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Hi everyone!

I've joined this group because I love reading classic literature and because it is a small group where it might be possible to really share some thoughts.

Currently, I'm reading Lord of the Flies. I read the book back in high school but didn't remember it at all except that it took me a bit to get hooked into the story. This time around the same thing happened but I persevered and made it through the first chapter. After that, I've been completely engaged.

It really is the kind of story that takes you back to those middle school days when you had to lead a group and no one paid attention. It was frustrating and infuriating. Leading people is a really hard thing to do.

At any rate, if anyone has read the book or is reading it, I'd love to hear your impressions.


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Amanda Hi
I generally read two or three classics a year at the most but this year I intend to read much more. I am doing the Books on the Nightstand +11 in 11 challenge. My +11 will hopefully be 11 classic works which I should have read but haven't yet. I read A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. Now I am beginning Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. I thought my love of the story and characters because of the musical would help me stick with it. So far so good.
I wish there was a reading group who were reading this book because I think I might need some help a long the way.

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I was thinking of starting a group called "Ye Olde English Teachers," but I see that there are plenty of forums for those of us who read classic lit as well as all that is new.

I retired 6 years ago and have been writing novels/short stories since.

To Amanda: I wrote a prequel to A Tale of Two Cities.
It's called Sydney's Story. There is a giveaway here on goodreads.

My husband and I are anxious to get our LA house sold so that we can retire to the quiet of the Ozarks (do not believe it's all Winter's Bone!)


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