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Adrienne | 73 comments Mod
Ok I read and finished this yesterday and like all of Megans books, and some other authors too, it's left me with a huge viod in my soul, or 'post great book' syndrome as I've decided to call it, nothing other than perhapes re~reading one of Megans earlier books is going to fill the void this ones left. I loved it, so if you loved it too and want to discuss any part of it,please post a comment.

James and Anne OMG I'd expected them to be mentioned but hey that part of the story was a real emotional wringer for me, kind of de ja vu that James and Alex kept in touch but Alex never told Olivia....pretty much the same James was before the 3~way. I also guess that many of us had our questions answered re 'what if there was a baby?' James and Anne have piqued my interest in their relationship again though, is it strong or does Anne just 'put up' with James because of Alex and Cam? OMg maybe we'll never know unless they play a part in one the future books.

message 2: by KarenH (new)

KarenH | 13 comments Adrienne, I'm listening to Naked right now and totally loving Alex. The narrator is so good that she has given Alex the sexiest voice & you can imagine that it is him (as opposed to a narrator simply reciting Alex's lines). Do you have access to audio books? If so, all of MH's bestsellers are on audio book and while you are recovering from "post great book syndrome' you could listen to a few and "re-read" them but from a different aspect.

Now, I have to know if Olivia and Alex have a HEA. Things are going too good for them right now and it's making me nervous.

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