan | 104 comments Name:Merissa
Looks:Long blond hair, blue eyes,
Personality, Nice, fun, outgoing, bubbly, can get annoying at times
Other: Has a pet shark that protects her named Gunner

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Looks: Long curly light brown hair with gold streaks, sapphire eyes, freckles, golden, sparkly tail with pale red flecks on the scales.
Other:Has a minature dolphin, and a tiger shark, named, Lavy, and George, respectively.

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Kat (sugaraddict) Name: Logan
Age: 15
Personality: Not sure
Background: Not rich, not poor average. Has a cat fish named mouse.
Looks: http://m239.photobucket.com/image/Mer...

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) Add a space before the link make sure that you click on "largest size" or on the picture.

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Kat (sugaraddict) Aqua Marine!
You stole her from the movie

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sandstorm22 kk and yea

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Kat (sugaraddict) lol

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sandstorm22 yepp

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Jo (Penname8) Name: Jade
age: 13
looks: Long orange fish tail and long black hair past her waist with jade eyes.
personality: Very thought ful spends her time wondering and thinking, loves to sit by the shore.
backround: Mother died when was killed off by fisherman. However she does not want revenge and has a certain affinity with sunset.
other: always has her coral and pearl brooch.

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sandstorm22 Aqua likes Michael

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Hey!! i posted something on your wall!!!:P

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sandstorm22 kk and iz it ok if Aqua likes MIchael

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Anz (annamh) | 15 comments Name: Leia
age: 15
looks: [image error]
personality: she's really sweet and can sometimes be shy
other: loves to swim with dolphins and explore.

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Jo (Penname8) Name: Mayela
age: 14
looks: Long swishy red hair and gray eyes. Light sking, gold freckles. Human
personality: Very cooperating and positive. Hyper.
backround: Mother works at Scripps. Has seen mermaids but has never told anyone.
other: none

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AGe 16
Looks:short spikey sunny blond hair, light blue eyes, has tail scales that match his eyes.
personality:in the rp
background: was a prince but ran away when he was six because he didn't like to obay all the rules

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