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If you are hungry for a burger t satisfy your taste buds, come right on down to Johnny D's Burger House right across from Diners Forever. We have our world famous burger The Goliath, whcih is bigger than your head! So come on down to Johnn D's. On Goodreads, just type in Burger House on the group search and you'll find us!
***Help Wanted***

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Also Pizza for All is a great pizza place and Ice Cream Company is a great ice cream place.

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Don't forget Last Chance the resturant where anything will happen

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What should you type in?

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Last Chance

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I did, and it didn't work. I'll try again.

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It still didn't work. Is the group secret?

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No but new. I'll be back in a sec I'll check

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Post a link here.

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That's not a resteraunt!!!

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Not yet it isn't

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It says it's based on a book!

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I'm not joining.

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Fine don't. but What good is a virtual resteruant

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It's a fun way to waste time.

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o okay

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It wastes a ton of time.

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i know you said that

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I know I said it.

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I'm repeating for emphasis.

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o ok then

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Wats up?

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nothin babysitting my lil sis

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yes very

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Same she is playing on the wii

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o sry

I have to go bye

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I don't have any gaming system whatsoever.

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I'm perfectly fine with it. My friend has a PS2 and an X-Box 360 and my other friend has a Wii and a Game Cube, and I can play them when I go over their houses.

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It's a good solution.

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yes it is

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I know.

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I'm sorry, but we are now closed.

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Order up, we're open again!

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