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Malibu grabbed her bags out of the back seat of the jeep , slung them on her back, and walked to the sign in house.

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Kelli was in her limo and cant wait to get to camp because she wanted to practice her music her limo stop and the driver opened her door and got her bags

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Malibu heard car doors slamming and turned to see a chick getting out of a limo,gosh another rich chick?

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Kelli looked around wow i love this camp she tought then she saw malibu and she went to go say hi

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Malibu hated being a snob so to be nice she walked up to Kelli and Said,"Hey whats up?" in a slight aussie accent.

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Nothing u

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((Could you please use quotation marks))
"Signing in,"she could tell Kelli would not be on her list of camp friends.

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(sry i forgot)
"me to"

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((Its okay))
"Yeah see ya around,"She murmured and ran off to her cabin.

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"you too" she signed in and went to her cabin

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