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message 1: by Rex (last edited Jul 31, 2010 03:55PM) (new)

Rex  Hey guys, I thought of a really fun idea. This is a RP is for comic relief. Here there are no Erasers, and the school isn't after the mutants anymore, but all the characters are living together. It doesn't really have to make sense. Think of it as the reality TV of the RP.

There can be:

-pointless adventures
-pointless drinking
-pointless drama

The only think I do ask is that you treat it with a small degree of realism. I.E. No doing the ridiculously small posts where it's: Character A pulls out knife and kills character B, then Character B turns into a zombie and turns Character A. No breaking the laws of physics, no taking over the city....If you get into a bar fight, you're going to get arrested for the night.

Basically this is your rule: Think of reality TV, without the sex.....well, keep it PG anyway.

You can make new characters if you want. Humans can live here, and we'll ignore the WTF!? Effect. It's just for fun.

message 2: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell  (lunabell) | 186 comments OOOOH okay. I like dramatic RPs though, so we can't just abandon those. But lets do this!

message 3: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments I'm in! :)

message 4: by Rex (last edited Jul 31, 2010 04:08PM) (new)

Rex  ((Lol, I don't plan to abandon the others. But when they get slow, or people go on vacation, or you just want a bit less serious RP...come here!))

message 5: by Rex (new)

Rex  Crow lounges in the living room, on the stool in front of the apartments bar, sipping lazily at the Rum-'n'-Coke in her hand. It's around three a.m. and she's awake. Not unusual for her. She's never been diurnal. From the kitchen she shuffling, followed by a series of slurred curses.

message 6: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments In the kitchen of the spacious pent house apartment rummaging can be heard from within the depths of the freezer. Every few seconds a string of unintelligible curses and rants stems from a bleary-eyed young woman.

Cricket slams the freezer door shut and hisses "Where is my tub of Ben & Jerry's Half-baked?!" She proceeds to stalk from the kitchen to the living room to find Crow.

"How can you be drinking at a time like this?" she demands of her best friend, throwing her arms up in frustration.

message 7: by Rex (new)

Rex  Crow raises a single black eyebrow, a smirk stretching across her face. She took another sip of her drink before answering.

"You're one to talk, Little Miss-I-keep five-different-types-of-alcohol-under-my-bed-at-all-times."

message 8: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket blanches for a moment then recovers.

"So? Your point? I'm not drinking now; there is ice-cream to be eaten! Well...there was ice-cream to be eaten. Someone ate mine. It's a tragedy!" Cricket keens softly. "My life would be a wreck without Ben & Jerry...I wouldn't have any friends," she throws herself down on the couch appearing positively woe-begotten.

message 9: by Rex (last edited Jul 31, 2010 04:15PM) (new)

Rex  Crow lets out a rather unladylike snort.

"I don't know how you have friends with your precious ice cream, you lush," she retorts. However frown came over her face a moment later. Sighing she downed the rest of her drink and stood.

"Alright, you've put me in the mood for ice cream. Only problem is that there is none....So who's up for a Ice Cream Quest to Walmart?" Crow announced, yelling the last part for the rest of the house to hear.

message 10: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments "My inability to make friends meshes quite well with your insistence at misanthropy; therefore, as long as I have your...delightful companionship--and my ice-cream--I do believe I'll survive," Cricket titters and laughs lightly, rolling her eyes at the jest.

Cricket pumps her fist in the air and leaps up from the couch, eyes alight with the promise of delicious ice-cream. "I'll drive!"

message 11: by Rex (new)

Rex  Crow rolls her eyes at Cricket's leap, a feat enacted often. (After the all, the girl was half cricket.) As much as Crow wanted to protest to Cricket driving, she knew she was a shit driver herself. There was a reason she preferred flying.

"Fine...Where the hell are the others?" Crow craned her head back. "Get all of your mutated asses down here!" she yelled.

message 12: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket jogged up the stairs, banging on the rest of the slumbering house-mate's doors on the way to her room to get her keys.

"Hey!" she yelled "Walmart trip!"

Cricket opened the door to her room and crossed the disaster area to her bed. She bent down and lifted the bed-skirt to reveal her keys laying next to an unopened bottle of Smirnoff. "Äha! Right where I left them." Grabbing her battered TOMS shoes she made her way back downstairs--banging once again on each door as she went.

message 13: by Rex (new)

Rex  ((Is Sam still seven?))

message 14: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments ((try being the primary word here lol!))

message 15: by Rex (last edited Jul 31, 2010 05:21PM) (new)

Rex  ((Yeah, knock yourself out...but remember, this is drama. Her words might get her smacked. >:) Mwahahahah!))

message 16: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments ((I normally would have an aversion to back-handing a small child...but Cricket (especially wasted Cricket) has absolutely no qualms with it.))

message 17: by Rex (new)

Rex  ((Hehehe. Crow has no aversion to it even when sober. Lol. ))

message 18: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket coughs in an attempt to hide her laughter and turns to Sam.

"Yes! A Walmart trip indeed! We're in dire need of ice-cream...among other things." Cricket nodded, she wondered at the many unneeded but terrific things that could be found among Walmart's magical shelves.

message 19: by Rex (new)

Rex  Crow snorted.

"We're not flying, and we're sure as hell not walking. It's almost ten miles to the nearest Walmart. (They're in NYC, remember?)) Cricket is fine to drive us! She's sober...for once." Crow smirked. Even if she wasn't, I'd still make her drive.

message 20: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket glares at Crow before making a face and turning back to Sam

"I can drive," prompted Cricket "I'm an excellent driver...I did live out of my car for two years after all." and I drive great when I'm a little tipsy anyways...not that they need to know that

message 21: by Rex (last edited Jul 31, 2010 05:38PM) (new)

Rex  Crow looked at Cricket, as if knowing what she was thinking. Her eyes narrowed a bit. Well, maybe there is a line somewhere....don't want DUI's and to be sued into paying Cricket's victim's hospital bills.

"...Remind me to hide your car keys next time you drink. I'll be the one deciding when you drive and don't." Crow prompted before grabbing her fedora off the coat stand. "Now, TO WALMART!" she yelled, stepping out the door and into the apartment complex's hall.

message 22: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Venomously, Cricket glares at Crow before clenching her hand tighter around her precious car keys. "My ass you will be, I'd like to point out that I have yet to get into an accident while driving under the influence." She nodded decidedly and stalked out the door after Crow.

message 23: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments ((PS. Cricket drives a Honda Element. It's black and owned--not stolen!))

message 24: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket clicked the key fob to unlock Shonda (her car's name) and climbed into the driver's seat. She put the keys in the ignition and started the car.

"Okay, car rules: 1) No passenger seat driving. Cricket glares at Sam. 2) No sticking body parts out of the windows. glares at Crow. 3) I have horrible road rage, get used to it. Are we ready to go?!" Cricket says excitedly as she adjusts her rear-view mirror.

message 25: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket reaches over and swats at Sam, "What did I say? NO BODY PARTS OUT OF THE CAR." Cricket looks up and flips off the passer-by who heard Cricket's last statement and was now staring at the girls.

Cricket muttered mutinously and put the car into gear. "To Walmart!" ((there is something satisfying about saying that!))

message 26: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket snarls and rears back to deliver another swat at Sam, but is distracted by an idiot driving a mini-van. She animatedly waves her hand as she shouts, "Who the hell licensed you to drive, dipshit?!"

Cricket continues a stream of curse words (in several languages) until the trio arrives at Walmart. In the parking lot, Cricket manages to steal an excellent parking spot from a mini-van--damn vans!

"We made it! Safe and sound," Cricket turns to face her car-mates "See! I told you that we'd get here without incident." She pause a moment then said, thoughtfully, "Now...I can't promise that nothing will happen while in Walmart. It is three A.M."

message 27: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments "Walmart is open 24/7. It's brilliant!" Cricket said circling her car to meet Sam and Crow.

Cricket surveyed the parking lot...there was a dirty looking hobo near the east side of the lot...she nudged Sam to the other side of her and quickly ushered the girls inside.

message 28: by Rex (last edited Jul 31, 2010 08:28PM) (new)

Rex  Crow cheerfully waved at the hobo.

"How you doing tonight, Harry?"

"The aliens can't come tonight. I wore my tinfoil underwear..." the old man answered cheerfully. Crow smiled amused.

"Nice old coot," Crow grinned, following the others.

message 29: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket shakes her head. "Crow," she said turning to her friend "I know that you were homeless, so you don't have any qualms about smelly hobos...but I must say that I do have an issue when it comes to the ones that look at you like they want to--" Cricket glances at Sam and quickly covers her ears before mouthing "--fondle you."

She uncovers Sam's ears and makes her way towards the freezer aisles.

message 30: by Rex (new)

Rex  Crow stared indignant.

"Hey, I only let the hobos do that if they're short, red headed, and carry "The End Is Nigh" signs...But other than that no one else!"

message 31: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket shudders and smacks her forehead before locating the door that created the barrier between her and her sweet, sweet ice-cream.

"Ooh, I've found you, my pretty."

message 32: by Rex (new)

Rex  Crow shrugged and made her way towards the electronic section. She planned to commandeer the closest X-Box 360 from what ever bare footed, mullet wearing, mouth-ringed-in-kool-aid, child had it now. Gory games of evil...come to me!

message 33: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket opened the door and pulled out several of her favorite ice-cream flavors and put them in the basket that she grabbed when they entered. She waved Sam, carrying a stuffed tiger, over and went to hunt Crow down.

She turned into the electronics area to see Crow bullying a K-Mart kid (Kool-Aid-ringed mouth, scraggly hair and all) away from the x-box 360 set up. Cricket rolled her eyes and stepped into the television series DVD collection aisle. She stopped in front of the large Grey's Anatomy section.

"Ooh....guilty pleasure," she muttered as she picked one of the seasons up and peered at the back.

message 34: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments ((mine and Max's kind of sync up, so i'm just going to leave it.))

message 35: by Rex (new)

Rex  Crow paused in her game play to look at the tiger. It was cheap, not but two bucks. Why not.

"Sure kiddo," she answered, patting the rather fluffy tiger a bit, before completely abandoning her X-Box. There weren't really any good games to play anyway. Instead she found Cricket, drooling over the Gray's Anatomy DVD's. Crow rolled her eyes, but (though she'd never admit it) she had a soft spot for the hyped up soap opera herself. However she just glanced side-ways at Cricket and said,

"House is better...."

message 36: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket laughed and then grabbed two seasons of House and tossed them in the basket. She motioned towards the tiger and smiled.

"Mmk, is there anything else we need?"

message 37: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments ((our posts, neverminnddddd hahaha))

message 38: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket laughed, "No problem." She ruffled Sam's hair affectionately. She felt slight remorse for striking the child in the car. Only slightly, though.

message 39: by Rex (new)

Rex  "I don't think we need anything else....but we should race the grocery carts in the parking. I bet you ten bucks that if you push at top speed, I can take off out of the cart without flapping." Crow announced eagerly. Ah, the joys of Walmart at 3AM! No one pays attention to strange shit happening in the parking lot. Most of the people will just think it's their drugs.

message 40: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannahmarie43) ((lol ya'll are so funny))

message 41: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket snorted and shook her head, bird-kids.

She unloaded their cart and pulled her money from her pocket to purchase the items. Handing one bag to both Crow and Sam, she motioned towards the doors.

"Alright, let's see someone make a fool out of themselves." Cricket pulled her phone out of her pocket, "I'm totally filming this," she added.

message 42: by Petit Monstre (last edited Aug 01, 2010 01:06PM) (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket snickered at little Sam's defiant jibe at Crow. The question is whether or not she'll take the bait...

"Yeah, Crow. It sounds preeeetty difficult to do something like that."

message 43: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell  (lunabell) | 186 comments Rae flew in, looking around confusedly. "Quick question," she asked. "What the heck is going on?"

message 44: by Rex (last edited Aug 01, 2010 02:42PM) (new)

Rex  "I'm about to take off from a grocery cart," Crow announced excitedly. She quickly slipped off her shoes and found the nearest cart. She rolled it out to the mostly empty parking lot and climbed on. She stood on the rim of the basket, one foot on each side, balancing in the middle so it wouldn't tip. Thank god I'm light weight.

"Okay guys! Now Sam, Rae, both of you push me as fast as you can! When you can't push any faster tell me "Go!" Remember, the bet is I just have to take off," Crow clarified. She knew she wouldn't be able to get very far, probably fifty feet at the most. I hope they can push as fast as I think they can.

((Should I have her crash or make it?))

message 45: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments Cricket clicked the record button of her phone and held it up. "Youtube much? I think so," she murmured under her breath. She looked to her right and saw Harry the dirty hobo inching closer and closer toward her, eyeing her grocery bag of ice-cream with a slightly manic gleam in his twitchy-hobo eye.

"Hey," she said taking a sharp step to the side "touch Ben, Jerry, or myself and I will make sure you are forever known as 'Harry the eight-fingered hobo' instead of just 'Harry the nine-fingered hobo'." She glared hard and focused her attention on Crow.

"You can do it, Crow!" Even though she was teasing Crow, Cricket knew that if it came down to bets--Crow would win. She never made a bet without thinking it through...right?

message 46: by Petit Monstre (new)

Petit Monstre (petitmonstre) | 67 comments ((CROW. CALL ME. KTHANKS -CRICKET.))

message 47: by Rex (last edited Aug 01, 2010 02:51PM) (new)

Rex  ((I'm gonna go ahead and make Rae and Sam push. Hope you guys don't mind me commandeering you characters for a sec.))

Crow crouched as Rae and Sam begin to push. The cart rapidly gained speed as the enhanced bird-kid's muscles went to work. Soon the cart was traveling at almost fifty miles per hour, but they were quickly running out of parking lot. Now or never!

Crow lunched herself into the air as hard as she could at a forward angle. Her instincts kicked in, and when she was her highest, she snapped her wings open, locking them into place.

With a woosh, she caught the air. Quickly she angled her wings to catch the slight breeze that was blowing in her face. That little bit of breeze gave her a five foot lift and soon Crow found herself gliding twenty feet above the ground. However she was quickly moving forward and down.

The desire to flap was over whelming, but she forced herself to hold still until the last possible moment, when she was practically skimming the asphalt. Then she tucked into a ball, dropping into a jarring roll, flipping a few times.

As soon as she stopped she jumped to her feet. She's done it! Gotten off the cart and glided a full fifty feet without a single flap.

"IN YOUR FACES!" she shrieked with joy, an uncommon sight when it came to Crow. She rushed over to the others. "Pay up!"

message 48: by Lunabell (new)

Lunabell  (lunabell) | 186 comments Rae grinned. "No worries. I've got the security cameras!"
Rae stared into a camera, her eyes turning purple. "You never saw anything," she told anyone who was watching, and stood there for a while longer, repeating it, in case someone up there was glancing at a bunch of screens, she wanted them to be entranced in her eyes.

message 49: by Rex (last edited Aug 01, 2010 04:23PM) (new)

Rex  Crow rolled her eyes.

"Guys, do you really worry about that stuff? I cast an illusion the second I got up on the basket. It won't fool the cameras, but it'll fool whoever's watching. As far as they've know, they just saw a girl standing up and cheering in a basket cause she didn't fall off," she explained.

((Crow can't go invisible, but she make it so that even if she's to your left, she looks like she's too your right. Basically she can make something look smaller or bigger, or not in the right place, as long as she doesn't make it disappear.))

message 50: by Rex (new)

Rex  Crow shrugged.

"Why the hell not!...But you still owe me ten bucks," she announced, lifting Sam and swinging her into the cart. Wordlessly Crow started pushing the cart across the parking lot, Sam's light weight allowing her to run as break neck speeds without slowing.

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