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um, sooo, this is to post your writing. be sure to add name, ect.
juniper's awesome story called One Day:
My name is wisp. I decided that. My name used to be Rosa, but that was before i left my twin and the camp. to train myself in fighting.
For three years, i trained with the best. with the kind of animals that the camp prohibits.
When i was with my last instructor, a demon of war, he told me that i had the skills of the legendary Scarath. A warrior guy who had gone crazy and died because he fell off a cliff.

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okay, chapter one is dinky. but the rest is good!!

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chapter two:
I have a meeting with my mum. normally, to a townschild this would be normal. you live with your mother, therefore, you see her everyday. But my mum, is, well, different.
She is the seventh daughter of a seventh son, which means she's either going to be really good, or really bad. She turned out to be really bad.
So me and my brother were stolen as children and brought to a camp. My brother always belonged. But i didn't.
Some people said that i 'was the dark child.' I suppose that makes sense. I was and I still am consorting with the kind of things that a villager would "lock the deadbolt on", as my old genmama would say.
But it all paid off. I mean, saying I have the skills to match Scarath is like giving somebody a honeycake with a dagger in it.

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*takes a bow*

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back to story:
My mum's name is Magen. She made a deal with a demon that she would serve the demon all of her life if she was givien immortality and power, along with beauty. i think she's crazy. Who would want eternal life? I would get lonely.
Anyway,I had got word that mum wanted to see me for some strange reason, so i ended up in front of her mansion/castle thingy.

have to go....

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back to story...
the castle was entirerly black. One window. My mothers room.
A ghoul met me at the door.
"Lady Wisp?" it said in a scratchy voice.
I nodded.
"Come with me."
I entered into a long hallway that ended to stairs.
not finished

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this is an entirerly diferent story, called Immortis.
chapter one
At age ten Rykin Gworn stopped aging. It was strange. She hadn't hit her growth spurt yet, and was really short. At age thirteen, she was still the same height and weight. people always mistook her for being nine or ten. on her fourteenth birthday, everything changed.

not done.

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Rykin's parents died when she was eight years old. It was her birthday, and Lisa and george Gworn were bringing noodles home.
three hours passed. Then four. They left at 3:30 pm. Rykin found out at 8:14 pm. They were dead.

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Rykin felt so sad she curled up on the floor right then. She wasn't crying. But she was sad, so sad.
her heart shivered and hid away then. from that time on, she was souless, unfeeling. pain was gone. she really just didn't care anymore.

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a N d i E {o,o}  (TheLolaizer) Okay, this is jut a random beginning of a story that I wrote a little while back! Enjoy!! :)

I also have it posted in my writing:

The Untold Story

By: Amy

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The cool night air surrounded the dark figure as it glided across the meadow. His figure loomed over the ground in a big shadow cast by the moonlight. The only sounds came from the chirping of the crickets and the wind that rustled the leaves on the dark silhouetted trees that stood above the dark figure like giants.
“Did you bring it?” A raspy voice murmured. The dark figure could not see the man at first but as the moonlight shone brighter, a man appeared with long black wavy hair and silver eyes crouching on the ground in front of him.
“Yes, but first you must give me what I asked for.” The dark figure finally spoke in calm and controlled tones.
The man with the raspy voice pulled out a bundle of sheets from inside his dark coat that held a tiny baby.
“Zafira is not much, but she will do you good. And now what I asked for,” the man solemnly stated.
The dark figure pulled out a small crystal, about the size of a marble. It was black but shone so brightly, the man with the wavy hair had to turn his head away when he grabbed it. But that was a mistake indeed for the dark figure knocked him out with his hilt from his sword and grabbed the diamond back.
“So long, Morteer,” The darkness swallowed him as he galloped away.

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its like harry potter meets maximum ride!! I ♥ it!!
(and I mean it cuz i dont ad a special sybol if i just think its good.)

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