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message 1: by siyao (new)

siyao (siyaoi) | 102 comments Mod
Supername(if any):

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siyao (siyaoi) | 102 comments Mod
Name: Blake Freer
Supername(if any): White Knight
Age: 17
Personality: Quiet and shy. Compassionate. Caring. Determined. Knight-like! Gentleman and very kind.
Appearance: http://i881.photobucket.com/albums/ac...
Senri Shiki FTW!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok...Shaggy reddish-brown hair. Blue-gray eyes. Tall and lean. Athletic appearance.
Powers: Great swordsman and has mage-like abilities.
History: Doesn't remember his past. Has spent all his life at an orphanage.
Family: Has no idea. Mother is dead, but his crazy father is still alive.
Other: None.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

OMG SHIKI!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!

Name: Jetta Lee
Supername(if any): (thinking.)
Age: 16
Personality: TBA(lolz, just wait.)
Appearance: http://i340.photobucket.com/albums/o3...
Powers: can control the elements
Family: died
Other: n/a

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siyao (siyaoi) | 102 comments Mod

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

We'r going into fangirl mode. lol

message 6: by siyao (new)

siyao (siyaoi) | 102 comments Mod
Exactly what I was thinking ^^

message 7: by SUMMER!!!! (new)

SUMMER!!!! (the blueberry mauler) (summerroxyursox) | 80 comments Name: Ivy Streamwater
Supername(if any): Wild Girl
Age: 17
Personality: TBA
Appearance: http://m34.photobucket.com/image/anim... except blond hair))
Powers: Can control animals, and can make animals grow
History: Hasn't spoken since she was 6. When she was 5, they abandoned her in a forest. Luckily, she knew all about wilderness survival from reading survival books. She has lived in the wilderness ever since.
Family: She has no idea who or where they are.
Other: She can talk, but she just chooses not to

message 8: by syd ♡ (last edited Jul 29, 2010 11:45AM) (new)

syd ♡ Name: Kiana Evermore
Supername(if any): Dark Rose (it probably will have nothing to do with her power, but I like the name)
Age: 17
Personality: Fierce, Clever, Flirty
Appearance: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_acn5tFl2uQI... (just a bit younger, but not much)
Powers: Controls Fire and can read minds
History: can't remember, she woke up one day in the town and was taken in by a baker's wife
Family: She doesn't know, but her adopted family is the baker, his wife and their 7 year old son
Crush: Blake Freer (if that's ok)
Other: She is an excellent sword fighter and has a slight Transylvanian accent (rolled r's and slurred s's.. stuff like that ;) )

message 9: by siyao (new)

siyao (siyaoi) | 102 comments Mod
Yup. That's fine.

message 10: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Ashworth (hannahashworth) Name: Cerulean
Supername(if any): Cerulean
Age: 17
Personality: tough, quiet, mysterious, not very trusting, strong

Powers: she can create illusions and hallucinations, from imaginary apples to a whole other world
History: she doesn't know what her last name is because she was left on the door step of an orphanage. After finding that she had special abilities, she escaped and went into hiding, trying to help others with her powers.
Family: unknown
Other: none
Crush: Open!

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 5 comments Name: Tyson
Supername(if any): Blades
Age: 18
Personality: Cruel, vindictive, a big seductive guy. Loves pranks.
Appearance: Photobucket But with black hair.
Powers: He controls technology and machines.
History: He was abandoned at an orphanage as a newborn. Then a scientific group came and got him because he was so young and ran some genetic tests on him to alter his DNA. It worked, but not the way it was meant to. So he grew super fast and then stopped growing at the age he is now. He's really only like five years old but goes by eighteen.
Family: None that he knows of.
Other: He's evil? Did I mention that?

Name: Angel
Supername(if any): Pandora
Age: Looks about... *Shrugs*
Personality: Looks sweet and innocent at first, but is really evil. Although even if you see her being evil it's still hard to believe she is. She
Appearance: Photobucket She also has larger wings on her back. Always has to wear a hat if she wants to blend in to hide her wings on her head.
Powers: Can fly-duh-can heal/disease/hurt people at will.
History: Doesn't remember anything before she was eight. Grew up with Tyson.
Family: She considers Tyson her family, although he annoys her to death.

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