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emily*the ninja queen of implication* (THENINJA) | 111 comments Name: Kale
Age: 15
God/Godess: Hades
Weapon: Bow and arrow
Personality: Nice, smart, bold, brave, kind
apperence: Long wavy black hair, dark eyes, pale skin
Crush: open

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Name: James
Age: 18
Gender: M
Cabin/God Parent: Hermes
Weapon: Daggar (sp?)
Personality: sneaky, creative, kind, daring
Looks: no piercings except for ear
Crush: N/A
Other: can't live w/out pen and paper. lives outside Big House

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Name: Edan
Age: 17
Cabin/God Parent: Ares
Weapon: a very nice sword
Personality: very rude, very protective, its hard for him to show he cares
Other: his mother wont have anything to do with the Gods, he is a year round camper

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Name: Izobel (yes i am obsessed with this name)
Age: 16
Cabin/God Parent: Aphrodite
Weapon: very nifty with a sword
Personality: kind, smart, funny, is a bit self absorbed
Other: the only thing that connects her to Aphrodite is how she's very pretty, and a bit self absorbed, she hates how everyone asumes her to be obssesed with her looks when she's not really.

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ha ha! i dont know why i just love it and the way its spelled

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