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((Start here))

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Avery sat in a tree constantly writing in his notebook reciting "delete" with his leg dangling over.

Dailyn threw a rock at a window sending it to shatters.

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 820 comments Mod
(I'm so confused and i forgot to mention he can't really have a love, but a crush or else he dies. yea irony for a death god)

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Kennedy walked through town, and it was practically empty as she walked alone.

Vail paced through the trees of the forest, deep in thought.

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Avery loked down below. He was at his highest point grieving over something he didn't know and was unsure about.

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((Okay, I changed it. Kennedy is still human and alive. Someone just needs to kill her now.))

Kennedy got what she needed and quickly headed home. The part of town she was in was starting to creep her out.

Vail was lost in thought about his sister. He wanted to be with her, but he couldn't go back and he wouldn't kill her. He was lost in his own thoughts.

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(can Avery do it?!!!)

"Kennedy." he said looking at her face. "Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy." he recited and smiled and opened his notebook. "You have a life ahead of you. Why so soon?"

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((Sure!! lol))

Kennedy walked-well, more like jogged-home from her favorite fabric store and sighed with relief as she walked in her front door and locked it. She really hated being out in town at this time alone.

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Avery spread his gray wings and followed her and looked into the window. "How to do it?" he asked puzzled. "Knife to the neck, car accident, shot murdered? I'm not that cruel."

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She jogged up the stairs to her room and went back to work on sewing the dress she had been working on earlier, but quickly got up to take some Advil. Her head was ragging, and she felt like she was coming down with a cold or something.

((Trying to give you a little something to work with here lol))

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(i'm sorry but I'm really slow on these things stupid me.)

"Dizziness. Let's see how you'll like it if you bang your head." he wrote down: Uverdose of pills. Get's dizzy and bangs head and bleeds to death internaly. Takes effect in 15 finutes.

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((No, it's fine. I'm just trying to think of a way to help you out lol))

She went back to work on her newest dress design, finishing up the final stitching, before her vision started getting a little hazy. When it got to the point of barely being able to see the needle in her hand, she set it aside and put her head in her hand, trying to wait for it to pass.

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(lolz. thanks)

Avery silently climbed in and let his wings vanish. He sat on the floor and watched his first death experience.

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((He is invisible to her, right?))

The dizziness didn't pass, and as Kennedy got up to go talk to her parents about it or something, she tripped and fell and hit her head on her desk, causing her to fall to the ground, knocked out and bleeding badly.

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( yeppers. you have to touch the notebook to see him)

He sat on his knees and hovered over her and lightly hit her face. "You okay there?" he asked becoming worried. "Oh wait." he grimanced. "Where do you go now?"

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((Got it))

Kennedy was still under her blanket of sleep, until she slowly started loosing grip. As she bled more and more, she was drifting into a final sleep, and walking towards the light.

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He watched in amazement at her motionless body and smiled looking around him. "This is weird."

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Her eyes fluttered lightly, but she took her finaly breath and her body went limp.

Like out of a freak sci-fi, her soul sat up as if waking up out of her body.

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He jumped back a little bit and shielded himself wth his wngs. He lowered them easily and peeked out. "Wonder what it feels like..." his voice trailed off.

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((Is he still invisible for other angels too?))

Kennedy shot up to her feet, and screamed at the sight of her body. "I'm... I'm dead," she whispered, examining her pale, shaking hands.

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"You'll be fine." Avery said and flung hi snotebook across the room and it hit the door. "Fetch." He smirked at her and let his wings stay by his side.

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Kennedy looked around when hearing the voice, but no one was around. She heard the thud of something hit the door, and when she looked over she saw a notebook. Curiousity got the best of her and she picked it up, twisting it in her hands.

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"Good. I'm quessing you can now see me." Avery smiled a her and raised a leg so he was leaning his arm against it.

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Kennedy spun around and her eyes went wide at the sight of him. "You-you're... you're..." she stuttered, dropping the notebook in her hands. She shook her head as if to clear her thoughts and finished her thought. "Are you an angel?"

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"You can say that. In the middle." he shrugged and stood up. 'I wanna show you something. Pick up the notebook and open it to the last page of writing."

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She was watching him carefully, not taking her eyes off of him as she picked the notebook up and flipped to the last page, still glancing nervously up at him while she looked at the page.

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"The very last line on there. Who's name is that?" He smiled to himself and sat on the chair she had been and looked at her body.

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"Mine," she whispered, staring at it. "How do you know me?" Her voice was harsh and her eyes shot up to glare at him.

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"I'm an angel or demon. Choose your pick. I have the eyes that allow me to see your name, age and lifespan." he explained to her. "And I just caused your death."

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"What?!" she screamed, tears brimming in her eyes. "You just killed me?!" She looked down at her lifeless, cold body, but she had to look away quickly. The sight was too painful. "Why?" she cried, glaring at him again. "Why did you kill me?"

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"I didn't have a choice." he said coldly. 'It's what I do. It's my job." He sucked in his teeth and sighed.

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"Oh my God," she groaned quietly, dropping his notebook again as she started pacing, running her hands through her hair. "Well, what now? What do I become? A ghost? An angel? Where do I go?" She shot the questions at him quickly, completely confused.

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Damn, I wasn't prepared for this. 'People who were killed with a deathpad, hence the notebook roam on Earth and don't go to Heaven or Hell."

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"So what do I do? Don't tell me I have to go around killing people like you do," she shot back at him, her voice still icy and harsh as she put a hand on her hip and another hand in her white-blonde hair.

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"No. You turn into an angel or demon depending on your personality. But, you don't go around killing people unless you want to make a bargin." he added slyly.

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"A bargin?" she questioned. "What do you mean? And how do I become and angel and sprout wings like you?" She gestured to his own wings.

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"Bargin is you trade half of your lifespan you have to live hereuntil you perish. I don't kow. I guess you just do not knowing it.

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"Wait a minute. If you know me, then maybe you know my brother," Kennedy thought randomly aloud. "Vail. Do you know him?"

*Mrs. Brightside* Jess walked around outside, wanting to go to a bakery.

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"Once I see him I will. Take me to him." Avery demanded.

Dailyn sat on the floor eating a peice of bread.

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"He's dead, mornon," she said harshly. "I have no idea where he is. But if you do, that means I can see him again," she said, thinking as she tapped her chin with her fingers.

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"Well someone's in a good mood today." he said taken back. "I saw him pass me by in the forest. I don't know what the hell he was doing, but it looked weird.

*Mrs. Brightside* Jess found a bakery. She felt tears threaten to come out. She sighed, and grabbed a muffin. She longed for the real stuff. She walked back outside, eating it thoughtfully.

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"Well, excuse me. How do you want someone to act after they've been killed and they're sitting here talking to their killer?" she asked dryly and sarcastically. "Okay, so the forest," she sighed, thinking aloud again as she paced. "I need to get there some how."

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"Hold onto me and I could fly you there." he smiled deviously at her. Brat.

Dailyn looked up at Jess. "Hway." she said with her mouth stuffed.

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She gave him an annoyed look and rolled her eyes. "Fine. Just don't try anything, or my brother will kill you. Again." She thought about what she said for a moment but shook her head, ignoring the confusion.

*Mrs. Brightside* Jess glanced at Dailyn "Um, hey?" she glanced around.

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"We'll see about that then." he said and held her around her waist and flew out the window carefully.

"You enjoying that muffin?" she asked.

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Just out of fear, she held her arms in a death hold around his neck as he flew, burrying her head in his neck. She hated heights.

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"I'm not gonna drop you so relax. Even if I do, you'll be okay. You guys are like immune to everything the first week of death."

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