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confused about jack/schuyler

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Amanda Jay I don't know if it's appropriate to ask this here;

but I was re-reading the series recently, and I was wondering, have jack and Shucyler slept together?

I always assumed that their meetings were romantic, but I never thought that they could have taken that step in their relationship, and the story is so vague that I'm kind of left confused.

Amanda Beckwith You know it's kinda weird really. They go off to that hotel and spend time together but it's never really confirmed. I'm not really sure what the age group was for this series but perhaps the author wanted it to be so that all ages could enjoy it, leaving all those romantic meetings up to our imagination.

Artemis They didn't. If you read the new novella "Bloody Valentine", you'll see that Schuyler stated that she's still a virgin, though she confirmed that she isn't that innocent about what goes on between boys and girls.

Iris Chavez I always assumed that they had slept together when I was reading Revelations. But when I read Bloody Valentine I learned that wasn't the case. I was shocked! (I know its an odd reaction.) But I guess Melissa build up to the moment. ^-^

Laura I always thought they had and eventually considering the way their relationship pans out I believe that they are in fact sleeping together at the hotel and at their many other secret meetings.

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